• The world of The Eminence In Shadow is filled with diverse races, each possessing unique attributes, history, and culture that play a pivotal role in shaping the story.
  • The Beastmen race is known for exceptional physical prowess, strength, speed, reflexes, and impressive animal instincts. They have longer lifespans and higher fertility rates.
  • Elves possess incredible magical power and never age. They have a hierarchical society ruled by nobles and aristocrats, but their high magic potential makes them prone to magical overload.

Like most fantastical isekai anime, The Eminence In Shadow features a vast world with great world-building. The world is filled with great characters from different races and backgrounds, adding to the immersive experience of the masterpiece created by Daisuke Aizawa. There is a myriad of races, each possessing unique attributes, history, and culture that play a pivotal role in shaping the story.

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Some of these races have different tribes and species which they are further categorized into, building a truly diverse world. They all have strengths and weaknesses which add to the dynamic of the series. Without further ado, here is every race in The Eminence In Shadow, explained.

7 Beastmen

Gifted With Exceptional Physical Prowess


The Beastmen are a constant factor in every fantastical anime and are generally known for their strength, speed, reflexes, and impressive animal instincts. The strongest are the most respected and feared, with the best hunters coming in second. They also have longer lifespans, more magical output, less intellectual ability, and higher fertility rates than most other races.

This results in quick population growth which controls itself because of the in-fighting that frequently occurs between the different tribes in the Beastman race. Such tribes include the Dog, Cat, Wolf, and Fox tribes, with the Fox tribe being the only tribe possessing good intellect, albeit mostly used in cunny ways.

6 Elves

Possess Incredible Magical Power


Elves are also one of the constants and are well known for their impressive magical power and incredibly long lifespans, seeing as they never age. There are also Dark Elves in this world, who are considered cousins to the regular elves, although much is not known about them. They mature fast and possess higher intellectual capacity than most other races.

Elves vary in height, some reaching the heights of teenagers and others, kids. In terms of hierarchy, the Elven society is ruled by the nobles and aristocrats, as opposed to the power system the Beastmen use. Their high magic potential is a double-edged sword as it makes them powerful mages but makes them prone to magical overload.

5 Ghouls

Subject to Vampire Control


Ghouls are what remains of humans who were turned into Vampire familial by a bite. They have great vitality and look more like beasts than humans, possessing more strength than them too. Ghouls have no mind of their own and are under the full control of the vampire who creates them, as a result, they have no special skills or intelligence and are mostly useful in numbers.

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However, when the Red Moon appears, Ghouls grow exponentially in might when they bask in the moonlight. Vampires create ghouls mainly to act as servants or options on both offense and defense, as it is always a good idea to have a personal army.

4 Magical Beasts

Masters of Evolution


Magical Beasts, also known as demons, are magical monsters that live in Demonic worlds which Cid Kagenou described as having features of a lion and a bear. Despite being beasts, they also have a hierarchy that ranges from regular demons to Demon Kings. These Demon Dings are sentient and have immense magical abilities, which they use to facilitate their rule over Demonic worlds. Magical Beasts are essentially immortal and can only be killed by sacred magical weapons.

They also learn and evolve very quickly, growing into more powerful beings with every encounter till they attain the level of Demon King which is the apex of their species. The first magical beasts crossed from their world to the other one about 10 million years ago through a portal called the Black Rose which opened again during the Oriana Kingdom conflict, unleashing these vicious beasts upon the world again.

3 Dragons

Immortal Creatures With Powerful Abilities


Dragons were the rulers of the world before the collision of worlds which introduced magic to them. This incident resulted in the death of a lot of dragons due to their inability to evolve, leaving the ones who did with magical ability and change in physiology. They also gained eternal bodies that became even more durable, resistant, and strong, and they became immortal just like the Magical Beasts.

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Their brains also underwent evolution, granting them intelligence unlike they have ever had. The only dragon known to survive the incident is the Dragon of the Mist who attacked the capital Alexandria and turned it into its resting ground.

2 Humans

The Most Flourishing Race


The humans are the most populous of all the races, despite being much weaker than Beastmen and having shorter lifespans than all the other races. They are quite intelligent, albeit not as intelligent as the Elves, with decent magical abilities.

Their societies are also ruled by the nobles and aristocrats just like the Elves and their domain comprises most of the world, rising to power after the end of the Dragon and Vampire reigns. There is a theory that states that humans might not be native to that world and might have ended up there due to the collision of worlds.

1 Vampires

Immortal Creatures of the Night


Vampires were said to rule the world once after the decline of the Dragons, feeding on humans as they wished, till the humans discovered their weaknesses and instead started hunting them.

They almost drove the Vampire race into extinction with only a small number of elite vampires surviving. Before their fall from grace, they were considered the third most powerful race behind the Magical Beasts and Dragons. Their abilities include night vision, immortality, the ability to turn to mist, heightened senses, superhuman strength, speed, and agility. They can also turn humans into ghouls or vampires by biting them.