Yuko bids Asa farewell in the most recent Chainsaw Man episode after the latter gets changed into a demon. She also lets Asa know that the Justice Devil is still at their school. In addition to that issue, the chapter's conclusion introduces a fresh danger that increases Denji's problems: an enigmatic person that resembles Chainsaw Man's shadow.

In Chapter 111, Yuko visits Asa to bid him farewell. Yuko will try to contact a relative who is a demon hunter as she is in devil form and wants to return to being human. She confesses to Asa that she entered into a deal with the Justice Devil in order to become Chainsaw Man in order to be like him. She further acknowledges that she only saved Asa becausee she assumed they would be friends afterward. Yuko begins doubting herself, seeing as she doesn't know if her thoughts are truly hers or the Justice Devil's. The two share a happy moment before Yuko leaves and travels around town. Suddenly, she gets decapitated by what looks to be Chainsaw Man.


What Is The Justice Devil From Chainsaw Man?

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The first encounter with the Justice Devil involved Asa's class president, who made a contract with said devil. She was motivated to do so because she was jealous of Asa. Despite being in a relationship with their teacher, Mr. Tanaka, the class president was aware that he seemed to be interested in Asa. So after the incident with Bucky, the class president reveals her true intentions to Asa and kills her. However, Tanaka and the class president die after Yoru takes over Asa's body. The next contract with the Justice Devil involved Yuko, which granted her the ability to read minds.

Asa initially believed Yuko formed a contract with the devil to help with her bullying problem. Chapter 111, however, revealed this was not necessarily the case. Before they part ways, Yuko warns Asa that the Justice Devil is still in their school. With that, there is an implication that they have a contract with another person. This could go back to the unnamed character from Chapter 108 -- Yoru's supposed older sister.

This devil might have a contract with Asa's bully, the girl with short hair and freckles. Aside from the triangular earrings, a notable trait would be their eyes, which is common among the Four Horsemen. While their appearances are slightly different, this could be a Yoru and Asa situation where there is a distinguishable difference drawn between them to show who's currently in charge of their body. This opens the possibility that they might be targeting Denji as well.


Could Denji be the mysterious shadow, or is he a fake?

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The last part of Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 shows Yuko jumping around the top of various buildings. During this time, it can be assumed she was moving late at night since the previous panel shows Denji and Asa's bully sleeping. Asa herself seems to have a hard time getting some rest. The next panels show a mysterious figure holding the rest of Yuko's body while her head lies on the ground.

What's notable about this is the shadow resembles Chainsaw Man; however, the chances of Denji being the one who attacked Yuko are slim, especially since the previous page showed him sleeping. This chapter could be introducing a new threat -- an imposter of Chainsaw Man.

This imposter could be a new devil since humanity has an extensive list of fears. Chainsaw Man has been pretty popular, and many consider him to be a hero. At the same time, some might still be afraid of him. The imposter might be a devil born from the fear of Chainsaw Man, or something directly related to Yuko. Something or someone might be after her, and it involves a devil with the ability to transform or present an illusion. Either way, these new developments in Chapter 111 add excitement for what's yet to come in the manga. Denji is about to encounter more chaos, and readers can't wait to see how he solves these problems.