Chainsaw Man Chapter 84 revealed Denji's true power. With the deaths of Aki and Power still fresh in his mind, the subsequent gut punch of discovering that Makima had been playing him from the start left the chainsaw-wielding hero a shell of his former self. While veteran Devil Hunter Kishibe leads an all-out assault on Makima by summoning the Hell Devil, Makima used her Control Devil abilities to unleash Denji's inner Chainsaw Man.

It was no surprise that Makima rose to the top of many people's hit lists, especially given her powerful abilities and enigmatic motivations. Aside from her abilities as the Control Devil, Makima's aversion to all forms of death made her a clear threat to anyone who stood in her way. Kishibe's Anti-Makima squad summoned the Hell Devil in the hopes of killing Makima and sending her to Hell in order to give themselves the best chance of defeating her. Unfortunately, because Makima asked Denji to save her, they had to go through him.


How the Devil that Devils Fear Got His Name: The Chainsaw Man

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Denji transformed into a more vicious chainsaw form, holding his own against the Hell Devil, but was eventually cast into Hell himself. Meanwhile, Kishibe's confrontation with Makima led to a revealing chat. Makima insisted that Kishibe lower his gun, telling him that shooting her was pointless because of her contract with the Prime Minister that changed all attacks on her into illnesses and accidents among Japanese citizens. As the topic turned to Denji, Makima assured Kishibe that the Chainsaw Devil will return from Hell since she asked him to save her. Makima called herself a fan of Chainsaw Man before referring to him as the "Hero of Hell."

The Chainsaw Devil is a revered figure that garners fear, anger and even worship among the other Devils. Makima explained that the reason he is known as the Devil that Devils fear most is because those consumed by Chainsaw Man have their names erased from existence. The Chainsaw Devil is targeted by so many because of this power, but each time he falls, he revs his engine and rises again.

Kishibe's resulting confusion was only natural, since the names that have been eaten were erased from the past, the present and individuals' minds. When Makima asked Kishibe if he remembered nuclear weapons or Nazis, he had no recollection of either. As Makima rattled off a list of the forgotten, she revealed that she is the only one who remembers (though some had started to slip away).


Was Makima Willing to Let the Chainsaw Devil Eat Her?

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With Kishibe's mind swirling from the truth, unable to fully comprehend what he was hearing, the veteran Devil Hunter asked Makima if she would use Chainsaw Man's power to devastate the world. She rebuffed his questions and explained that her ability allowed her to control those she believed to be lesser. If she could fight Chainsaw Man and win, she believed she could control him and use him to create a better world, noting that Chainsaw Man also slayed those who summon him for help.

Makima claimed that by blotting out things like war, hunger and death, she could make the world a happier place for humanity. Understandably wary, Kishibe prodded at Makima's unexpectedly righteous plan, asking if she considered that she may lose to the Chainsaw Devil and be eaten herself. Makima reminded him that she is a fan of Chainsaw Man and proclaimed that there would be no greater honor than to become a part of him.

Their chat ended as Denji, still in full-blown Chainsaw Man mode, hacked his way through the doorway to Hell and re-emerged. The stage was set for the long-awaited clash between Denji and Makima. Makima's enigmatic nature made her past and future actions hard to interpret, as they could support her allegedly virtuous goals -- or be another sign that she can't be trusted.