Review: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Is an Endless Dream

By: Justin James Sep 07, 2022
Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution is the third part in a trilogy of movies that seek to retell and reframe the series in a condensed finale
Review: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Is an Endless Dream
eureka seven 3 review

Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution, or Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3, is the third part in a trilogy of Eureka Seven movies that seek to retell and reframe the story presented in the wildly popular anime series that aired from 2005 to 2006 in a total of 50 episodes. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the viewer, this movie (and the trilogy it is a part of) has no real connection to the original series and exists in its own separate canon timeline, meaning there is no high toll to watch the movies for newer viewers, but those familiar with the original anime may be confused as to what is going on. It is advised that potential viewers simply ignore the original series and enjoy the movie trilogy on its own.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 Poster

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 takes place years after the second installment. The world deals with the fallout of Eureka breaking free of her dream world, and people from two different worlds are forced to share a single planet. Divided into two groups, Green Earth and Blue Earth, they soon come together and prosper.

In the time since Anemone pulled Eureka out of her dream world, Eureka had lost her power and much of her reason for living, as she could not make a world where Renton was still with her. Eureka and Anemone had become efficient soldiers, and true friends, with Anemone acting as Eureka’s emotional support. 


Their mission in the movie is to protect Iris, a young girl who greatly resembles a younger Eureka, complete with her powers, though she lacks Eureka’s control. Iris becomes an empowered Dewey Novak’s target and chases both her and her guardian Eureka through various locales. 

Other familiar faces show up, including Holland and the rest of Gekkostate, who now work for Dewey to take Iris and her powers for his own gain. He remains a present threat that a depowered Eureka must overcome to save someone who was so much like her when she was younger.

Eureka and Iris

Audio and Visual

As can be expected from a Studio Bones production, Hi-Evolution 3 is a visual feast. The action scenes are well-paced and frenetic, especially the mech battles the series is known for. Seeing giant mechs streak across the sky in green waves, releasing a hail of bullets or laser blasts that erupt in massive explosions is always a treat to see. 

The colors the series is known for are well on display, reminding the viewer that the soul of the series is present, even if the story is completely unfamiliar to fans of the original anime.

The audio work is just as exceptional. The talented voice cast is in perfect form as always, the music compliments each scene, it is doubtful anyone will get tired of hearing mechs surf the skies. 

Eureka: Seven Hi-Evolution III – Not a Continuation

As previously stated, Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution must be taken as its own entry in the series, rather than a continuation. Fans of the 2005 anime should not tightly grip the characters and storylines they hold dear, because they were quickly thrown out the window. Fortunately, Hi-Evolution 2 visually confirmed that every different entry in the franchise, from the anime, OVA, manga, and even videogames, each takes place in its own canon universe.

The movie is a visual masterpiece, as great as any other Eureka Seven production, with the added benefit of having a bigger budget to make everything look as stunning and fantastical as ever. The relationship between Eureka and Iris, growing from animosity to almost familial, is nice to see, as was Anemone acting as Eureka’s friend and support, which made it easy for viewers to become invested in their personal journeys.

The story is ultimately the weak point with Hi-Evolution 3. Watching Eureka and Iris race around different places, constantly being hunted by an imposing force, seems like an almost too familiar story, and out of place in a series with airships and giant mechs. The plethora of characters who vie for screen time certainly doesn’t help keep things in focus, either.

The story that unfolds through the Hi-Evolution trilogy may rub fans of the original series the wrong way, with how much it deviates from the story and characters they have been introduced to years ago, and may leave them both confused and perhaps bored and uninterested, even if they try to separate the two entries while watching.

Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution is an enjoyable watch for the most diehard of fans of the series despite the minor flaws and a fine cap to an exciting addition to the franchise. 

The movie will open in the United States and Canada on May 17th, and eager viewers can purchase their tickets on Fandango.

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Anime Corner received an advanced screening copy of the movie in an exchange for an honest review.


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