The illustrator for Dr. Stone will join SuperString, a Korean webcomic world modeled after Marvel.

According to Anime News Network, Boichi, the Dr. Stone comic book's illustrator, will debut SuperString, a new webcomic series, in the 21st edition of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday. The author will be In-Wan Youn, who also penned the Super String novels Island and Defensive Devil. In the television show SuperString: Isekai Kenbunroku, a young man tries to defend his family by fighting alone. In Isekai Kenbunroku, heroes who have been called from other realms arrive to wage a war on Earth. The magazine describes the series as a "hyper-dimensional action series about Marco Polo."

Boichi's Manhwa Career is Illustrative

Before transitioning to the world of Japanese comics, manga, in 2004, Boichi's career began with the illustration of manhwa, the Korean word for comic books. His first serialized manga, Sun-Ken Rock, debuted in Young King in 2006 and inspired a lot of spin-offs. Boichi donated the revenues from the second volume of Sun-Ken Rock to the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam in order to atone for Korea's acts during the Vietnam War. When he sent royalties and money to the Red Cross and the victims of the 2011 Thoku earthquake and tsunami, his altruism didn't end there. At the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival in 2019, his science-fiction action series ORIGIN took home the Grand Prize.

Boichi contributed the artwork for other manga, such as Brutality and Raqiya, but he is most well known for providing the artwork for Riichiro Inagaki's Dr. Stone, which concluded in March 2022. Boichi and Inagaki's collaboration began remotely and indirectly as Inagakai sent storyboards to Boichi through his editor. Boichi conceptualized Dr. Stone's world to be one where nature was left primarily unharmed as humanity, as a result of a mysterious flash, would not be there to destroy it. The two researched extensively to ensure the series' science was as accurate as possible. The manga won in the shōnen category at the 2019 Shogakukan Manga Award and has over 14 million copies as of June 2022. Dr. Stone has inspired a popular anime adaptation, with Boichi providing rough sketches to help the director adapt the manga. Season 3 premieres on April 6.


In Super String, a South Korean corporation YLAB's intellectual property, various characters from various YLAB works coexist in a single universe. Isekai Kenbunroku is a part of this. Although it has grown into other genres like movies, plays, and video games, the IP primarily concentrates on manhwa and webcomics. Island, another of Youn's television programs, was adapted into a live-action drama starring Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, Cha Eunwoo, and Sung Joon. You may read the English translation on WEBTOON. In Weekly Shinen Sunday, Defense Demon appeared from April 2009 until June 2011.

Isekai Kenbunroku makes its premiere on April 19 in SuperString.

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Source: Anime News Network