There are spoilers for Chapter 2 of Naruto in the following: Sasuke's Story -- The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust, by Masashi Kishimoto, Jun Esaka, Shingo Kimura, and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

Many Naruto fans were shocked to learn that Sasuke and Sakura had wed when the series came to an end. It seemed like they were just thrown together for Boruto and to have Sarada serve as a foil for the Hokage's son because they really didn't have a romantic arc. Although Sakura did have a crush on the Uchiha warrior when they were teenagers, it never felt genuine, which is why many people hoped Boruto would infuse their relationship with more passion.

Sadly, their relationship hasn't improved because Sasuke is a Ranger who is frequently absent. His wife has been devastated, and his daughter frequently begs him to stay at home and raise her. As Sasuke conducts a spy mission in Redaku in Chapter 2 of Naruto: Sasuke's Story — The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust, he learns about something that is missing from his and Sakura's marriage.


Jiji Teaches Sasuke About Wedding Rings

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Early on, the prisoners Sasuke is assigned to are swooning over an attractive nurse in the Tatar prison, particularly because she is missing her wedding ring. Sasuke asks about this because he thinks it's childish, but Jiji, one of the coolest prisoners in the facility, informs him that the band is a symbol of love, fidelity, loyalty, and appreciation. Soulmates wear it to bind their spirits to one another.

This is all new to Sasuke because Konoha does not practice this. It does, however, explain Redaku's customs and why a woman was grateful that he saved her ring from thieves. Sasuke initially thought it was just a trinket, but now he realizes it is much more than a relic or jewelry; it represents much more as a major point of connection. Again, it alludes to Sasuke's lack of experience with romance, but it also alluded to another issue.


Sasuke and Sakura's Marriage Is Lacking in Passion

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Sasuke and Sakura don't express any love or affection, in contrast to Naruto and Hinata. Even Shikamaru and his wife exhibit affectionate and cuddly moments. Because he had never experienced love like this resonating with Isshiki and the Kara terrorists, Kawaki, as he matures to accept Konoha as his home in the Boruto anime, takes to Naruto's family. However, in Sasuke's case, one would anticipate some development and evolution; after all, even Sarada questioned whether he fathered her with Karin rather than Sakura.

The Heavenly Stardust spinoff's Chapter 2 summarizes how Sasuke and Sakura have no real depth between Sasuke and Sakura's relationship, whether it be physical or metaphysical, and that Sasuke lacks any physical or symbolic mementos of their union -- inside or outside. Simply put, it might be a Hidden Leaf headband or some other costume accessory, especially given Sakura's fashionable flair. To express his feelings and general affection, even a simple kiss would be a step forward.

In the end, Jiji's conversation makes Sasuke question whether his relationship with Sakura is healthy or toxic, whether he is good enough for her, and whether he has done enough to demonstrate his love for her while also encouraging and reassuring their daughter.