In any given season of the year, anime fans are graced with the new releases of dozens of new shows. With how often new anime comes out, it's no surprise that many anime end up being relatively lackluster throughout the year. Some anime struggle so hard to find their audience that they fail to get translated for a Western market entirely.

But regardless of an anime's quality, nearly every show is made with the dedication and passion of a studio that wants to make the best product possible. While not everything manages to meet that mark, even terrible anime can have glimpses of brilliance from time to time. An awful anime can still deliver intense fights with beautiful animation and emotionally gripping music.

10 The God Of High School: Jin VS Daewi Brought Emotional Stakes To The Anime

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The God Of High School was one of the most anticipated anime of 2020. It was adapted from one of the most popular action stories in Webtoon's history and was meant to make a big splash in the anime market. Due to poor pacing and a rushed story, The God Of High School did not land in the way it was intended to.

Regardless, fans were still enraptured by the exceptionally high quality of its fight scenes. In Episode 5, the anime's main character faced off against his best friend, leading to the most breathtaking fight of that year.

9 Tower Of God: The Crown Game Was A Unique Showdown

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Tower Of God is unique among anime for being adapted from a Webtoon as opposed to a manga. It was one of the first of its kind and set the tone for what Webtoon adaptations could look like in the future. Unfortunately for fans, that tone ended up being relatively mediocre.

The Tower Of God adaptation was not rated highly among critics and has largely been forgotten in a short amount of time. But Tower Of God should still be commended for the uniqueness it brought to the medium, including a neat twist on free-for-all battling in the form of its Crown Game.

8 Boruto: Naruto And Sasuke Stole The Show VS Momoshiki

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The Boruto anime has often been criticized for the way it handles legacy characters in the Naruto franchise. Many fan favorites survived in the original series to stick around for the Boruto sequel. Fans of these characters have been consistently disappointed to see their importance dwarfed or their powers nerfed.

But these fans were given the ultimate treat when Naruto and Sasuke squared off against Momoshiki during the Chunin Exams. This fight is a beast of choreography and utilizes Naruto and Sasuke's unique skillsets to their fullest.

7 Black Clover: Yami Showed What Being A Mentor Was All About VS Vetto

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One of the classic tropes of battle Shonen anime is the mentor figure. Mentors serve a key role in the development of main characters. They provide a goal for a protagonist to aspire to, whether that be power or personality.

Black Clover may have gotten off to a rough start due to some controversial voice acting, but even those who dislike the show still adore the mentor character, Yami. Yami is a extremely tough, and his powers are at their highest display in his fight against Vetto.

6 Demon Slayer: Tanjiro VS Rui Is One Of The Flashiest Fights Of Modern Anime

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Popular anime tend to be slightly polarizing. When a story reaches an audience as massive as the one Demon Slayer has, it often draws a crowd of haters as loud as its fans. While it would be a stretch to call Demon Slayer a "bad" anime, many of its detractors would agree in calling it slightly mediocre.

But regardless of the storytelling quality, Demon Slayer boasts one of the most visually impressive adaptations of any anime ever. It's a gorgeous-looking show with fight sequences that blow fans' minds. The best of which occurs in Episode 18 between Tanjiro and Rui.

5 Seraph Of The End: Mika Was A One-Man-Army VS The Moon Demon Company

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Seraph Of The End is often overlooked by anime fans for its derivative plot and lackluster setting. It is far from the most unique anime to have come out in the past decade and tends to slip under many radars because of it. But even mediocre anime can shine from time to time.

Such is the case for Seraph Of The End when Mika confronts the Moon Demon Company and one-man-armies his way to retrieve his friend's unconscious body. It's a stellar example of voice acting alongside a beautiful musical accompaniment.

4 One-Punch Man: Garou Vs. Heroes Was The Highlight Of A Bad Season

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Season 1 of One-Punch Man was one of the most critically acclaimed anime of all time. It was a story that transcended the normal anime fandom and became beloved by viewers of all demographics. Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of its second season, which made its lackluster arrival all the more disappointing.

One-Punch Man Season 2 lacked a lot of the punch of its predecessor, but it still managed to bring an excellent fight or two. The best of the season occurred when a group of heroes cornered Garou, only to be utterly dismantled by his superior skills.

3 Fire Force: Shinra VS The Factory Infernal Showed The Initial Appeal Of The Anime

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While Fire Force has not taken off in the cultural mainstream like My Hero Academia or Demon Slayer, its anime production can compete with the best battle Shonen currently airing. Fire Force is a feast of visual flair, more than making up for its sometimes lackluster story.

This is most epitomized in its very first episode, where Shinra and crew face off against an unnamed Infernal terrorizing a factory. While this moment is not as emotionally impactful as it can be, it's still a beautiful showcase of animation.

2 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(1993): Jotaro VS Dio Was A Directorial Delight

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While many anime fans adore the most recent seasons of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, the series has had a long history of more obscure anime adaptations. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(1993) is a 6 part OVA adapting the second half of Stardust Crusaders.

While the anime overall leaves a lot to be desired, fans generally view the final fight between Jotaro and Dio as a directorial marvel. It's a tear-jerking sequence that pushes Jotaro to his limits and sees the death of his best friend, Kakyoin Noriaki.

1 Sword Art Online: Kirito VS Heathcliff Almost Killed Off A Fan-Favorite

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Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime to come out in the last decade. Ask any younger fan what their first anime was, and Sword Art Online is bound to be a popular answer. But despite its popularity, critics have turned their back on the Sword Art Online franchise.

While it may have a low review score, viewers still admit that the anime has sparks of brilliance. Kirito's final fight with Heathcliff is one of the most climactic moments in the story, resulting in the near-death of Kirito's love interest, Asuna.

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