Oshi no Ko: Why is Kana Arima So Popular?

Jul 25, 2023
Kana Arima quickly became Oshi no Ko's Best Girl because of her excellent character arc, her fun personality, and her central role in the story.
Oshi no Ko: Why is Kana Arima So Popular?

Oshi no Ko presents a gripping dark drama that fearlessly delves into the exploitative realities of the entertainment industry, with a narrative centered around characters like the late Ai Hoshino, her daughter Ruby Hoshino, and the enigmatic Akane Kurokawa. While these three girls are captivating in their own right, the title of "Best Girl" unequivocally belongs to Kana Arima, who has earned the adoration of the fandom by a substantial margin.

Kana's character arc explores the harsh realities of the entertainment world, much like the Hoshinos and Akane, but there is a unique depth to her that sets her apart. Several key factors contribute to Kana's status as Oshi no Ko's most beloved and engaging character. Her captivating presence, intriguing backstory, and compelling development have all blended harmoniously, solidifying her position as the favorite among fans.

As Oshi no Ko progresses into its second season and beyond, Kana's popularity is sure to endure. She has found her voice as the quintessential Best Girl and shows no signs of relinquishing that esteemed title to Ruby, Akane, or Mem-Cho anytime soon. With Kana at the forefront, the anime promises to continue enthralling viewers with her magnetic presence and captivating journey through the harsh world of the entertainment industry.

Kana Arima Has The Most Electrifying Personality As A Tsundere

Kana Arima has won the hearts of Oshi no Ko fans through various endearing qualities, particularly her genuine and authentic personality. In a world where each character possesses distinct traits, such as Akane Kurokawa's timidity as a dandere or Aqua Hoshino's calculated aloofness, Kana sets herself apart from the carefree Mem-Cho and the youthful Ruby Hoshino by embracing her true tsundere nature. The anime fandom adores tsunderes, and Kana's occasional outbursts of frustration and anger, especially when provoked by the Hoshino twins or the teasing Mem-Cho, only serve to deepen her appeal. Yet, she is more than just reactive emotions; her personality strikes a balance between her caring, sweet side and her hot-headed, impatient demeanor, leaving Oshi no Ko fans craving for more.

Tsunderes often rank among the most beloved anime characters due to their dynamic and unpredictable blend of sweetness and stubbornness. Witnessing a tsundere gradually reveal their kinder side to their love interest is a highly rewarding experience. These proactive and lively personalities keep audiences engaged, with examples like Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia and Nino Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets captivating viewers. Now, it's Kana Arima's turn to shine in this role.

What sets Kana apart, unlike some Oshi no Ko characters like Ai Hoshino, is her refusal to conceal her true self or resort to deception. Her refreshing authenticity as a tsundere undoubtedly contributes to her popularity. Kana fearlessly speaks her mind, criticizing others or speaking the truth without hesitation. While the Hoshino twins continuously lie about their identities, and Akane Kurokawa pretends to be Ai Hoshino to garner Aqua's attention, Kana's straightforward and passionate tsundere nature makes her a standout character. Combined with the widespread appeal of tsunderes, this authenticity firmly places Kana Arima as Oshi no Ko's Best Girl by a significant margin.

Kana Arima Has A Growth Mindset In Oshi No Ko

Aside from her delightful tsundere personality, Kana Arima became a popular Oshi no Ko character because of her growth mindset. Kana is all about being true to herself and being realistic about her place in the entertainment industry, which leads to not just her honest tsundere bluntness, but also her desire to grow stronger. Unlike the vain and juvenile Ruby Hoshino or the complacent social media star Mem-Cho, Kana Arima is always ready to admit her faults and shortcomings. She does this not to beat herself up or express feelings of inferiority, but to get herself ready for growth and progress later. Kana, more so than B Komachi's other two members, knows that the first step to growth or fixing a problem is admitting the need for improvement and change.

Kana was once a popular child actor, then faded into obscurity for years. She felt terrible about that and felt stuck, but now, in her high school days, Kana is ready to get back on the horse and reboot her career, no how tough or painful the process may be. Ruby Hoshino has Miyako Saito to empower and support her, and in return, Kana has Ruby's sheer enthusiasm and optimism to rekindle the flame of hope in her. Kana responded well, and despite her misgivings, Kana got herself ready to revitalize her career and potentially get burned all over again. It's a gutsy and brave move on Kana's part, especially in light of how brutal the pop idol industry is, but this bold tsundere won't back down. It's easy for the naive Ruby and the comfortable Mem-Cho to join the new B Komachi and give it their all, but Kana is more aware of how much she has to gain and lose, and she has a growth mindset to match. That makes her the most compelling member by far, and fans noticed.

Kana Arima Is Honest And Humble, Unlike Ruby Hoshino

Despite Kana's pride in her previous career as a child actor and her confidence as a no-nonsens tsundere, Kana Arima is still deceptively humble as a teenager in Oshi no Ko's story. She acted conceited in front of Aqua Hoshino as a fellow child actor in their youth, but as a high schooler and a has-been, Kana is singing a different tune. She still has faith in herself to be a great actress and won't let anyone talk down to her, but she is also smart enough to stay humble and know that she has plenty of learning and growing to do. A proper growth mindset always requires healthy humility, and Kana has it. Kana will readily admit that she's not ready to become a pop idol, especially since her previous career did very little to prepare her for this. Still, Ruby will give it her best shot, and she will even downplay her skills such as her good singing voice along the way. With her excellent singing chops, Kana is actually B Komachi's best asset, but she won't let that fact get to her head.

This helps contrast Kana with the conceited Ruby Hoshino, who's getting ahead of herself as a reborn girl desperate to achieve stardom at last. Ruby is still just a child on the inside, using her vanity and her sheer force of will to get ahead while ignoring her faults or mistakes. That's why she needs Miyako Saito to support her as a caring foster mother and manager. Meanwhile, Akane Kurokawa was humbled by her egosurfing incident but responded in the wrong way, hiding her timid true self behind an imitation of Ai Hoshino for Aqua's sake. That leaves Kana Arima as the humblest and therefore wisest girl in Oshi no Ko, making her sympathetic, impressive, and exciting all at once. All that definitely adds up to an uncontested Best Girl who dominates the character polls.

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