Cryo is one of Genshin Impact's seven elements. Some of the game's best characters wield a Cryo vision, like Eula, Chongyun, and Ganyu. Citizens of Teyvat can only receive a vision if the elemental Archon blesses them. In this case, the Tsaritsa is the one who hands out Cryo powers.

Though Genshin's Cryo characters are all lovable in their own right, several anime characters would be equally worthy of wielding these icy powers. Whether they already have ice abilities in their series or their personalities align with the vision, these characters will surely receive the Tsaritsa's blessing.

10 Satoru Gojo Would Be A Powerful Cryo User (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen would be a powerful Cryo user if he were isekai'd to Teyvat. Since he's the strongest sorcerer on the planet in his series, he'd quickly master the basics of wielding a Cryo vision and come up with a pretty creative Elemental Burst.

He'd probably be a catalyst user, with many of his attacks resembling his all-mighty Limitless techniques. His Elemental Skill would likely be the Blue and Red branches of the cursed technique, with his Burst being his Hollow Purple.

9 Esdeath Would Fit Right In With The Game's Cryo Lineup (Akame Ga Kill!)

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With icy-blue hair and stylish attire, Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill! already looks like she could be part of the game's Cryo lineup. Even better, she already wields some pretty strong ice powers.

If she were in Teyvat, she'd be a formidable swordswoman and her signature weapon would resemble her infamous long rapier. Her Elemental Burst would call upon her Teigu, and probably resemble her Ice Cavalry so she can manifest an impressive army of ice soldiers mid-battle to push away large enemy mobs.

8 Haku's Cryo Techniques Would Make Him One Of Teyvats's Most Overpowered Residents (Naruto)

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Even though Haku wasn't as formidable as some of Naruto's other villains, his icy ninjutsu showed off the possibilities for this unique power system. If Haku lived in Teyvat, he'd quickly become one of its most overpowered residents.

Haku would be another catalyst user, and his Elemental Skill would resemble his Ice Release, and his Burst would be similar to his Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death. Plus, he has a few characteristics and ideals that align with the game's Cryo characters, such as his desire to protect people, despite not wanting to hurt others in battle.

7 Gray Fullbuster Would Survive A Snezhnayan Winter (Fairy Tail)

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Gray Fullbuster is one of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail, and his icy abilities would serve him well in Teyvat. He could survive the winters in Snezhnaya, the land of Cryo.

He's defeated every other ice-wielder in his own universe, so dealing with the hilichurls and treasure hoarders of Teyvat would be pretty easy for him. Since his main skill in Fairy Tail is his Ice-Make ability, Gray would probably be a catalyst user in Genshin so that he could manifest whatever weapon he needs with each attack.

6 Rem & Qiqi Would Probably Be Friends (Re:Zero)

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Rem is the best girl of Re:Zero, and she'd probably become good friends with the undead Cryo-wielder Qiqi if they ever met. Rem already has the look of a typical Cryo character, and her outfit would make her fit in with the people of Mondstadt. Like Qiqi, Rem would be a powerful healer in the game and probably wield a catalyst.

Her Skill would create a sturdy shield, similar to her Huma in the series. Her Burst would be a mix of her El Huma, Ul Huma, and Al Huma skills. Once it's activated, Rem would be able to shoot several ice spears out of her catalyst to pierce her enemies, then freeze their blood. The finishing blow is a ten-meter-long pillar of ice, similar to Chongyun's Burst.

5 Mikasa Would Be A Badass Cryo Wielder (Attack On Titan)

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Attack On Titan's Mikasa Ackerman has killed off hundreds of Titans in the series, so dealing with the slimes and hilichurls of Teyvat would be like running errands for her.

If she were in Teyvat, she would probably reside in Mondstadt, work alongside the Knights of Favonius, and become one of the nation's most badass Cryo wielders. She would likely use a claymore to fight. Mikasa would become one of the most beloved people in Mondstadt for killing off so many enemies and protecting its people.

4 The Thorn Princess Would Be A Silent, But Deadly Cryo User (Spy X Family)

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Spy X Family's Yor Forger would fit in with the rest of Genshin's Cryo lineup. She'd use her assassination skills to become a silent, but deadly Cryo user who sneaks up on all of her enemies and kills them before they even know what's coming.

From the average hilichurl to high-ranking members of the Fatui, Yor would take them all down. She would be a polearm wielder like Shenhe and Rosaria, and her powers would all be sneak attacks. No enemy could sense her powerful Elemental Burst coming; by the time they do, it'd already be too late.

3 Ghiaccio Would Be An Agent Of The Fatui (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Ghiaccio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure would not only be a Cryo wielder but also an agent of the Fatui if he were isekai'd to Teyvat. Currently, there are only Pyro Fatui Agents in the game, but there will surely be agents of other elements somewhere down the road.

Ghiaccio's Stand, While Album, grants him the dangerous cryokinetic ability to bring on freezing temperatures within a matter of seconds. In Genshin, he'd probably have the same attacks as the Pyro agent, but his Elemental Skill would allow him to make a shield to protect himself from oncoming attacks. He'd be one of the most dangerous enemies in the game and even have potential as a boss.

2 Rukia Kuchiki's Sode No Shirayuki Would Be A Powerful Weapon In Teyvat (Bleach)

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Rukia is one of Bleach's strongest fighters. Her signature Sode no Shirayuki would be a powerful weapon in Teyvat. She'd become well known worldwide for her feats in taking down everything from the average hilichurl to some of the game's most challenging bosses.

She'd be a sword user like Ayaka or Kaeya. Rukia's Elemental Burst would be similar to her White Haze Punishment, during which she reaches zero degrees, and her ice can reach every enemy in her area of attack.

1 Shoto Todoroki Would Be A Formidable Cryo User (My Hero Academia)

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My Hero Academia's Shoto Todoroki has both fire and ice powers, so he would work well with either a Pyro or Cryo vision if he were sent to Teyvat. However, it's obvious that he's honed his ice powers more than his flames solely because he wanted to reject his father.

In Genshin, Shoto would probably wield a sword. His Elemental Skill would be when he makes an ice path for himself while freezing his opponents, and his Burst would be his infamous Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall.

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