• Very Good's Beri Beri no Mi fruit may seem powerful, but it can easily be countered. He lacks versatility and control, making him vulnerable to slashing damage.
  • Streusen's Kuku Kuku no Mi fruit is useless in a fight. Not only does it make tasteless food, but it also lacks combat utility, making Streusen a useless crew member.
  • Kin'emon's Fuku Fuku no Mi fruit is weak, with no offensive utility. While it allows him to create disguises and armor, it cannot deal damage and the created clothes disappear after removal.

One Piece has an amazing power system that isn't overly complicated to follow but is much more complex underneath its surface. By far the most recognizable and iconic aspect of this power system comes in the form of the staple items of the series; the Devil Fruits. These are magical fruits that, when eaten, give the person who ate them unique powers and abilities, though in turn, take away the person's ability to swim.

Devil Fruits come in all shapes and sizes, with some being powerful enough to destroy entire islands and give their wielders the strength to rule the seas, while others are more situational but still offer a ton of versatility on the battlefield. Some, however, are straight stinkers. These are put in the story only to show how some Devil Fruits simply aren't worth it and, in a combat situation, wielders are better off not even using them! So, let's take a look at who has the weakest Devil Fruit in One Piece.

Very Good's Beri Beri no Mi is Easily Countered


The Beri Beri no Mi fruit may seem to be a decent part of Very Good's arsenal at first glance, but it can be countered with minimal effort. This Paramecia-type Devil Fruit is essentially the opposite of Buggy's Chop Chop fruit, in that it makes the wielder impervious to blunt damage from punches or blunt weapons, whereas Buggy's fruit makes him impervious to slashing damage from swords.

Much like the Chop Chop fruit, this fruit allows Very Good to separate his body into many orbs or spheres, disorienting or dealing damage to the opponent that way. However, the Beri Beri no Mi doesn't allow Very Good as much versatility and control as Buggy's fruit does to him, because if Very Good's head is caught or compromised, he is pretty much done for. He is also very susceptible to slashing damage, making him easy pickings for any swordsman.

Streusen's Kuku Kuku no Mi is Useless in a Fight


As is stated multiple times in One Piece, the role of a chef is very instrumental to any pirate ship or crew. However, with that being said, the chef has to be great at their job, otherwise, there's no particular need for one as anyone can just whip up a basic meal. Streusen is a member of the Big Mom Pirates with the Kuku Kuku no Mi fruit that gives him the power to turn any inanimate object into food.

However, the food that Streusen makes with his fruits ability isn't even good, as Big Mom refers to his cooking as bland. This fruit is one of the worst ever because not only does it make tasteless food, which is its primary ability, but it has no combat utility, making Streusen a pretty useless character for his crew.

The Fuku Fuku no Mi Makes Kin'emon Very Weak


This is yet another Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, but one that has practically no combat utility at all, easily ranking it among the weakest Devil Fruits of them all. However, this isn't to say that this fruit doesn't have any useful qualities. By giving him the power to create clothes for anyone, the Fuku Fuku no Mi fruit allows Kin'emon to create very good disguises for stealth missions, as well as warm clothes for a harsh winter environment.

It's also not completely useless in a fight, as Kin'emon can use the fruit's ability to create armor. However, there is no offensive utility for the powers of this fruit as it can't deal damage to anyone, nor does it have any use other than making clothes. Also, once the clothes have been taken off, they disappear and cannot be used again, making it so the user needs to carry materials on hand to make the clothes in the first place.

Alvida's Sube Sube no Mi Makes Her Slip Too Much


Alvida was first shown to be a massive and tyrannical pirate who brought fear into the hearts of her crew as well as civilians. However, her reintroduction into the story showed her having eaten the Sube Sube no Mi fruit, which gave her the ability to become slippery like soap. On top of that, it completely changed her appearance by slimming her down into a beautiful woman.

The fruit seems pretty useful at first glance, as it makes her entire body slippery, making basic attacks slip off her skin rather than doing damage to her, as well as letting her slide quickly across surfaces. However, many of the stronger characters in the series use Haki, negating her fruit's ability altogether. On top of this, this fruit makes her so slippery that she needs to wear shoes all the time to properly encumber herself so as to not fall all the time.

Chopper's Hito Hito no Mi is The Worst Devil Fruit


While all the other Devil Fruits mentioned in this article are undoubtedly weak and rank among the worst fruits in the entire One Piece series, they each have at least some kind of utility that makes them useful in very limited situations. Chopper's Hito Hito no Mi fruit, however, has no such benefits and is the one fruit in the entire series that serves no purpose.

The main thing about the Hito Hito no Mi is that it is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that, when eaten, gives an animal the level of sapience and intelligence of a human. This has no defensive or offensive capabilities, just that it brings a regular animal to the level of intelligence that is possessed by an average human. This can still be seen as a drawback, as these animals may possess human-like intelligence, but have nothing else that makes them similar to people.

While it is currently unknown whether there are some hidden powers that this fruit possesses, it is only useful when used in tandem with Chopper's rumble balls, which give him several strong transformations. However, if a human ate this fruit, nothing about them would change, as they would gain no abilities from it. In fact, they would gain a massive drawback as their ability to swim would get taken away for no reason. Without a doubt, the Hito Hito no Mi is the weakest fruit in all of One Piece!

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