Denji, the antihero protagonist of Chainsaw Man, had a thirsty persona in Season 1 of the anime. Not only did he join the Public Safety Division to rid Japan of Devils, but also to get close to Makima, his boss. Because she has been using this to tease him, the overly eager 16-year-old has been attempting to get close to Power and Himeno, another member of their team.

Thankfully, he has grown up, taking lessons from tragedies like Himeno's passing and realizing he is better off as Power's sibling. But given his reckless nature, it's simple to imagine Denji swooning over and falling for the next woman who casts him a romantic glance. Interestingly, a massive tease for Season 2 offers up a new love triangle -- and an interest that has a lot more nuance.


Season 2 of Chainsaw Man Holds Promises

Chainsaw Man Promises a Better Love Triangle for Denji_0

The first season of Chainsaw Man ends with a young woman stalking Denji outside his apartment and trying to snag him. Although it might appear that this person is a Gun Devil agent prepared to complete the Samurai Sword's mission and physically assault Denji, this is actually psychological combat. After all, Reze, a.k.a. the Bomb Girl from the manga, is the exact same thing as this entity.

A different strategy is necessary after discovering how Denji eventually defeated the Sword physically, kicked him in the nuts, and then had the Sword taken to jail. Reze did not underestimate Denji as a potential weapon of mass destruction, which is why he chose to target him first in his mind, heart, and soul. Reze transformed into the person he fell in love with in the process, setting up the manga for something much more dramatic than his petty desire for trysts.


Chainsaw Man's Reze Could Be Potential Soulmate

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Despite Denji's lack of true love experience, he did connect with Reze, who became his friend and became aware of his inner suffering. They grew close because of their common childhood traumas and the way society treated disadvantaged kids just like them. Despite Denji's manipulation of him, Reze did fall for her, especially after he attempted to save her when the game was over. It's because he was able to distinguish between lies and the truth.

As a result, he discovered that Reze, whether good or bad, had also been weaponized. It's ironic because she hated the evil Makima for using Denji as a puppet and lying to him in order to make him Japan's enforcer. Reze had political disdain for Makima as well, which was understandable given that she was Russian, but this didn't prevent her from seeing the good in Denji. She saw hope where Makima didn't even make an effort to get to know Denji personally.

This is why Denji was drawn to Reze, who filled the void left by Pochita as the one connection he cherished. Fans of Chainsaw Man are speculating as to what changes the anime will undergo and how Denji will develop as they try to distinguish between his true feelings for Reze and the ones that are ostensibly just for Makima. Denji's heart will ultimately be put to the ultimate test in Season 2, leaving him unsure of whom to believe and whether a happy ending and a sense of family are actually in the cards.