Denji's whereabouts have remained unknown since the conclusion of Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Saga. Nobody knows much about where he lives, how he gets by, or what kind of life he leads outside of school and devil killing. What's more perplexing is that he's supposed to be looking after seven dogs and Makima's reincarnation, Nayuta.

While there are some hints as to what Denji has been up to since the story shifted focus, Nayuta's fate has been left to chance. Chapter 116, "Taste of Starfish," on the other hand, finally revealed where she is, how Denji feels about her, and even what she's like. The answers to all of these questions are surprising, plausible, and even humorous.


What information about Nayuta did Denji reveal?

Chainsaw Man Finally Sheds More Light on Nayuta in Chapter 116_0

The change in the Chainsaw Man storyline is one of the factors contributing to Nayuta's status's mystique. The plot now centers on Asa and the War Devil's adventures as they search for and assassinate chainsaw Man. Readers who were interested in learning more about Nayuta will be disappointed to learn that she knows less than they do.

Now that the Infinity Devil has trapped Denji and Asa in an aquarium, Denji has all the time in the world to bring up Nayuta. He explains why he always seems to be short on cash while collecting hats to sell once they escape the aquarium. He mentions having someone in his care who is intelligent enough to attend college but lacks the financial means to do so; he didn't give a name, but he was most likely referring to Nayuta. This explains why he's been seen doing odd jobs and looking for money anywhere he can find it.


It makes sense that Denji said he wanted to give Nayuta a normal life in more detail. Even after being taken in by the Public Safety Commission, which brought its own set of issues and, more importantly, tragedies, he continued to live in crippling debt and poverty. He probably didn't want his ward to experience any of the things he did, so he's doing everything in his power to give her the childhood he was never able to.

Speaking of Nayuta being Denji's ward, he also indirectly discusses the relationship he shares with her. He describes her as something like a friend or a little sister. He might have just been hiding Nayuta's devil roots from Asa, but if there's any truth to his words, it shows how he thinks of her and how much he cares for her.


What Will Asa Do Given Her Newfound Knowledge of Nayuta?

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Asa learning about Nayuta should make her mission much more difficult. She intended to turn Denji into a weapon and use him to murder Chainsaw Man. Even if she eventually discovers that Denji is Chainsaw Man, she must keep in mind that he has a child to care for. This could be another reason for her to seek an alternative solution to confronting Chainsaw Man that does not involve killing Denji.

The answers to those kinds of questions will have to wait until Nayuta makes her first real appearance in this part of the series. Once she does, it should provide more answers for Asa as well as the audience. If Chapter 116 could give this much information and character development without her ever showing up, then her next physical appearance should be a big one.