Within the Clover Kingdom of Black Clover, magic plays a crucial role in determining one's rank, status, and respect. The Black Bulls, a group of misfits and troublemakers, are often looked down upon by other Magic Knight squads. However, they house some of the most formidable magicians in the kingdom. This article ranks the strongest members of the Black Bulls.

Updated by Sage Ashford on May 14th, 2023: As the series progresses towards its final arc, the power of the Black Bull members continues to grow. This updated list reflects the current power standings among the Black Bulls.

15 Finral Roulacase

Initially serving as the Black Bulls' transportation, Finral possesses spatial magic that allows him to create portals. Despite being held back by his reluctance to harm others, he has recently shown more involvement in battles. While still inexperienced and often overpowered by stronger enemies, Finral has made progress by training with the Heart Kingdom and mastering arrays.

14 Grey

Grey's unassuming appearance hides her true power. Skilled in transformation and transmutation magic, she can change her appearance at will and alter the structure of objects she touches. Grey's versatility makes her a valuable member of the group.

13 Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa, the witch of the Black Bulls, wields thread magic and hails from the Witches' Forest. Imprisoned for years by the Witch Queen, she escaped with Yami's help. Vanessa later acquired the power of the Red Thread of Fate, which allows her to control the flow of battle and protect her comrades.

12 Gordon Agrippa

Gordon, a quiet member of the Black Bulls, specializes in poison magic. His family's expertise in curses makes him a formidable opponent, excelling in stamina battles and turning poison magic into healing. Gordon's unique abilities greatly benefit his allies in combat.

11 Henry Legolant

 Henry possesses a rare condition that absorbs magic, making it impossible for him to be around most Black Bulls members. However, his recombination magic allows him to combine objects, transforming the Black Bulls' hideout into a formidable mech. Despite his dangerous condition, Henry's versatility on the battlefield is undeniable.

10 Zora Ideale

Zora, fueled by a deep hatred for the nobility, controls Ash Magic. Specializing in Trap Magic, he uses his opponents' power against them, often setting traps in advance to manipulate battles to his advantage. Zora's strategic thinking and ability to outsmart stronger opponents make him a force to be reckoned with.

9 Magna Swing

Magna, adept in Fire Magic, brings a punk-like attitude to his fights. Despite having less mana than royals, he compensates with a fighting style that uses fire magic to create projectiles and powerful attacks. Magna's spell, Soul Chain Deathmatch, equalizes mana between him and his opponents, making battles a test of willpower.

8 Gauche Adlai

Gauche, a former noble from House Adlai, wields mirror magic. Using his mirrors to reflect energy attacks, his devastating "Mirror Refrain" attack is amplified by his mirror eye magical tool. Gauche's power and tragic past make him one of the strongest members of the Black Bulls.

7 Secre Swallowtail

Secre Swallowtail, the former servant of the first Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, played a crucial role in protecting the protagonist, Asta. Concealed in the form of an anti-magic bird, Secre remained watchful over Asta until the kingdom faced imminent danger. Revealing her true form, she joined the Black Bulls as an official member. Secre excels in sealing magic, granting her the ability to open and close magical spells and items. She even possesses the power to seal the first Wizard King, preserving him for generations. Moreover, Secre's sealing spells can heal injuries and reattach severed limbs.

6 Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia, a 5th Class Junior Magical Knight, is known for his love of battles and relentless spirit. Initially ostracized due to his fervor, Luck found solace upon joining the Black Bulls. He specializes in lightning magic, harnessing it as both a projectile and reinforcement. Utilizing lightning, Luck augments his speed and power, making him an exceptional one-on-one combatant. Following months of intense training, Luck achieved a new level of power that enables him to channel natural mana into spells, conjuring authentic lightning.

5 Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson, a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight and a dwarf-human hybrid, possesses an extraordinary blend of magical abilities. She can manipulate two distinct magic types: cotton and food magic. Her Cotton Magic allows her to create and manipulate cotton at will, even summoning sheep to aid her in combat. Additionally, her Food Magic enables her to consume other types of magic, replenishing her own reserves. Charmy's proficiency in wielding two different forms of magic grants her versatility and unpredictability on the battlefield. Through training in the Heart Kingdom, she has unlocked greater control over both her Food and Cotton Magic, enhancing her capabilities and making her an even more formidable adversary.

4 Nacht Faust

Nacht Faust serves as the trusted vice captain of the Black Bulls. After his family's ill-fated attempt to study and control devils resulted in the loss of his parents and brother, Nacht underwent a transformation, aspiring to become an honorable fighter. His Shadow Magic grants him the ability to traverse through shadows, covering vast distances and even immobilizing opponents. Additionally, he possesses the power of Unite Magic, enabling him to fuse with the devils summoned by his family. Nacht's mastery of multiple Unite Mode forms bestows upon him various extraordinary powers.

3 Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva, the second daughter of the royal house Silva, is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight with an impressive affinity for water magic. Despite initially struggling to control her magical abilities, Noelle has undergone remarkable character development, achieving mastery over a range of powerful spells. With her substantial mana pool, she can unleash spells like the water barrier and "Sea Dragons Roar." Notably, her most striking ability is the Valkyrie armor, which shrouds her in water and empowers her with a formidable water lance. Further training allowed her to attain True Water Magic, and by merging with the water spirit Undine, Noelle ascends to the rank of a Saint Stage magician.

2 Asta

Asta engages in combat wielding his extraordinary anti-magic swords in the renowned Black Clover manga. Despite being a 3rd Class Magic Knight, Asta possesses a unique advantage by possessing the rare five-leaf clover grimoire. In a world where magic reigns supreme, Asta stands apart as an anomaly, born without any magical abilities. However, he compensates for this disparity with his remarkable ability. Asta can summon anti-magic swords capable of dispelling any magic they come into contact with. Although his tactical decision-making may not always be the most astute, his proficiency with anti-magic swords establishes him as one of the most formidable fighters in the entire series.

As the embodiment of magic's antithesis, Asta harnesses immense power. Equipped with a repertoire of weapons including a short sword, claymore, and greatsword, each possessing distinct properties for canceling magic, he proves his versatility. Through intensive training under Nacht, Asta attains mastery over his Unite Form, merging with his devil partner, Liebe, thereby vastly amplifying his anti-magic capabilities. Further honing his skills, he achieves mastery over the swordsman technique known as Zetten, which synergizes the potent forces of Ki and Anti-Magic.

1 Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro, depicted casually smoking a cigarette in the world of Black Clover, assumes the esteemed position of Captain of the Black Bulls and ranks among the most formidable Magic Knights in existence. Proficient in the manipulation and control of dark magic, Yami originates from the distant Hino Country and has developed the extraordinary ability to sense Ki.

Harnessing the might of dark magic, Yami wields the power to rupture the fabric of reality, unleashing devastating attacks such as the Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash. This formidable technique alone has proven capable of vanquishing adversaries whom the entire Black Bulls collective struggled to overcome. Additionally, Yami employs dark magic to augment his strength and speed, complementing his expertise as a master swordsman.