• My Hero Academia's Final War Saga has been an incredible ride for fans, with both highs and lows, and has touched the hearts of many.
  • The Final War Saga has delivered epic fights and closure for beloved characters, satisfying fans' expectations.
  • The story is heading towards the climactic battle between Deku and Shigaraki, which is likely to last for several chapters before the conclusion of the Final War Saga.

My Hero Academia is near its conclusion now and fans are incredibly excited for the Final War Saga of the story to conclude. The story has been quite an incredible ride for most of the fans and while it has had its lows, it has had some incredible highs in the Final War Saga as well. My Hero Academia is a story that will always be remembered as a success and one that touched the hearts of many.

Of course, while the story is very close to its end now, there is still quite some content that needs to be tackled. Fans are, understandably, wondering as to when the story will officially wrap up and that is precisely what is being discussed here.

The Final War Saga Of My Hero Academia


The Final War Saga of My Hero Academia has been massive. It has been going on for a very long time and that is understandable, given the absolute scale of the war. This war has far surpassed any other war that fans have seen in My Hero Academia and the fact that it came on the back of the Paranormal Liberation Front War just goes to show that Horikoshi needed something even bigger to top the previous one. Of course, whether this war arc has been as good or not remains a very intriguing discussion point among the fans, but, one absolutely cannot deny that the fights that fans got to see in this saga have been nothing short of sensational.

The Final War Saga of My Hero Academia gave fans closure in many ways. The incredible characters that fans had come to love over the years all received a fitting conclusion to their stories and, of course, the big fight that fans were looking forward to was delivered by the author as well. All in all, My Hero Academia’s Final War Saga has largely been successful and it has had its lows, that is for sure, however, the incredible highs in the arc have been absolutely incredible for the fans to witness. As fans know already, My Hero Academia is a series filled with emotionally moving plot points surrounding incredible characters, and they have, over the years, become the highlight of this incredible story. Thankfully, the author managed to do justice to the most important characters and the Final War Saga highlighted them just the way fans would have wanted.

The Conclusion Of Bakugo vs All For One


More recently, My Hero Academia focused heavily on Bakugo's return to the fold. Fans always knew that Bakugo was an incredibly important character in the story and, after he succumbed to his injuries following the fight against Shigaraki, fans already knew that he was going to be in need of saving. Thanks to Best Jeanist and Edgeshot, Bakugo was saved, however, he was out of the manga for a big portion of the year. It was only towards the end of 2023 that Bakugo popped back into the story again. As All Might versus All For One, another interesting fight that fans were hoping would be resolved in the Final Saga, was going on, Bakugo stepped in and saved his mentor from imminent death.

As that happened, it became increasingly clear that Bakugo was going to be the one to take down All For One and he did so in quite some style. He brought out his very best in this fight and, despite carrying severe injuries and already being in excruciating pain, he was able to awaken his quirk and evolve it to the next level.

Bakugo showed everyone why he was a contender for the Number One Hero by using his incredible tricks and bravery to confront the Demon Lord and defeat him at his own game. He was able to completely crush him in combat and this marked the conclusion to the penultimate fight of My Hero Academia. From here onwards, the story is going to get even more interesting as the finale of the Final War Saga looms on the fans. In fact, this finale has already begun, which means the ending of My Hero Academia is now closer than ever before.

Deku Vs Shigaraki


Of course, the final fight of My Hero Academia was always going to be Deku versus Shigaraki. This is a fight that was set up very early into the series and fans were hoping that in the Final War Saga, Horikoshi would do justice to it. This fight has already begun and has been going on for the last few chapters. Fans expect the fight between Deku and Shigaraki to go on for quite a bit, likely longer than All For One versus All Might did, as that is the precedent that the previous fight set.

As such, fans should not expect this clash to wrap up anytime soon. Deku versus Shigaraki has already been going on for around two chapters, yet, there should be many more to come. At the very least, this fight should take around 8 to 10 chapters to finish and, when that happens, the fans can then start looking towards the conclusion of the Final War Saga.

My Hero Academia's End


Whichever way Deku versus Shigaraki ends up going, fans should keep in mind that Deku is going to become the Number One Hero and win this battle. Shigaraki is likely going to be defeated, but not killed. He is likely to be rehabilitated somehow and, hopefully, be given a redemption arc of sorts. But, whether the fans will actually get to see that or not remains to be seen. Regardless, the focus of the story from there onwards is likely going to be Deku. With the conclusion of the war, if one were to believe that My Hero Academia would simply just wrap up in a few chapters, they would be wrong. Horikoshi has already made it clear that he wants to draw many relationships and proper closing chapters for the many character arcs in the story and that means either the climax of the Final War Saga will be filled with these moments, or, a new saga, which focuses on these things is going to take place.

Fans should expect anywhere between 10 to 20 chapters in that case and that means My Hero Academia does have quite some ways to go still. Overall, fans should be looking at around 20 to 30 chapters before My Hero Academia fully wraps up. Of course, in either case, My Hero Academia will most certainly end in 2024. It has been quite an incredible ride, but, just like all good things, My Hero Academia also has to end. Fans should not be looking at the end date, but, instead, enjoy the ride that is going to be these last few months of the story.

My Hero Academia is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia chapter 412, is set to be January 21, 2024.