Although Eren Yeager is an intriguing protagonist-turned-antagonist, he is not the only factor that contributes to the intrigue of Attack On Titan. The series has a lot more to offer, such as a diverse cast of interesting characters. Instead of being eaten by Titans, some of these characters receive adequate character development.


In comparison to other shows in the genre, Attack On Titan takes a different approach to female characters, providing very little fan service. This aspect adds to the intrigue of Attack On Titan's female characters through their actions, motivations, bravery, and choices. They may not always do the right thing, but they are always significant characters in the story.

This article contains spoilers for the Attack On Titan manga.

Updated by Alexandra Locke on March 11, 2023: While there are not as many female characters in Attack On Titan as there are males, the women and girls in this story make up much of the anime's drive. Whether they are villainous or heroic, Attack On Titan's females are portrayed as real people who propel the plot rather than simply serving as advancement for the male characters. Though there are not many to choose from, all the female characters help audiences enjoy the story even more.

12 Rico Brzenska

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_0

Rico Brzenska is a part of the Garrison's elite forces in Attack On Titan. When she is first introduced, Rico is seen as a no-nonsense leader who does not hesitate in thinking that Eren Yeager and his friends need to die. However, fans later see her defending Eren's Titan form and openly weeping at the losses of her comrades.

Rico later becomes one of the many Yeagerists loyal to Eren's ideas. Though this is a stark change from her initial sentiments, Rico proves that people can change — even if it is not always for the better.

11 Hitch Dreyse

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_1

Hitch Dreyse is a member of the Military Police and a former comrade of Annie’s. Though she joined the Paradis military to use its corruption to her advantage, she inadvertently finds that she is forced to do more work than she expected.

Now as a senior member of the MPs, Hitch has set aside her mischievous ways and has become much more compassionate. She even visited Annie when she was imprisoned from time to time. Hitch is shown to care for her allies, but she always looks out for number one in the end.

10 Yelena

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_2

Formerly a Marleyan soldier who was part of Marley's attack operation on Paradis, Yelena is a loyal follower of Zeke Yeager. Having been saved by Zeke during the Marley Mid-East War, she gains an almost worshipful level of respect for him and supports his plans, no matter what they mean.

While Yelena generally looks quite calm and composed, she is very dangerous and will kill anyone who goes against Zeke's schemes. Zeke's destruction of Marley's airships has her in blissful awe, but her zealotry, combined with her strategic skills, makes her an unexpected threat and a fascinating character.

9 Gabi Braun

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_3

Gabi is part of the Marleyan group of Warriors and intends to become Reiner's successor as the Armored Titan. Her harsh demeanor and the prejudiced rhetoric she often spits out make her incredibly unlikeable from the very beginning. To make matters worse, during the Raid on Liberio, she kills Sasha Braus.


But in reality, Gabi is not very different from Eren Yeager. Once she meets Sasha's family, she understands her mistakes and is horrified at her own actions. She remains one of the most hated characters in the series, but her growth and skill in combat make her remarkable in her own way.

8 Ymir Fritz

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_4

Ymir is a mysterious character who is the ancestor of all Titans. Originally the slave of the Eldian king Fritz, she stumbles into the power of the Titans. Fritz uses her ability to bring prosperity to his nation and terror to everyone else. As a supposed reward for her service, he makes her his concubine, and they have three daughters.

Ymir dies protecting Fritz, and her children — Rose, Maria, and Sina — are forced to cannibalize her corpse. But even in the wake of her death, Ymir is not free. She remains trapped within the Paths, molding Titans and continuing to obey the will of the royal family. She is freed from her love for the king by the love Mikasa had for Eren.

7 Pieck Finger

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_5

One of Marley's Warriors and the carrier of the Cart Titan, Pieck Finger is an intriguing character. Her Titan is primarily a support force, but that does not make her any less of a threat. Her intelligent strategies take the forces of Paradis by surprise on more than one occasion.


Pieck is shown to be loyal to Marley, but in reality, she trusts her comrades and wishes to free the Eldians trapped in Marley. This aspect of her personality shines the brightest, as evidenced by the fact that she fights alongside her subordinates.

6 Ymir

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_6

Originally from Marley, Ymir is given the name "Ymir" long ago by a man who is part of an organization that worships their ancestor. She accepts her role and is originally praised for it. But things quickly go wrong when the group is caught, and Ymir is turned into a Titan. Eventually, she eats Marcel Galliard and inherits the Jaw Titan.

Ymir later joins Paradis' army after falling in love with Krista Lenz, who is later revealed to be Historia Reiss. Ymir's character is elevated by their relationship. She is the one who holds an insecure Historia together, and it is to protect Historia that Ymir transforms into a Titan during the attack on Utgard Castle.

5 Carla Yeager

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_7

Eren's mother, Carla Yeager, is depicted as a kind and generous woman. Protective of her family, she does not believe people need grand achievements to be happy and only wishes for her son to be safe. During the attack on Shiganshina, she is trapped under the ruins of her house.

Historia, the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, is forced to enlist in the army in order to end her life. Her sweet exterior conceals a desire to die, but with Ymir's help, she discovers her true strength. She struggles when her father asks her to eat Eren because she longs for his love and acceptance.

4 Historia Reiss

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_8

Historia, the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, is forced to enlist in the army in order to end her life. Her sweet exterior conceals a desire to die, but with Ymir's help, she discovers her true strength. She struggles when her father asks her to eat Eren because she longs for his love and acceptance.

But in the end, Historia refuses Rod and even ends up killing him. In the aftermath, she becomes the true ruler of the Walls and is instrumental in the formation of the new government of Paradis.

3 Annie

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_9

Annie Leonhart, a major antagonist in the first half of the anime, is a Titan in disguise. In the hopes of claiming the Founding Titan, she, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard infiltrate Paradis. Annie's scream is responsible for the initial invasion of the Shiganshina District by the numerous Titans.

Annie is extremely dangerous as the Female Titan, annihilating squads of Scouts sent after her by Commander Erwin Smith. While she appears cold and distant, she has a simple desire: to return home to her father. Annie proves to be a formidable foe on multiple occasions in Attack On Titan.

2 Sasha Braus

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_10

Sasha Braus, also known as "Potato Girl," is a lovable character who quickly wins the hearts of Attack On Titan fans. She brings a level of simple humanity into the Scouts' otherwise dire reality, but that does not mean she is not a qualified warrior in her own right.


On the contrary, Sasha becomes one of the best sharpshooters in the group, as evidenced by her participation in the attack on Liberio. But the same warmth that makes her so likable seals her fate. She finds it difficult to attack children and spares Gabi Braun, which leads to her death.

1 Mikasa Ackerman

Attack On Titan: 12 Best Female Characters, Ranked_11

Mikasa Ackermann, the female lead in Attack On Titan, is practically legendary for her strength. She is the best Scout in her unit, despite the fact that she only joins to protect Eren. Her abilities are second only to Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier.

Mikasa is shocked and shaken when Eren states she has been protecting him because her Ackerman lineage is forcing her to. She struggles a lot with her feelings for Eren, her responsibilities, and the right path to take. In the end, despite her love for Eren, she chooses to kill him and finally destroy the Power of the Titans in the process.

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