A star who earned quite a reputation in isekai anime was the infamous Truck-kun. He proved integral to isekai for years, launching people into brand-new lives and worlds. Truck-kun's also had some off days, such as when a kid with a notebook that could kill people used him to do his dirty work, or when he had to do the job twice after someone wasn't properly isekai'd.

Truck-kun will sometimes take a self-care day, allowing others like Train-kun or the jealous Car-kun to do his isekai work for him. But many still return to Truck-kun because of his reliability to hit his marks in a timely fashion and because of the respect many hold for him in the anime industry.

8 Truck-kun Has A Bad Day In The Cat Returns

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Even Truck-kun has had bad days like anyone else where he completely misses his target. In the Studio Ghibli anime film, The Cat Returns, Haru almost becomes a victim of Truck-kun when she rescues a stray cat from being hit. While she isn't isekai in the typical sense, Haru soon learns the stray cat is actually a prince. This leads to the beginning of her adventures in the mysterious world of cats before she is eventually kidnapped to the Cat Kingdom by the order of the Cat King.

7 Isekai Is Done Halfway In Zombie Land Saga

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Sakura was full of determination and hope, vowing to become a brand-new girl in the anime Zombie Land Saga. This was what she told herself as she raced out the door of her home for her idol audition. Truck-kun had other plans. He struck her as soon as she stepped outside and sent her flying into the air.

However, instead of being isekai'd into another world, Sakura was isekai'd into a new life as a zombie. A job halfway done apparently didn't set well with Truck-kun, which is why he attacked Sakura a second time later on in the anime in hopes of finishing the job.

6 The Lamest Death In Anime Occurs In KonoSuba: God's Blessing On The Wonderful World

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Sometimes Truck-kun's power surprises even himself, especially when a death happens without him actually being there. In the anime KonoSuba: God's Blessing on the Wonderful World, the game-obsessed Kazuma has finished pulling three all-nighters before making the decision to take a five-hour roundtrip by bus to obtain a special edition game release.

As Kazuma walked back home while being blinded by the sun, he suddenly saw what appeared to be Truck-kun about to hit a girl, and he jumped to push her out of the way. He then found out after being isekai'd that the supposed Truck-kun was a slow-moving tractor and that he died from the shock of thinking he got hit by Truck-kun.

5 Car-kun Might Be Jealous Of Truck-kun In Knights & Magic

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At work, Kurata was a star programmer who was reliable at getting them out of tight spots in Knights & Magic. He was also known to be a huge collector of mecha figures and would spend most of his paycheck on them. On his way home from purchasing mecha figures one evening, he began crossing the street and saw a set of vehicle lights coming toward him.

In the manga, the vehicle was a smaller Truck-kun. However, it's not quite clear in the anime if the lights belonged to Truck-kun or if Car-kun tried to take the spotlight. Either way, the isekai mission was successful in sending Kurata into a world of giant robots and magic.

4 Exhaustion Can Be Deadly In Wise Man's Grandchild

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In the anime Wise Man's Grandchild, the hardworking Shin turns down his coworkers' invitation to hang out and decides to stay late at work to finish a project, assuring himself he will have time to relax later. Shin ends up working himself to a point of exhaustion which leaves him lost in his own thoughts as he walks home unaware of his surroundings.

A mini version of Truck-kun is shown trying to weave in and out of traffic, most likely to make it to his target in time. Meanwhile, a sleepy Shin begins to cross the street, ignoring the crosswalk light warns him to stop. Shin is struck by Truck-kun and meets his isekai fate.

3 A Heart Can Still Exist In The Cruel World Of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

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Born into a new world as Rudeus Greyrat, he remembers his former life as a recluse with no education or job in the anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation — a life he is pushed into after being severely and constantly bullied. Then he becomes homeless after the passing of his parents.

Despite coming to the conclusion that life was pointless, and that he hated the world, the future Rudeus found it in his heart to sacrifice his life to save a group of teenagers from being hit by Truck-kun. He was soon isekai'd into a world of swords and magic.

2 Being The Best Is Lonely In Didn't I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

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Mile was a top-notch student during her former life in the anime Didn't I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! She became popular and well-known because of her abilities to excel at whatever she did, but it also left her without any friends. Despite feeling lonely, she remained kind and vigilant because of how much love her family showed her.

On Mile's way to school one morning, she recognized the infamous Truck-kun approaching fast down the street towards a little girl. Taking the initiative to push the girl out of harm's way, Mile became Truck-kun's victim instead.

1 Truck-Kun's First Appearance In Astro Boy

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The anime Astro Boy is often credited as one of the first anime to be broadcasted in America. However, what many fans don't know about the anime is that it showcases Truck-kun's first appearance. When Tobio is upset at his father for ignoring him, he takes his father's new car for a spin but ends up crashing into an oncoming truck, instantly dying. His father, Dr. Tenma is beyond devastated which leads him to create a robot boy with emotions to replace the son he lost. It's not known whether Truck-kun's intention is to isekai Tobio, but he does help isekai Tobio into a new life as Astro Boy.