Hawks from My Hero Academia has deemed it his responsibility to personally check in on his little protege.

Hawks made the impertinent decision to casually drop by UA during class to see how his favorite bird was doing, as depicted by the outstanding fan artist Kadeart. Hawks happily greeted Class 1-A while hanging in midair. Sadly, his arrival hasn't been met with much enthusiasm. Todoroki, who has a cool temperament and is often unaffected by things, nonchalantly raises a hand to wave while Midoriya and Momo freeze in shock. Aizawa doesn't appear particularly pleased that the Pro Hero has disrupted his lecture. His biggest fan, Tokoyami's Dark Shadow, is the only one who exudes joy at seeing Hawks.


Fans of My Hero Academia may be wondering what happened to Hawks after he appeared unannounced outside class. Kadeart has responded to that question with a follow-up piece of fan art in which Aizawa has literally taken matters into his own hands. The Class 1-A teacher has wrapped Hawks in his capturing cloth, a threatening aura emanating from him. Hawks can only laugh sheepishly as Tokoyami looks on, completely unconcerned about his mentor's plight.

Lovers of My Hero Academia Like the Artwork

About 12,000 people have liked the fan art in the hour since it was uploaded. People praised the fan artist for the illustration in droves in the comments. One wrote: "I adore this with all of my being. As the big brother he is, he would definitely go visit the students at school and humiliate Tokoyami." One more expressed their sorrow for Hawks and said, "Hawks only wanted to greet Tokoyami! It's so wholesome and sweet that I'm crying uncontrollably. SET HIM FREE!"


Others besides Tokoyami and Hawks have drawn attention to their positive mentor-mentee connection. Since the moment All Might met Midoriya, the young hero has looked to him as a mentor and guardian as he navigates life at UA and as the inheritor of One for All. Moreover, All Might has served as a mentor for other UA students, particularly Bakugo and Todoroki.

The anime version of Kohei Horikoshi's manga has been produced by Studio Bones since 2016, and it has grown to be one of the most well-known and lucrative anime franchises. While Season 6's conclusion may make fans upset, they won't have to feel that way for very long because My Hero Academia has announced Season 7 is in the works and has added Romi Park to its voice cast as the Star and Stripe.

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