The following contains spoilers from Chainsaw Man Chapter 108, "Something Important to Asa," written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, translated by Amanda Haley and available through Viz Media.

The newest chapter of Chainsaw Man had quite a few surprises over the course of its 20 pages. The most shocking revelation of the chapter was the arrival of a strange new character whose appearance could signal danger for Denji. The chapter raised more questions than it answered, leaving everyone hoping to get more answers next week. The big debate among fans right now is who this new mysterious character might be.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 sees the continuation of Yoru and Asa's fight versus Yuko, who has a contract with Justice Devil. A big reveal from this chapter is that Asa can make her own weapons just like Yoru. This reveal is followed by finding out that the weapons Asa makes are actually pretty strong -- so strong, in fact, that she accidentally mortally wounds Yuko. It is after this that a mysterious girl appears who offers to save Yuko, claiming to be Yoru’s older sister.


A New and Mysterious Foe

Why Chainsaw Man's Newest Manga Character Could Spell Trouble for Denji_0

The appearance of Yoru’s sister came as a shock to everyone reading Chainsaw Man. Her appearance is a big deal because based on all the information the audience has been given up to this point, her sister is another of the four horsemen. Back in Chapter 87, Makima revealed that she, the Control Devil, was part of a group of devils called the four horsemen, who had fought against Chainsaw Devil in hell. The group included Control Devil, War Devil, Hunger Devil and Death Devil. War Devil, aka Yoru, has been a central character in the second part of Chainsaw Man, with her goal being to bring back Nuclear Weapons Devil.

Up until this point, fans have assumed that War Devil was working alone other than living inside Asa’s body. While this may have been true up until this chapter, the arrival of this new character could mean that Yoru and Asa have a new collaborator. Much like Makima and Yoru, the girl who appears at the end of Chapter 108 has the same pattern in her eyes, indicating that she is most likely one of the other four horsemen. Which one she is, however, remains a mystery.


Currently, there are two theories. The first is that the new devil is Death Devil. There are a few arguments as to why people think this. For some people, it’s a gut feeling, but for others, it’s the fact that the fear of death is older than the fear of war. However, this theory could pose a problem. Since death is one of the oldest fears, many fans believe that Death Devil is one of the primal devils. Primal devils are devils based on the subconscious primal fears of humanity. The only primal devil shown in Chainsaw Man so far is Darkness Devil in Chapter 64, but it is not strange to assume that death would also be one as well. If the new character is not Death Devil, the second most likely choice is Hunger Devil. Nonetheless, the only thing that really supports this theory is the fact that the new character’s earring looks like scales -- a common iconography in depictions of the horsemen of famine.

Regardless of which devil it is, the more enemies Denji has, the more danger he is in. How Asa will react to the arrival of this new devil will also be something to keep an eye on. Only time will tell what plans this new character has, but whatever happens is sure to be interesting.