Though the My Hero Academia anime is aimed at a younger audience, it has not shied away from murdering off a couple of its characters. This is especially true now that the series' major factions have finally begun to clash head-on. The massive conflict has claimed the lives of both heroes and villains, some more prominent than others. However, as others are dying in battle, a specific Pro Hero rises from the dead in Episode 11.

Hawks' infiltration abilities enabled the Hero Association's raid in Season 6. He claimed to join the League of Villains (now the Paranormal Liberation Front) and informed Endeavor of their plans. But it wasn't simple; Hawks' biggest challenge was persuading the baddies of his apparent defection. To do this, he gave them the Best Jeanist's body in a body bag, and it was only then that the criminals began to trust his words.


The Meticulous Fiber Hero's Best Jeanist Come Back!

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 began with an unknown guy hurrying for a certain location. They couldn't fly as quickly as Hawks or Mirko because they were simply in an airplane. The pilot also mentioned that this guy had not yet recovered, therefore it would be better for them to rest for a while longer. That's when the camera pans up to see some familiar-looking pants and a denim jacket.

While the mysterious person was traveling through the air, the fight between Tomura Shigaraki and the heroes continued to rage on. Midoriya, Shigaraki, Bakugo and Endeavor were already at their limits, but the fight continued as both sides' reinforcements arrived. The heroes continued to beat up Shigaraki while Gigantomachia and the Paranormal Liberation Front executives retrieved their leader.

Meanwhile, Dabi took that opportunity to reveal his true identity and shake up the already-beaten Endeavor. With the latter petrified in place, Dabi launched himself to let his father have a taste of his Prominence Burn. That's when Best Jeanist reappeared -- the hero utilized industrial fiber cables to restrain Gigantomachia and the Paranormal Liberation Front members.


How Did My Hero Academia's Best Jeanist Survive?

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Given that My Hero Academia has long indicated that Hawks did not truly betray the Hero Association, it is unsurprising that he did not murder Best Jeanist. Clearly, both Pro Heroes were working together all along; Hawks, after all, was the one who delivered the Fiber Hero's purportedly deceased body to Dabi. Even though Dabi had previously questioned Hawks' dedication, he saw nothing odd about Best Jeanist's body. Furthermore, the body has been in the custody of the Paranormal Liberation Front. The two heroes couldn't have utilized a body double since the Paranormal Liberation Front members would have figured out their plan.

The only possible explanation is that Best Jeanist and Hawks have probably found a way to induce a death-like status. They may have achieved this through medical means or someone else's Quirk. After all, Best Jeanist's pilot noted that the hero was yet to fully recover. If Best Jeanist has only been in hiding all this time, he should be in tip-top shape. As to how specifically the two managed to do this, only future episodes of My Hero Academia can answer.