• Usopp still has room for improvement as a fighter despite his high bounty and has the potential to surpass many others in the story, including Jean Bart, Page One, and even his own father, Yasopp.
  • Usopp's upcoming arc in Elbaf is highly anticipated and he will likely have great character moments and fights against major giants.
  • Usopp will eventually have an all-out duel with Van Augur of the Blackbeard Pirates, showcasing the heights he will reach by the end of the story.

Usopp Is the marksman of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece and an incredibly skilled fighter. Fans have seen quite a lot of him in the story over the years and it is clear that he is a character who is only going to grow in terms of both power and skill with time.

Usopp has reached great heights as a fighter over the years. However, he is still to fulfill his potential. Even though he has a 500 million berry bounty on his head, he isn't on the level of a 500 million pirate, which just goes to show that there is room for improvement for this particular character. In the future, Usopp will get plenty of opportunities to improve as a fighter and, once he does, he will have surpassed many others, hopefully, with a similar role to him in the story.

5 Jean Bart

Pirate Crew: Heart Pirates


Jean Bart Is a member of the Heart Pirates. When comparing the Heart Pirates crew to the Straw Hats, Jean Bart plays a similar role to Usopp, given that he comes after Beppo, Sachi, and Penguin. Similarly, Usopp, in terms of his role, usually comes after the likes of Zoro, Nami, and Sanji. When both these crews are fully established, the natural rival for Usopp would be Jean Bart and fans already know that he's a monstrous fighter.

Currently, it is unlikely for Usopp to be on his level, however, in the future, he will likely get much stronger and far surpass him, reaching the levels of the likes of the Yonko Commanders.

4 Page One

Pirate Crew: Beast Pirates (Former)


Page One is a pirate who served the Emperor of the Sea, Kaido, at one point in the story. Page One had a 200 million berry bounty on his head and, even though his bounty is lower than that of Usopp, he is far stronger than him.

He has great control over Haki, and he also has an Ancient Zoan Spinosaurus Devil Fruit. His strength, durability, resilience, and nearly every other physical attribute is much greater than that of Usopp. Currently, Usopp cannot defeat him and that was evident to the fans in the Wano arc. However, in the future, he will most likely surpass him and reach greater heights. While Page One's fate remains unknown at the moment, in the future, if he ever were to appear again, Usopp would be ready for him.

3 The Giants Of Elbaf

Pirate Crew: New Giant Pirates


Elbaf is going to be an absolutely massive arc for Usopp and his character. Fans have been waiting for him to receive all the shine in Elbaf for ages now, and this arc is now incredibly close. It is highly likely that as soon as the Straw Hat Pirates leave the island of Egghead, they will be headed to Elbaf and, when that happens, the Straw Hat Pirates will come face to face with many Giants.

There, Usopp will likely have great character moments and he is going to fight and potentially even surpass some major giants in the story.

2 Van Augur

Pirate: Crew: Blackbeard Pirates


Van Augur is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates and also among the core fighters of the group. He is one of the original comrades of Blackbeard and, over the years, he has powered up greatly. Van Augur possesses great sniping skills and he has access to the power of the Paramecia-type Wapu Wapu no Mi as well. This Devil Fruit allows him to warp himself and anyone else in his vicinity to nearby distances and, it is, thus, a very powerful ability.

Given that these two characters are snipers, they are going to have an all-out duel at some point in the story. Van Augur is expected to be one of the strongest Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates, and the fact that Usopp has to defeat him just goes to show the heights that he will reach at the end of the story.

1 Yasopp

Pirate Crew: Red Hair Pirates


Of course, the strongest character that Usopp can potentially defeat at the end of the story is likely going to be his very own father, Yassop. Yassop is among the three strongest officers of the Red Hair Pirates, directly behind the likes of Ben Beckman and Lucky Roux. He likely has a high bounty on his head, among the billions, since this crew is believed to have very high bounties across the board and the best balance out of any Emperor crew before Wano.

Yassop is incredibly powerful and his sniping skills are unmatched in the story. Fans will most definitely see him come face to face with his own son, and it is also possible that these two characters will end up fighting when that happens. Usopp will get his chance to surpass his very own father at sniping and, once he does that, he will have established himself as a brave warrior of the sea and one of the most ferocious pirates as well. Usopp will get a bounty of over a billion berries by the end of the story and this time around, he will have earned it.