The next few paragraphs will give away details about the first and second episodes of Adult Swim's Housing Complex C.

The circumstance involving young Kimi has been one of the most fascinating parts of Housing Complex C. As a mystery entity stalks the apartment complex where she resides, she is at the heart of the narrative. In reality, it appears that the evil force is preying on the child in the anime. It might be a result of her cold demeanor, innocence, and immaturity, as well as any pain or trauma she could be trying to hide.

What makes Kimi even more interesting in the two episodes is how she's processing everything alone. Her dad is no longer around, with the anime hinting he's dead or left some time ago, but she has been seen speaking to her mother. Sadly, given the signs Kurosaki is a hub for something sinister, there's a chance Kimi's mom might actually be dead.


In these bleak times, Kimi's mother shouldn't be kept secret.

Housing Complex C: Is Kimi's [Spoiler] Dead?_0

Kimi's often found chatting with her off-screen mom about everything happening around her. There are new folks from outside Japan staying at the complex, Kimi's also found a new friend in Yuri, and she also found a room connected to a cave that has interesting objects. The person who owned it is dead, so along with an old man, Taka, Kimi's finding out more about the souvenirs there and her land.

The thing is, Kimi's mom is never visible in these many conversations. The place looks unkempt, not to mention Kimi's actually the one tidying up, and ripping the pages off the calendar. It's as if the mother is neglectful, or worse, doesn't exist. If Kimi's mom is indeed dead, it would be a big twist that M. Night Shyamalan fans would love, fitting what's transpiring around Kimi as the ancient evil roams.


The mother of Kimi may not be a rotting corpse.

Housing Complex C: Is Kimi's [Spoiler] Dead?_1

The first episode, "Optical Illusion", has Kimi and Yuri asking Momo about her son, Hideo, in another apartment. He's a recluse who makes creepy drawings, which Kimi finds in the cave as well. Sadly, when she goes to inquire, Kimi, finds Momo missing and Hideo turned to moss. The thing is, Kimi's not panicked or screaming, and shockingly chipper in the second episode, "Mismatched Buttons".

To this point, Kimi's up for a party to liven up the complex. Thus, it could be Kimi's in denial, due to the same fate befalling her mother. The thing plaguing the complex might have actually turned the mom to moss, too. It'd explain why there's no foul stench or rotting corpse, with Kimi thinking her mom will wake up, remixing the idea of body horror with a flora and fauna approach.

The cops, after all, believe Momo and Hideo faked the moss and fled, so that narrative could now back up Kimi's young mind, leaving her validated in thinking her mom is alive, somehow. Ultimately, it'd play into an already fragile girl lacking a dad and who wouldn't want to lose her mom to boot. Most of all, it backs up Kimi's connection to the macabre spirit and energy around, creating a very sympathetic hero who hasn't had enough life experience to fully decode out the pain and trauma swirling around.

Housing Complex C airs Sundays on Adult Swim.

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