Character development and romantic pacing appear to be at odds in many romantic series. Typically, drama and conflicts occur before the main couple can establish a healthy romance – if they have one at all. Though there are anime that breaks the mold by having the main couple start dating right away, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague remains a standout among these titles.

Ice Guy establishes Himuro and Fuyutsuki as the most wholesome and encouraging romantic relationship in episode 1. They have quickly established a steady pace toward dating that prioritizes their love for one another over the typical gimmicks of romantic conflict despite having introverted personalities. This doesn't imply that everything is great for them, however, as the show subtly introduces plot twists and opportunities for character development. But unlike most romantic television shows, this one has a couple who might develop their relationship despite any impending drama.


Himuro and Fuyutsuki from Ice Guy are a Couple to Root For

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What makes The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague stand out is its plot setup. Rather than hinting at a romance between the leads and dangling it in front of the audience, it builds up the perfect couple. A perfectly wholesome and supportive relationship is clearly seen between Himuro and Fuyutsuki from their first scene together to their first date, which happens surprisingly quickly. Because most romances are slow-burning, this development would appear to be rushed. But the reason it works -- and why this anime has become so popular -- is simply because Himuro and Fuyutsuki are a couple worth rooting for.

With an undeniable chemistry, Himuro and Fuyutsuki share many qualities, find comfort in one another and have the perfect balance between them. Both are toned-down introverts, diligent office workers, and have caring and supportive personalities. Fuyutsuki is level-headed and always thinking ahead for herself and especially for others. She goes out of her way for Himuro whenever he's under stress and makes the perfect plan for her friends, though they may not realize she is thinking of them. Though Himuro is at times overwhelmed by the anxiety of his supernatural lineage, he takes the time to go the extra mile at work and repays Fuyutsuki for her kindness as often as he can. Himuro and Fuyutsuki admire one another for their noble qualities and, because their toned-down personalities don't clash, they find mutual comfort.


Ice Guy's first few episodes establish Himuro's anxiety and Fuyutsuki's struggle with emotional expression. Because Himuro is a descendant of the mythological snow woman, his feelings manifest into snow or ice, sometimes causing dangerous storms, other times creating spectacular sights. When he struggles with keeping his feelings -- and thus his powers -- in check, the level-headed Fuyutsuki comes around to help him cope. For her, there's the subtle struggle of speaking her mind while most people don't have a clue what she's thinking.

Himuro has slightly more of an outgoing personality than Fuyutsuki, but he appears to understand her. More significantly, he sees beyond her cool exterior and senses how friendly and supportive she is. On top of their mutual adoration and their levels of comfort around one another, these two also have a balance that could see them through the worst moments in life. This is what makes a strong couple, and what sets them up for a great romance story.


Power Couples in Anime: How Important Are They?

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By the time Himuro and Fuyutsuki begin dating, they are already set up as a power couple. This setup allows the narrative to avoid the useless "will they/won't they" trope to jump into their story as a couple rather than slowly building the chemistry. Though their relationship is ideal, there are hints of needed growth and development. While viewers enjoy the wholesome moments, there is also a sense of oncoming drama that may challenge them.

Though The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague have mostly avoided drama between these characters, it's still managed to hint at points of conflict that they may need to overcome. The biggest potential conflict is the difference in life experience between a member of a supernatural lineage and a normal human being if there are any social differences. The conflict could also be as simple as focusing on Himuro's anxiety and the pressure of having such power. There is also Fuyutsuki's development, as she's hinted to struggle with showing her feelings and maintaining her friendships.


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This is not to say that a great drama is sure to come that will tear these two apart. Ice Guy's lighthearted tone is sure to continue as is, and for good reason. That said, the beauty of Himuro and Fuyutsuki's strong bond is how it has the potential to prove that people can have an ideal relationship and still continue to grow through their lives.

There's no real telling how the story will proceed in The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, but whatever light or heavy obstacles come along the way, there's hope that this couple can face it all. With new plot details on the way, Himuro and Fuyutsuki could show how being involved in a relationship doesn't inhibit growth or development. It would prove that couples don't have to wait for the drama to be over to start a romance and that there's a way to go through the trials and tribulations of life with one's soul mate. Despite this anime establishing its couple right away, there's still more to expect in the story as this fantastically written duo faces whatever challenges lie ahead.