Gosu (The Master) Manga Online - REVIEW

Mar 27, 2023
A young man embarked on a mission to exact revenge on his master, a once-powerful martial artist who had been betrayed by his own soldiers and had just about survived. He is prepared to terrorize and cause havoc among the murim because he is equipped with his master's elite martial art techniques. But before he even begins, he discovers that his master's traitors have already died. What happens next, um?
Gosu (The Master) Manga Online - REVIEW

Gosu (The Master) Information

Gosu (The Master) is a webtoon series that was released weekly on Naver. It was authorized by Ryu Ki-Woon (Ryugiun) and illustrated by Moon Jung-Hoo (Munjeonghu) with assistance from Moon Myeong-Ju (Munmyeongju) and Han Byeong-Hun (Hanbyeonghun). Before being finished in 2021, it was originally serialized from the beginning of September 2015. At the middle of July 2017, it was eventually hosted on LINE Webtoons.

Gosu (The Master) - REVIEW

'Gosu' manga online is an exceptional martial arts manhwa that has garnered a considerable fan following since its inception. The story centers around Gang Yong, who is the disciple of the greatest martial artist and leader of the Pacheon Clan, Doko Yong. The plot follows Gang's journey as he sets out to search for and destroy the four best disciples of his master, who betrayed him and assumed he was dead.

The story starts on a light-hearted note, with the plot split into seemingly unrelated arcs. However, after around 50 chapters, the plot begins to pick up momentum, and readers are treated to a series of action-packed fights, coupled with genuinely funny comedic moments that add to the smooth flow of the story and contribute to Gang's character development.

One of the standout features of 'Gosu' is the artwork, which is both amazing and neat, a characteristic often not found in most manhwa. The action scenes are easily followed, and the dialogue is easy to read as well. The combination of stunning visuals and a compelling storyline makes for an engaging and immersive reading experience.

As the plot progresses, we see Gang's character evolve as he faces formidable opponents and confronts difficult decisions. The conflicts that arise throughout the story are well-crafted, and the resolutions are satisfying and impactful.

Overall, 'Gosu' is a top-tier martial arts manhwa that is sure to please fans of the genre. It offers a perfect blend of comedy, epic fights, great art, and a decent plot that keeps readers engaged and invested in the story. If you're looking for a martial arts manhwa that delivers on all fronts, then 'Gosu' is a must-read.

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