The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Housing Complex C, which aired on Adult Swim.

Housing Complex C has already established itself as a thought-provoking psychological thriller in just two episodes. Currently, it is not centered on gore or body horror. The Fall Anime 2022 season is starting off with a different strategy, a slow burn in Kurosaki that suggests a long-forgotten demon is stalking an apartment building.

The fact that Momo went missing after her son Hideo appeared to have been transformed into moss by the unseen creature proves that deaths are still happening. however indifference and subjectivity are making this area dangerous, people are uncertain about what's going on. Intriguingly, the most recent homicide may correct this, making everyone far more afraid.

Residents of Housing Complex C don't Give a Damn About Momo and Hideo

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The lead protagonist, Kimi, found Hideo's moss corpse at the end of "Optical Illusion," but as "Mismatched Buttons" shows, no one cares for some reason. The residents think they ran away, but that doesn't make sense as Momo was happy there and interacting with everyone. Granted, Hideo was a recluse, but his brief appearances never hinted that he wanted out.

Strangely enough, there's quick mention of the cops investigating -- and that's it. There's no questioning or in-depth conversation regarding secrets Momo might have shared to make this seem plausible. It feels like the residents are shirking their responsibilities, as well as the police, ignoring any attempts to interrogate. The icing on the cake comes when the complex throws a party to cheer everyone up, which is tone-deaf and makes it seem like no one's gone missing. Honestly, had the residents taken things more seriously, the suspense, terror and fear factors would increase.


Yoshiken's passing will spur the police and locals to action.

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As the many curious incidents keep ramping up, Yoshiken decides to keep watch. He doesn't mind patrolling as he's a former soldier, which is why Taka and the other old guys feel confident. However, he gets attacked while keeping vigil one night. It leads to Koba finding moss outside, and then tracing it back to Yoshiken's room. There, he sees his buddy's moss corpse, similarly to how Kimi found Hideo.

Now, this death will resonate differently because Yoshiken's an ex-military person, and more so, he's makeshift security for the building. Thus, there can't be any excuse or denial over a lurking threat, like there has been with Momo and her son. This will alarm the residents and spur them into action, not to mention the cops will have no choice but to address things due to Yoshiken's former station and overall standing. This ultimately gives Housing Complex C a grave edge and places a spotlight on the breadcrumbs lying around, pushing everyone to keep an eye out and learn more about the malevolent spirit from the caves beneath the land.

Housing Complex C airs Sundays on Adult Swim.

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