My Hero Academia Episode 101: Endeavor Agency Arc Begins

By: Eric Himmelheber Sep 14, 2022
With the Joint Training Arc over with, episode 101 perfectly transitions us into the Endeavor Agency Arc. Starting out with more serious...
My Hero Academia Episode 101: Endeavor Agency Arc Begins

With the Joint Training Arc over with, episode 101 perfectly transitions us into the Endeavor Agency Arc. Starting out with more serious matters and ending more light-heartedly, episode 101 of My Hero Academia is a perfect transition episode.

What We Learned

For starters, Tomura is officially back and seems more sinister than ever before. Covered in blood and bruises after emerging from the smoke of crumbling buildings, we see that Tomura’s light-blue hair has now turned snow white.

The Public Safety Commission begins to rally heroes after the destruction Tomura caused in Deika City.

Principal Nezu informs All Might and the rest of the UA staff that they’re restarting the hero work studies. But he mentions something to Aizawa about “the other commission’s program..” before the scene cuts away.

The students learn about the restarting of the hero work studies, but a problem immediately arises for Deku and Bakugo. After Nighteye passed away, Deku was left with no hero to work under. He tries contacting Centipeder, who took over Nighteye Agency, but he was too busy. We’re also reminded that Best Jeanist, who worked with Bakugo, is also missing.

Noticing this, Todoroki asks the two to join him in training with Endeavor, the number one hero.

Deku My Hero Academia Episode 101

Deku Is Progressing With Blackwhip

During episode 101, Mt. Lady trains Class-A on how to handle interviews. This comes after Todoroki and Bakugo being interviewed three times for their heroics in episode 100. Deku ends up being the last one to go and is arguably the worst one next to Bakugo.

But in a moment, everyone is waiting for him to show off blackwhip. To his amusement, he lets out a little whisp. While everyone thinks of it as anti-climatic, Deku is thrilled at the fact it’s a step in the right direction.

Deku My Hero Academia Episode 101

Highlight of the Episode: Christmas Joy

Yes, there were some serious matters during this episode. But episode 101 ended on a more wholesome note. Everyone is wearing Christmas gear. Sato (Sugarman) prepares food for everyone. It’s just an all-around cheery vibe with Class-A.

The episode gets even better when Aizawa shows up at the party with Eri. She begins to confuse Christmas with other holidays as she still adjusting to regular life. But that’s okay because it’s Eri, we forgive her, and now she has a giant sword.

Eri My Hero Academia Episode 101

I will point out that one part that actually had me laughing is when they’re all pulling their strings to see what gift they get. Then we see Bakugo in the background in Christmas gear after the class constantly tries to get him to dress up but he refused.

My Hero Academia Episode 101

Episode 102 Preview: “Off To Endeavor’s Agency!”

The Endeavor Agency Arc is finally underway and the next episode we see that Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are all going to see some action. As the hero studies are underway again, and the threat of Tomura and other villains lurks, Season 5 is just getting started!

Check out the official trailer for the new arc:

Episode 102 of My Hero Academia will air next Saturday, June 26th, on Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you thought episode 101 of My Hero Academia was great, then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

What was your favorite moment? Has anyone moved up or down on your favorite character list after this episode? Leave your comments about the 101th episode down below!

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