Spoiler One Piece 1071: Kizaru intercepts the Straw Hats - Kuma comes to save Vegapunk!

Dec 26, 2022
Spoiler One Piece 1071, summary of chapter 1070: With the arrival of Admiral Kizaru, Egghead's situation is tense. To be able to 100% escape the capture of the Marines, the appearance of Kuma is absolutely necessary!
Spoiler One Piece 1071: Kizaru intercepts the Straw Hats - Kuma comes to save Vegapunk!

One Piece 1070 Full summary

In Chapter 1070, Luffy temporarily defeated Lucci. Taking advantage of time, he and everyone moved to the vacuum rocket to quickly take Vegapunk off the island. At the lab, Vegapunk explained the creation of artificial Devil Fruits, then turned to announce that he was going to sea with the Straw Hats.

In the final events, Lucci was seriously injured but managed to take control of four Seraphim. Offshore, Kizaru and the Marines are approaching Egghead Island.

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There are a few things we need to analyze about Kizaru. At the end of the chapter, he says, "The Straw Hats will easily get Vegapunk off the island, but things won't turn out the way they think." This statement leads to the prediction that Kizaru will ambush the Straw Hats at sea instead of trying to chase them up to Egghead Island. This action is also quite reasonable because the pursuit on the island has been handled by Lucci and the Seraphim. In order for the target not to escape, Kizaru's preparation to intercept was too reasonable.

If Kizaru tries to get to the island, he will face an array of sea monsters and most likely encounter Zoro and Brook.


In the next chapter, Luffy will reunite with everyone. CP0 will attack the ship if the straw hats are attempting to return to the ship.Zoro and Brook will "double sword" in defense. Meanwhile, for Vegapunk to go safely, Sentomaru and probably the Vegapunk cyborgs will stay on foot.

Well, currently four Seraphim are under Vegapunk's control. However, using them to capture Vegapunk would be like giving the weapon back to the scientist. Maybe Lucci will "forfeit" the Seraphim and his team will go directly to stop Vegapunk.

Spoiler: One Piece 1071
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The original Kuma has teleported himself and is currently unknown. Chances are, in 1-2 chapters, he'll show up and teleport the entire Straw Hats somewhere where the Marines can't catch them.

One Piece release time: 1071

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