Over 80% of people worldwide experience the mutation that gives rise to the quirks in My Hero Academia. People with quirks exhibit unusual abilities that can range from the bizarre to the absurdly powerful, usually starting at a young age. Because quirks are primarily bodily functions, they have the power to temporarily or permanently alter a user's appearance. The pink skin of Mina Ashido is an example of this.

One of the six female students in UA's Hero Course 1-A class is Mina Ashido. Not just because of her horns and skin tone but also because of her outgoing personality, she is without a doubt the most recognizable member of her class. Mina is without a doubt the friendliest student in Class 1-A because she is always enthusiastic and outgoing. She’s one of the few students that doesn’t have an established friend pairing because she’s such a social butterfly. From the irritable Bakugo to the shy and reserved Shoji, Mina is friends with everyone.


What Does My Hero Academia's Mina Ashido Look Like?

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The outgoing Mina is naturally athletic and performed better on the first Quirk assessment test than a good number of the boys in Class 1-A. Even at a distance, Mina's opponents are vulnerable to her acid attacks because of her natural skill at using her Quirk to create motion that increases the force of her blows. Most recently, she mastered a super move that allows her to cover her entire body in an acidic protective layer. While shielding Mina from dangers as potent as Toya Todoroki's flames, the acid is harmless to her but reactive to everything else it comes in contact with.

Mina has the propensity to charge headlong into danger without fully weighing the circumstances or potential repercussions, perhaps because she has such faith in her skills. When she diverted Gigantomachia's attention away from two young girls, for example, this quality was extremely useful. Sadly, the same tactic can backfire, as it did during the Paranormal Liberation War when Gigantomachia came dangerously close to exacting revenge. Mina might have been yet another victim of the bloody war if Kirishima Ejiro's perfectly timed rescue hadn't occurred.


How Come Mina Ashido Has Pink Skin?

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Acid is Mina's Quirk. She can produce acids in her body at different levels of corrosiveness and secrete them from any location she chooses. Not only can Mina control its acidity, but also its thickness and consistency. This enables her to perform a variety of super moves with her quirk, such as skating on acid secreted from the bottoms of her feet and erecting a transient acid shield to instantly vaporize approaching projectiles. Her ultimate move, Acidman, gives Mina's already respectable physical strength a general boost and grants her an ultimate defense for a brief period of time.

Horikoshi Kohei, the creator of the My Hero Academia manga, acknowledged that Mina's Acid Quirk, which has special abilities, had an impact on her skin tone in her character profile. It calls for a body that should be wildly different from the average human, hence Mina's abnormal pink skin, to be able to not only produce acid but also adjust it on such a delicate level as she is capable of. In fact, given Mina's extraordinary abilities, it's a little surprising that her physiology has undergone only minor modifications—pink skin and short horns.