• Yor faces off against assassins, leading to an exhilarating and action-packed segment in the episode.
  • The episode marks a change in Yor's mentality as she reflects on her motivations for being an assassin.
  • Yor fights to protect her family and realizes that her true purpose as an assassin is to ensure their peaceful life.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Spy x Family Season 2, "The Symphony Upon the Ship/Sis's Herbal Tea," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Cruise Adventure Arc reaches its climax with this week's episode as Yor finally faces off against the many assassins after Olka Gretcher's life. With nowhere else to run, Yor finally has to face off with them, and the result is one of the most action-packed segments in the whole series.

While the action is certainly the high point of the episode, it also marks a change in Yor's mentality as she reflects on the nature of her work and her motivations for continuing with it. While the end result might be easily foreseen, this episode nevertheless delivers a heartwarming conclusion in the middle of one of the most hectic action-focused arcs in Spy x Family.

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Escape Prevented


As Loid and Anya wait for the fireworks display to begin, Yor guides the Greys through the ship to get to their escape point. They plan to leave using a small rubber boat while the fireworks have everyone else distracted. Though Yor does her best to keep the Greys from going through heavily populated areas, the glasses-wearing assassin catches their scent and locks onto them. When they arrive at their escape point, a sniper attacks them, with Yor's reflexes being the only thing that saves them from certain death.

Soon, more assassins come out of hiding, and it is clear that Yor won't be able to help the Greys escape without a fight. As Yor readies herself for a hard fight, the sniper is taken out by the Director, who starts supporting Yor from afar with the sniper rifle. He points out a hatch to Yor, who tells the Greys to hide inside of it. As the Greys make a break for the hatch, an assassin takes aim at them. However, Zeb protects Olka with his back and closes the door as he falls down the hatch. Thankfully, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, so his life is in no danger.

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One-Woman Army


With the Greys out of danger, Yor immediately begins fighting against the horde of assassins. They are no match for her, as she fights them off one-by-one in an incredible montage that juxtaposes the fireworks display with her violent slaughter of the assassins. With McMahon working to clean up the dead bodies, the scene is both hilarious and exhilarating. By the time the fireworks display has ended, Yor has defeated nearly all of the assassins, with only a few minor injuries to worry about. There are only a few assassins still left standing, including the glasses-wearing assassin.

The glasses-wearing assassin makes small talk with Yor, awed by her ridiculous strength. She asks them to give up and go home, but the glasses-wearing assassin refuses, as they have no way of leaving the ship anyhow. Suddenly, another katana-wielding assassin takes Yor and the Director by surprise. The Director tries to fight back, but he is knocked out by the assassin's scabbard and put out of commission. Yor fares better in a fight, but when she loses her weapon, she is unable to deal with the assassin's longer reach. When she realizes she might lose this fight, she remembers that the Director had told her that he would tell her family she was transferred in the case of her death, something that displeases her.

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A Simple Answer


As Yor continues to fight against the katana-wielding assassin, the glasses-wearing assassin asks Yor if she's interested in turning traitor for a cut of the reward. Yor tries to claim that she isn't doing this for money, but when she realizes that she became an assassin to support Yuri, she is unable to refute the assassin's argument. She then tries to claim that she is doing it for her country, but in truth she knows that she has never done anything for such a righteous reason. Distracted by her thoughts, Yor is struck by the katana-wielding assassin's scabbard and knocked into a nearby wall.

With her mind fuzzy, Yor struggles to remember why she is fighting and why she became an assassin in the first place. As she faces death, she stops the other assassins from approaching the Greys by pure instinct. In this moment, she realizes that the real reason why she became an assassin was not just to provide for Yuri, but also to protect his peaceful life. Realizing that she wants the same for the Forgers and the Greys, Yor stands up and grabs the assassin's katana, snapping it in half. She then knocks him to the ground with a kick, having renewed her resolve for fighting once more.

A short post-credits scene follows with Yuri having gotten sick due to Yor being absent. He reminisces about a time he got sick when he was younger, with Yor being overbearing due to not knowing how best to care for him. She ends up making herbal tea with ingredients scrounged from the nearby forest, but the concoction only makes Yuri's condition worse. Nevertheless, Yuri looks upon those memories fondly, going as far as to find an herbal tea that tastes as awful as the one Yor made for him. It's a short scene that illustrates the bond that these siblings have.