• Supreme Grade Swords are the strongest weapons in One Piece, with only 12 confirmed so far.
  • The swords of Saint Nusjuro, Shiryu, Shanks, and Rayleigh could potentially be Supreme Grade.
  • Garling Figarland's saber is most likely a Supreme Grade weapon due to its ornate design and the character's importance.

Supreme Grade Swords are the strongest weapons in the One Piece. These swords are extremely powerful and are of the highest order. So far, there are only 12 Supreme Grade Swords in One Piece, however, fans do know that more Supreme Grade Swords can be made, especially by the process of blackening.

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Out of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, only four have been confirmed so far, however, there are many other blades that have already been revealed and could fall under this category.

6 The Sword Of V. Nusjuro

Wielder: Saint Nusjuro


The sword of one of the Five Elders, Saint Ethanbaron Baron V. Nusjuro is believed to be one of the Supreme Grade Swords. This is because this sword could be none other than Shodai Kitetsu. This blade has already been confirmed to be one of the Supreme Grade weapons, however, fans cannot say for sure if the blade that Nusjuro wields is Kitetsu I for sure.

Since the story is focusing a lot more on the Five Elders now, it is only a matter of time before it is finally confirmed that he wields this powerful blade. Given his strength, as well as his stature, it would not be a surprise to any fan if he's actually a wielder of a Supreme Grade weapon.

5 Raiu

Wielder: Shiryu


Raiu is the sword of the second ship captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, Shiryu. Fans have seen the sword in action on multiple occasions and it is clear that this blade possesses a level of bloodthirst attached to it. It is a powerful sword, however, its rank hasn't been revealed in the story so far. While this blade might be one of the 21 Great Grade swords, if Shiryu manages to blacken it, then it will surely rise in terms of grade.

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This would then make this blade a Supreme Grade weapon. There is also a small chance that this Sword is already a Supreme Grade one, however, given that Shiryu was equal to Magellan in terms of power, the chances of that happening are very low. Regardless, fans already know that Shiryu will be one of the main contenders to fight against Zoro in the end-of-series battles and, as such, he could be a potential Supreme Grade weapon wielder.

4 Gryphon

Wielder: Shanks

3 Shanks one piece chapter 1075

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea and certainly one of the strongest pirates to have ever lived. At his disposal, Shanks has an incredibly powerful sword called Gryphon. This sword has been with him for quite a long time and he has used it in combat on many occasions. Fans do not know how exactly Shanks fights, however, he certainly does make use of his sword in combat. This sword, called Gryphon, does not have a confirmed rank just yet.

However, since this is a sword of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, it shouldn't be a surprise to the fans to see this blade turn out to be a Supreme Grade weapon. Whitebeard had a blade that was a Supreme Grade weapon as well, and Roger had a sword called Ace, which was also a Supreme Grade weapon. As such, Shanks's Gryphon should also be a Supreme Grade weapon.

2 Rayleigh's Sword

Wielder: Rayleigh


Rayleigh was the former right-hand man of Roger and also the vice-captain of the Roger Pirates. Famed as the Dark King, Rayleigh is spoken of in the same breath as Whitebeard himself. According to Garp, the Navy would need significant preparation to even face a threat as strong as him, even when he is old. The fans have seen him wielding an extraordinarily powerful saber.

This sword remains unnamed to this day and, at the same time, fans also do not know the grade of this sword. It shouldn't be a surprise to any fan to see this sword being one of the Supreme Grade weapons in One Piece. Perhaps, later on the line, fans will find out what the grade of this weapon actually is.

1 Garling Figarland's Saber

Wielder: Garling Figarland


Garling Figarland is a character that was recently introduced in One Piece. He is the leader of the Holy Knights and certainly one of the strongest fighters within the World Government. In terms of power and authority, he is directly below the five elders within the hierarchy of the World Government. Garling possesses a massive saber that he wields with great proficiency.

He has had the sword for many decades now, as was confirmed in the ongoing flashback. Saint Garling's sword is most definitely going to be a Supreme Grade weapon, given how well ornate it is and, at the same time, the importance of the character itself.

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