Spoiler One Piece 1065: Vegapunk part of the Revolutionary Army? Luffy confrontation with CP0

By: Tom Oct 25, 2022
Summary of Chapter 1064: Punk 01 revealed in One Piece 1065. Vegapunk's status will also be announced. Meanwhile, Luffy and Bonney gather more information about Vegapunk. Luffy will almost certainly be the first to notice them.
Spoiler One Piece 1065: Vegapunk part of the Revolutionary Army? Luffy confrontation with CP0

One Piece 1064

Entering the fight, it turns out that the Heart Pirates are not as useless as we thought. In various ways, they made the Law easier to fight. In one scene, thanks to Devil Fruit Awakening and Haki, Law stabbed his sword through Blackbeard's stomach! However, that was still not enough to take down the Four Emperors.

In another development, we see Pudding being captured by Blackbeard soldiers. She is not afraid but also quite confident.

On Egghead Island, Luffy and Chopper get old and Bonney and Jinbe turn into children. It seems Bonney did this to avoid the robot's attack. After chatting for a while, Bonney turned everyone back to normal and left.

After reaching an agreement with Punk 01, Team Zoro was taken by Lilith to the upper island lab. All of them were changed into new clothes to match the style here. Deep inside the lab, Punk 01 talks to Dragon on the phone and says, "Vegapunk will die 

One Piece 1065 spoiler prediction

With Vegapunk's technologies, it was not difficult for him to communicate with Dragon without being detected by the Marines. But how is Vegapunk related to Dragon?Vegapunk had long ago (or after working with Kuma) hooked up with the Revolutionary Army. He has quietly supported the Revolutionary Army in the past so that they can operate more effectively when confronting the World Government.

The reason Vegapunk thought he was about to die was probably because he knew that the CP0s were coming to kill him. If that's the case, then there's a good chance that the Straw Hats will protect Vegapunk (after he gives some special information, of course). Another reason Vegapunk knew he was going to die was probably because he was old or sick. 
With Bonney, Luffy's group is temporarily unable to meet Zoro's group again. Working independently will help them gain more information about Kuma and learn about the past of the former Shichibukai.

As for Blackbeard, despite being injured, this hand's ability to win is still very high. The law couldn't be ignored. In the coming developments, it is possible that Blackbeard will play tricks and handle the law neatly.

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Why is Pudding in the hands of Blackbeard? It is possible that after Big Mom led troops to Wano, Blackbeard attacked Cake Island to capture Pudding. His target is definitely her third eye and her ability to read Poneglyph.


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