Despite Endeavor and the rest of the Todoroki family's best efforts in My Hero Academia, Dabi's explosive buildup since his defeat at Kamino has been set off. Despite the fact that the massive firestorm threatens to incinerate everything within a five-mile radius, a group of children within the blast zone remain hopeful, believing that "Five Weiners," also known as Shoto Todoroki, will come to their aid. Their faith in him is remarkable, and it's a timely reminder of Shoto's most memorable fan meeting.


The children that are waiting for Shoto are from the same group who took part in the unique training exercise he did with Camie Utsushimi, Bakugo Katsuki, and Inasa Yoarashi. The term "Five Weiners" was intended to be disparaging because the children did not regard Shoto as a hero. However, his attempt to connect with them allowed all parties involved, including Endeavor, to develop a new perspective on heroism in general.


Shoto's First Fan Alias in My Hero Academia Was "Five Weiners"

The make-up exercise was specifically intended for Shoto and his crew; while they had the potential to become top heroes, their interpersonal skills were badly weak at this point in MHA. At the rate he, Inasa, and Bakugo were going, they'd become heroes who were disconnected from the people they were supposed to defend. The kids were unimpressed by their strength, but they reacted much differently when the heroes in training chose to meet them on their level.

Instead of one-sidedly explaining their duties to the children, Shoto’s group chose to show their charges that fighting was not the end-all-be-all of Quirks. They did this by constructing a complicated slide using materials left over from the children’s assault, and Shoto made it a point to praise their Quirks for allowing him to create such an intricate structure since he wasn’t able to do so with his Ice Quirk yet.

The slide was an instant hit, endearing the children to the heroes they had previously regarded with scorn. Even Endeavor was amazed at how creatively Shoto managed to use his Quirk to capture their hearts. He witnessed his son using his own Flame Quirk as a heat source for the kids, who were cold. For once, his fire was a source of comfort instead of a weapon exclusively meant for searing villains.


Construction of Shoto Todoroki's Ice Jet Calls Back to His Provisional License

Even if he might not be aware of it, the Ice Jet currently encasing Shoto and Iida will have a secondary effect apart from increasing their speed. The children waiting for “Five Weiners” will instantly be able to tell that their hero has arrived upon recognizing his Ice Quirk's handiwork. The sight should remind them of the magical day he spent with them while renewing their confidence in him. The Ice Jet is arguably Shoto’s most complicated construction to date in My Hero Academia; after admitting to the children that he wasn’t capable of complicated designs back then, its intricate design should inform them that he’s made a lot of progress as a hero, even in this short time.

Shoto Todoroki has never been one to seek the spotlight, but his timely presence at Dabi's explosion provides him with the opportunity to establish himself as a hero. He hasn't even chosen a hero name, and while "Five Weiners" has some meaning for him and the kids, it lacks the polish of a permanent moniker. With his own "I am here" moment on the horizon, Shoto may finally be able to properly define himself as a hero – especially as My Hero Academia approaches its conclusion.