Vinland Saga Season 2 Gets Episode 16 Preview

May 01, 2023
Vinland Saga Season 2 Gets Episode 16 Preview
Vinland Saga Season 2 revealed a preview for episode 16, titled “Cause.” It will air on April 24 and it will further explain the events of the previous episode. The official website describes the plot of the episode as:

Gardar, who had killed the guards and fled the fortress, disappears.
As Snake and his men intensify their search for Gardar, Einar, knowing the situation, decides to help Arnheid. Thorfinn, though hesitant, offers to help both of them.

The staff for “Cause” includes:

  • Storyboard: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • Direction: Tadahito Matsubayashi
  • Animation Directors: Lee Mi Young, Shiho Tanaka, Hatsue Koizumi, Daiki Fuji, Riko Kaneda, Koki Tsujimura
Vinland Saga Season 2 – Episode 16 Preview

Crunchyroll and Netflix are streaming the anime, which is set to have 24 episodes in two consecutive cours. Crunchyroll describes the plot of the second season as:
In the southernmost region of Denmark's Jutland peninsula, a new millennium begins. Thorfinn's sense of direction was lost with the passing of his lifelong foe, Askeladd. He was employed as a "slave" to perform land reclamation on the landowner Ketil's farm. There, Thorfinn meets Einar, a young man who, like him, was a slave. Thorfinn's encounter with Einar forced him to confront his sins and helped him start looking for a purpose in life. On the other hand, Canute, who later rose to power as King of England, made an effort to expand his realm in order to create "the promised land". "The Story of a True Warrior (Saga)" is the topic here. Beyond the prologue is "The story of Atonement and Salvation (Saga)".

The cast consists of:

  • Yuto Uemura as Thorfinn
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Einar
  • Kensho Ono as Canute
  • Mayumi Sako as Arnheid
  • Yu Hayashi as Olmar
  • Hideaki Tezuka as Ketil
  • Taiten Kusunoki as Thorgil
  • Fuminori Komatsu as Snake
  • Mugihito as Sverkel
  • Yoji Ueda as Leif
  • Akio Otsuka as Thorkell

Source: Press Release, Official Website

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