My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers: All Might Gets Help From Stain!

By: Rohit Jaiswar Sep 14, 2023
My Hero Academia Chapter 400 is on the horizon, marking a significant milestone as the series reaches this impressive four-hundredth installment, a remarkable achievement in its own right.
My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers: All Might Gets Help From Stain!

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 marks a significant milestone in the manga series, as it reaches the impressive four hundredth installment. This landmark chapter is eagerly anticipated by fans and is set to be featured in the upcoming issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

As we approach the release date, which is only a few days away, spoilers for the forthcoming chapter have surfaced, igniting excitement among readers. The chapter promises a remarkable development, particularly in the intense battle between All Might and All For One.

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the conclusion of this epic showdown is drawing near, with All For One gradually diminishing in stature. It's astonishing to witness All Might, armed only with a support item, holding his own against this formidable adversary. His role in this battle is of immense significance, matching or perhaps even surpassing the contributions of others. All For One undoubtedly stands as the primary antagonist of the story, and All Might continues to uphold his legacy, confronting this villain, just as he has done for decades.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Is Insane

Let us provide the spoilers for the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 400 in this post and we will also include a few raw scans for the chapter as we do it. With that being said, here we bring you the latest My Hero Academia manga series updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers And Raw Scans and Summmary
All Might and Stain (CC: Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers And Raw Scans

According to the leaked information, My Hero Academia Chapter 400 bears the title "The World." The chapter commences with an unexpected encounter between Aoyama and Hagakure, the latter finding herself momentarily exposed. This leads to her swift, embarrassed retreat, only to be reminded of Aoyama's previous identification as a traitor. As this realization dawns on her, her partially visible face reflects a mix of emotions.

Hagakure attributes her emotional turmoil to the adrenaline surging on the battlefield, which she perceives as a form of glitch. However, her focus quickly shifts to a more pressing matter: the need to tend to the still-blooming flowers, even with Kunieda incapacitated.

In response, Aoyama requests Hagakure to harness her light-based abilities to incinerate the roots of the flowers and plants growing within them. Despite grappling with a stomach ailment, Aoyama commits to giving his utmost effort on this, his final day at U.A.

All Might vs. All For One Continues

The narrative then shifts to the intense battle between All Might and All For One. All Might devises a strategic move, planning to utilize his navel laser to inflict significant damage and disrupt All For One's ability to regenerate. However, AFO attempts to flee the scene, prompting All Might to employ the Earphone jack, which he uses to pull AFO back into the fray.

The subsequent page depicts All Might utilizing the Tentacole and thrusters to evade AFO's attacks while shielding himself from the laser using the armor's Invisible Girl optical resins.

In a retaliatory move, All For One lands a punch on All Might, but the impact is mitigated by Tailman, resulting in substantial damage primarily to All Might's lower body. Nevertheless, AFO persists in attempting to escape the dire situation, prompting the resurgence of his black tendrils, which launch an attack. In a clever maneuver, All Might transforms portions of his armor into spherical shapes using "Armor Morphing: Creati," effectively immobilizing AFO's hands with a technique dubbed "Grape Juice."

Despite enduring considerable pain, All Might finds solace in the satisfaction of momentarily restraining All For One. The spoilers then introduce an old lady and a child in a foreign country who are watching the battle unfold on television. The child inquires about All Might, but the old lady remains unfamiliar with him, expressing indifference to the outcome of the battle. Nonetheless, the child confesses his unwavering support for All Might.

Stain Comes To Help

Coming back to the back, the car that had been shooting laser explodes making AFO free and he emerges like a child while he is glowing. AFO then begins to attack All Might and something starts to come out of his back however, then he suddenly freezes.

It is revealed that it is Stain and he licked AFO’s blood from the debris and says that “Everyone’s blood is equally red”. My Hero Academia Chapter 400 will come to an end with Stain also rooting for All Might.

This chapter gives hope for All Might’s survival and the defeat of All For One for good. The next chapter will be released next week without any break and it will be very crucial.

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