Social media users who follow Mob Psycho 100 would be aware that the titular Mob isn't the show's most well-liked character. Reigen Arataka, the protagonist's mentor, is really the series' most well-liked character. Reigen has been the focus of several memes and has even won many Twitter award surveys.

Reigen Arataka, the proprietor of the Spirits and Such Consultation Office, is a quirky twenty-something. Reigen is committed to defrauding his clients by pretending to be a clairvoyant, as can be seen in the first few episodes of Mob Psycho 100. His dubious methods can lead viewers to doubt if Reigen is genuinely a nice guy. He underpays Mob, and some people could think he's simply exploiting. However, Mob Psycho 100 shows that even though he is a con man, Reigen is a significant figure in Mob's growth and character development.


Reigen Demonstrates What a Good Adult Is to the Mob

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In Season 1, Mob is a kid who's quite doubtful of himself. He would talk to Reigen about most of his problems, and Reigen often gives him good advice. After the incident with Dimple and his religious group, Mob felt bad about the end result of the conflict. However, Reigen reminded Mob that Dimple controlled people's minds to gather more followers. He told him that he saved those people by doing something only he could do, effectively making Mob feel better. Even with Mob's problems at school, Reigen lent him an ear. Reigen kept Mob humble and told him not to use his powers against others.

Reigen taught Mob that psychic powers doesn't make one superior, and that it's important to be a good person first. Mob listened to his master and never used his powers to fight. When Reigen went to Claw's headquarters to check on Mob, he took on Ishiguro and the Scars because he knew Mob shouldn't be fighting. He showed his sense of responsibility after emphasizing he's the adult, knowing he should be watching over Mob and the kids. In the middle of the battle, Mob was close to reaching ???%, but Reigen told him that sometimes, it's okay to run away. This relieved Mob of the heavy burden of having to fight, and Reigen took on that responsibility instead.

Although, Reigen and Mob's relationship wasn't always happy. In Season 2, the master and pupil temporarily went their separate ways. Reigen had a set-up TV appearance that destroyed his reputation. During the press conference, he reflects on his history with Mob and how he treated him. Reigen felt lost in his life, but his first meeting with Mob somehow gave him hope. The two eventually reunite, with Mob claiming that Reigen is a good person. Mob wasn't the only one benefiting from their master-student dynamic -- he made a mark in Reigen's character development as well.


Reigen's Speech Can Make Everyone Feel Warm and Fuzzy

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In Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, fans see more of Mob's character development. He doesn't always go to Reigen when he has a problem, and he's getting more confident with himself. Even Reigen was surprised to see Mob solve a problem on his own. However, when it came to discussing Mob's career and future, Reigen provided him with sound advice that could also strike a chord with Mob Psycho fans. Reigen told him that the things he wants to do does not necessarily have to be a job, and he should live his life the way he wants to. These words did not only comfort the troubled Mob, but they also comforted any fan struggling with their aspirations in life.

Reigen is a mix of questionable behavior. Some might view him as pathetic since he manipulates people, spirits, and situations for his own gain. Yet at the same time, Mob might not be the psychic he is if it wasn't for Reigen. If Mob ended up with a different mentor, he wouldn't be the kindhearted boy everyone knows today. Reigen paved a good path for Mob by being there for him and caring for him. He also gives the best advice, which Mob is thankful for as seen in his lit-up expression after Reigen imparts his wisdom. Ultimately, Reigen is an adult who knows his role in a child's growth and development -- which makes him the best type of mentor there is.