• Supreme Grade swords in One Piece are the mightiest and rarest blades, capable of cutting through meteors effortlessly.
  • Only the strongest individuals like Mihawk, Whitebeard, and Roger wield these powerful weapons.
  • The possibility of new Supreme Grade swords being created adds excitement to the series' Final Saga.

Swords are extremely special in One Piece and have played a massive role in the series over the years, especially for characters such as Zoro. Zoro aims to become the world's strongest swordsman, and as such, through him, fans have continued to find out more about the powerful swordsmen, as well as the swords of the world.

Out of all the swords in the One Piece world, the Supreme Grades are the very best of all, and they are considered to be the mightiest and the rarest blades in existence. While they are still a mystery in many aspects, fans have, over the years, found out quite a lot about them.

Sword Grades In One Piece

Not All Swords Hold The Same Power In One Piece

The swords that exist in the One Piece world are all crafted by different individuals. Some are just swords, and most special swords that are wielded by skilled swordsmen are known as Meito, or named blades. These named blades are extremely powerful, and they can be classified into various grades. Fans have seen a lot of these grades over the years, and the very first graded blade to be introduced to them was wielded by Zoro. When it comes to the grades of the swords, there are quite a few, and of course, each grade represents a certain level of power that a sword has, with the strongest of them all being extremely rare as well.

The lowest grade of a Meito that the fans have seen in One Piece is the Grade Swords. These swords are unknown in number, and they are certainly not comparable to the amazing ones that the fans have seen over the years. However, they are still far better than the regular weapons that exist in the One Piece world. These blades are still crafted by expert swordsmiths, and their level of strength is absolutely incredible as well. Of course, it also depends on how good the user of the sword is, and how strong their Haki is. A few examples of the Grade swords in One Piece are the Sandai Kitetsu, which is wielded by Zoro, and Shigure, wielded by Tashigi.

There are many blades in the One Piece world, but there are blades that were made by renowned blacksmiths.

After the Grade Swords, there are the Skillful Grade swords that are superior in terms of quality. In terms of number, there are a total of 50 Skillful Grade swords in the One Piece world. These swords are much sharper than the Grade swords, and they are also more durable, with their lightness being a factor in many aspects of battle. Of course, wielding one of these swords makes the user stronger immediately, however, they are, naturally, harder to control, as has been seen in many instances.

Following the Skillful Grade swords come the Great Grade Swords. The Great Grade Swords are 21 in number, and they are incredibly powerful, considered to be some of the mightiest weapons in the One Piece world. These 21 blades are exceptionally powerful, and their sharpness, as well as their sturdiness, is out of this world. These weapons are strong enough to leave permanent scars on powerful individuals such as Kaido, provided that they are infused with high-level Conqueror's Haki. Wado Ichimonji falls in this category, as does the legendary Shushui of Wano. Oden’s Enma and Ame no Habakiri also fall in this category.

What Are Supreme Grade Swords?

The Strongest Blades In One Piece Are The Supreme Grade Swords

Finally, the greatest of all sword grades in One Piece is the Supreme Grade. These blades are 12 in number, which is rare, but expected of blades so powerful. The 12 Supreme Grade Swords are incredibly dangerous, and these weapons leave behind the deepest of cuts in the One Piece world. Their strength is such that they can even cut through meteors with minimal ease. In just about every aspect, they are superior to the Great Grade swords, and wounds that are left by these blades are very deadly. Only the strongest of individuals wield the Supreme Grade swords, and fans have seen the likes of Mihawk, Whitebeard, and Roger, among many others, wield these powerful blades.

When it comes to the Supreme Grade swords, only four have been officially confirmed in the series so far. The first one of all is Yoru, which is wielded by Mihawk. This is a black blade that is in the possession of the strongest swordsman in the entire world. Mihawk did incredible things using this blade, such as cutting a Galleon in half, destroying an entire fleet, and chopping off an iceberg, among other things.


Murakumogiri Is another Supreme Grade blade that the fans have seen quite a lot of in One Piece's Marineford arc. This blade was wielded by Whitebeard to utter perfection, and it allowed him to deal deadly damage to his enemies. It still exists as a very powerful weapon and it was able to survive the terrible conditions of the war in Marineford.

The legendary blade named Ace, which was wielded by Gol D. Roger, is another Supreme Grade sword. Fans have not seen much of this blade, however, it was strong enough to clash evenly against the likes of Murakumogiri, which was Whitebeard's blade. Even both of Oden's Great Grade swords put together were not able to stop the attack. Where exactly this blade is currently remains unknown.

A sword is like a kitchen knife, but for murder. They're made for killing people!

Finally, the last blade that belongs to the Supreme Grade class that the fans know of is the Shodai Kitetsu. This blade is in the possession of one of the Gorosei, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro. This is an incredibly powerful blade and it is also cursed at the same time. Fans know that the Kitetsu blades are known to bring terrible fate to those who wield them, killing them in the most cruel of ways. Only those who can conquer the curse can wield these blades. Zoro was able to do it with the Sandai Kitetsu, and similarly, V. Nusjuro has been able to do it with the Shodai Kitetsu.

How Strong Are Supreme Grade Blades?

The Supreme Grade Swords Are The Strongest Of All

Clearly, the Supreme Grade swords are some of the strongest tools to exist in One Piece. Wounds left behind by these swords cannot be recovered from easily. These swords are mighty powerful and can cut deeply. In fact, injuries that are left behind by these swords are likely lethal even to the likes of the Yonko, or the Admirals of the Marines. The Supreme Grade weapons are very special indeed, and only a handful of individuals even possess the power to wield them. In the future, fans will most likely be introduced to many more Supreme Grade weapons. At the same time, there exists a slight possibility of new Supreme Grade weapons being created.

In Wano, it was hinted by Kozuki Sukiyaki that weapons can go up in grade. If a weapon is blackened, it goes up in grade, which means that if Zoro manages to blacken Wado Ichimonji and Enma, they will most likely become Supreme Grade swords. These swords will continue to grow in terms of importance in the Final Saga of One Piece, and fans absolutely cannot wait to see that.

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