Packed with unrealistic storylines and a comically overpowered protagonist, One-Punch Man is arguably one of the most prominent shonen parody animes out there. Originating as a webcomic, this devastatingly popular series has earned widespread critical acclaim. Despite the sheer number of heroes and villains populating the story, Saitama is almost certainly the strongest, toughest, and fastest fighter in One-Punch Man.

However, he's not the only character to display environment-altering levels of strength and speed. Although supersonic abilities in One-Punch Man are a dime a dozen, a few notable techniques manage to fluster the most powerful opponents. Perception, experience, and brute force are no match for attacks that move faster than the eye can see.

Manga and webcomic spoilers ahead.

10 Bomb's Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist Employs Rapid Hand Movements

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Bomb is a widely acclaimed master, having honed his wind-based martial art to perfection. This combat style is utterly destructive and likely on par with his younger brother's water techniques. Bomb couldn't care less about heroism, but he's still an incredibly formidable character.

Bomb's Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist manipulates the wind around him, generating massive changes in atmospheric pressure capable of cutting practically anything in its path. The elderly master's hand movements are so nimble that even Demon-level villains are unable to react in time.

9 Silver Fang's Instant Movement Technique Confuses Most Of His Targets

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Silver Fang's combat prowess is unquestionably prodigious, earning him a top-three rank among the S-Class Heroes. While his skills have noticeably depreciated over time, Silver Fang's expertise and experience make him a truly terrifying opponent.

Although known as the Wind of Blood during his relatively reckless youth, Silver Fang's fighting philosophy is now based on patience and flexibility, a reflection of his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He utilizes a sub-technique called Instant Movement, where his entire body flows and dances like water. This ability is fast enough to confuse opponents as perceptive as Melzagard.

8 Speed-O'-Sound Sonic's Ten Shadows Burial Is Incomprehensibly Fast

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Speed-O'-Sound Sonic wants nothing more than to avenge his humiliation and regain his lost honor, but he consistently fails to defeat his so-called nemesis. Infuriated by Saitama's apparent invincibility, Sonic undergoes a grueling training regimen in order to master the Shadows Burial technique.

He can produce ten distinct afterimages with his Juei-so, a highly adaptive and impossibly rapid style of movement. Sonic occasionally relies on electricity-based abilities like Speed of Sound Electric Discharge Fist, which takes out an entire battalion of Neo Heroes in an instant.

7 Very Few Opponents Can Dodge Flashy Flash's Flashy Slash

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Flashy Flash's hero alias and S-class ranking make it abundantly clear that he's one of the fastest characters in One-Punch Man. While not as quick as Saitama or Blast, Flashy Flash's reflexes surpass practically everyone else in the story. He defeats Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, two of the fastest villains in the Monster Association arc, without even breaking a sweat.

Flashy Flash augments his already spectacular speed by using Flashy Slash, an especially useful ability in his arsenal. In fact, Saitama is one of the few individuals capable of dodging this technique. Interestingly, Flashy Flash can trigger gigantic hurricanes with his Rekku Sansenzan, an extension of Flashy Slash.

6 Platinum Sperm's Platinum Rings Deflect Supersonic Attacks

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Black Sperm and his evolved form, Golden Sperm, are Dragon-level monsters who wreak havoc on the human world. However, neither of them is a fraction as powerful as Platinum Sperm, a being formed from the merger of 54 trillion sperm cells.

Platinum Sperm is extremely fast, enough to keep up with the likes of Garou and Flashy Flash — his reaction time is so short that it can only be measured in microseconds. This bizarre villain rotates his limbs at extraordinary speeds with his Platinum Rings (X,X) technique, effortlessly blocking Flashy Flash's strongest punches. That said, Platinum Sperm is ultimately annihilated by Garou.

5 Boros' Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon Engulfs The Earth In Seconds

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The leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and one of the most powerful characters in One-Punch Man, Boros casually invades planetary civilizations in search of a "worthy opponent." This brooding cosmic warrior meets his match in Saitama, who nonchalantly proceeds to knock Boros around his gargantuan spaceship.

Saitama is similarly eager to battle the villain, hoping that the latter would give him "a real fight." Although Boros' Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon has no effect on Saitama, the resulting beam of radiant energy is ostensibly capable of eradicating entire planets. Given its incomprehensible speed, this technique is nigh-impossible to avoid.

4 Every Single Attack In Saitama's Serious Series Is Hypersonic

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Saitama rarely resorts to anything more than casual punches since most combatants are unable to bear the brunt of his attacks. As such, he only introduces his Serious Series when battling difficult opponents like Boros, Orochi, and Cosmic Fear Mode Garou.

Using his Omnidirectional Serious Punch, Saitama swiftly flusters his targets with a range of afterimages before delivering a devastatingly overpowered strike. His Serious Table Flip completely shatters Io, Jupiter's volcanic moon, whereas his Serious Sneeze instantaneously obliterates the surface of Jupiter itself. Saitama's speed is essentially limitless, but he still may not be the fastest character in One-Punch Man.

3 Pyskos' Super Gravity Waves Instantly Permeate Her Environment

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As the military advisor to the Monster Association, Psykos displays a robust array of abilities, including Psychokinesis, Energy Projection, Telepathy, and Psychic Binding. She can also control the effects of ambient gravity, magnifying the gravitational field of the earth to squash her targets.

Pyskos' gravity-themed powers are vastly amplified when she blends with the Monster King Orochi. This Psykos-Orochi fusion generates Super Gravity Waves, nearly overwhelming Tatsumaki herself. Given that gravity travels at the speed of light, this offensive technique instantly permeates the environment.

2 Garou's Gamma Ray Burst Creates A Miniature Singularity

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Garou continues to evolve over the course of One-Punch Man, even acquiring divine abilities at one point. His God Slayer Instant Attack forces Saitama to retaliate with Two-Handed Consecutive Normal Punches, a testament to Garou's rapidly improving agility and durability.

Garou later acquires the power to spawn hyperspace portals, granting him the ability to teleport across the solar system. Finally, and most importantly, Garou's All Life Eradication Fist: Gamma Ray Burst effectively creates a miniature singularity, a gravitational condition where spacetime doesn't make mathematical sense anymore.

1 God Is Presumably Omnipotent, Omniscient, And Omnipresent

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Lurking under the surface of One-Punch Man's comical hyperbole is a cryptic entity known as God. This being is supposedly capable of bestowing cosmic levels of power on anyone it chooses, making it theoretically omnipotent.

God reinforces the Psykos-Orochi fusion, breaches Tatsumaki's impenetrable mind, and successfully meddles with Garou's emotional state. It is somewhat omniscient, possessing seemingly inexhaustible reserves of knowledge. God is also potentially omnipresent, as it appears to Homeless Emperor, Blast, and Tatsumaki despite being located in a different dimension.

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