• One Piece chapter 1104 delivers amazing plot developments, particularly highlighting the character of Saturn and his bizarre regeneration power.
  • Saturn's ability to transform into the Ushi Oni showcases his tremendous powers, including knocking others down with his gaze and holding them in place with an invisible force.
  • In the battle between Saturn and Kuma, Saturn's incredible regeneration ability is revealed as he quickly heals from devastating blows, indicating his extraordinary power.

One Piece chapter 1104 finally dropped after an incredibly long wait, because of the holidays. At this point of the year, the manga always takes long breaks, and, as a result, fans end up going weeks without any advancements to the plot. However, all the waiting has now ended as One Piece returned with chapter 1104, which delivered some of the most amazing plot developments, especially when it comes to the character of Saturn.

The member of the Five Elders and the Warrior God of Defense Science, Saturn was at the center of all events in the Egghead Island Arc and this week's chapter saw him showcase more of his amazing abilities, with most of the attention being thrown on his incredibly bizarre regeneration power.

Saturn's Strange Power – Ushi Oni


Saturn is one of the Five Elders in the One Piece world and certainly an incredibly powerful individual. At one point in the story, fans knew him to be a political figure who was simply sitting in the Holy Land of Marijoa and influencing things from there. Very few fans expected Saturn and the other members of the Five Elders to hold powerful abilities. However, this misconception was shattered by Oda during the Reverie flashback that was delivered through the character of Sabo.

Whenever the Reverie was held, Sabo witnessed hell atop the Red Line in the Throne Room inside the Pangea Castle. There, it was quite clear for Sabo to see that the Five Elders were not just political figures. Instead, they were demonic in nature and possessed strange abilities. Unfortunately, fans only got to see the silhouettes of these characters at the time, however, it was clear for the fans to see that all of them possessed dangerous abilities up their sleeve, the likes of which they couldn't even imagine. In the Egghead Island arc, one of the Five Elders, Saturn, has been ever present and this meant that fans would get to see his ability. As always, Oda did not disappoint and showcased the power that he possessed up his sleeve, which ended up being that of the Ushi Oni.

Saturn was revealed to have an incredibly powerful ability, which could potentially stem from a Devil Fruit. His transformation, which he triggered as soon as he stepped foot on Egghead Island, appears to be that of a Japanese Yokai. This Yokai is none other than the Ushi Oni, a creature with the lower half of a spider and the upper half of an ox. Saturn took a very bizarre appearance in the Egghead Island arc. As soon as he stepped on the island, the intimidating presence was felt all over the island by everyone. This only meant that Saturn possessed great powers and fans got to see that immediately after.

Just like the real Ushi Oni, Saturn possessed tremendous abilities. For one, he could knock down others just by looking at them. Without even lifting a finger, Saturn could hit people and knock them down. He used this ability on many, including the likes of Sanji. Another incredible ability that he possessed was to hold down others with some invisible force and keep them from moving. Above all, Saturn was shown to have a very curious regeneration factor, which healed from even the most grievous of injuries within a matter of seconds.

Saturn Vs Kuma


One Piece chapter 1104 showcased the battle between Saturn and Kuma, which came on the back of the previous chapter. As soon as Kuma arrived on Egghead Island, he rushed to save his daughter, Bonney, and he shielded her with his back. Immediately after, he turned towards Saturn and used all the rage that was building inside him to punch the member of the Five Elders. Using Haki on his fist, he absolutely crushed Saturn's face and sent him flying through several buildings.

Surprisingly, Saturn took quite a lot of damage, having his face completely busted and one of his horns being broken as well. To make things worse, he was inundated by the many buildings that collapsed on top of them. This was supposed to be a very dangerous strike that could potentially have killed him.

However, this misconception was crushed shortly after, when he emerged from the rubble and started healing as if nothing happened.

Despite being punched with everything that Kuma had, Saturn shrugged off the damage, and there, it was clear for the fans to see that whatever power he possesses isn't normal, even by Devil Fruit standards.

Saturn's Regeneration Ability


It is clear for the fans to see that Saturn possesses some crazy regeneration ability up his sleeve. For one, fans know for a fact that Saturn possesses some sort of ability that can be attributed to the Devil Fruits, however, it is also possible that Saturn was granted a demonic ability by Imu directly, without even consuming a Devil Fruit itself. Regardless, what fans know for sure is that he is a Yokai and that he has a homuragumo around his neck, which indicates Awakening status. Were Saturn a Devil Fruit user, he would definitely be a Mythical Zoan or, a special class of the Zoan that fans do not know about. In this case, Awakening would mean that Saturn has a next-level healing factor which would boost his strength considerably.

However, it must be remembered that faster recovery rate and regeneration factor are two different things. While Saturn can recover fast, he can also do much more than that. It is clear that he can also heal from any damage that he takes. When Kuma landed his blow on Saturn and the buildings crushed him, he lost one of his arms, his leg, as well as his horn, and parts of his face. Despite that, he was seen regenerating from all this damage as if it were nothing. When Franky blew a hole in his body using Radical Beam, Saturn didn't even budge and the damage, once again, healed. This healing ability can only be attributed to the special power of his Devil Fruit.

If his fruit is a Mythical Zoan, then, just like other Mythical Zoans, this is the special ability that his fruit holds. Fans must remember that all mythical zoans have a special power. In Saturn's case, it appears to be his incredible regeneration power. However, just like all Zoans, this power will not be unlimited. Using this ability should cost stamina and, eventually, when stamina is low enough, Saturn should not be able to regenerate, which would then become the key to defeating him.

Of course, there could be more to his regeneration ability than just the special power of his Mythical Zoan fruit. If Saturn were to not have the power of a Devil Fruit at all, then this regeneration factor could be something that Imu themselves bestowed upon him.

One curious thing that fans absolutely need to keep in mind is that Saturn carries a scar across his face. The fact that this scar has not healed means that it is possible to injure him in battle. Otherwise, Saturn should have healed the wound that left him with a scar. Perhaps, the key to injuring Saturn is the ability to infuse Conqueror's Haki, just like it was with Kaido. Or, it could be something that Luffy will need to figure out later down the line as the arc continues.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1105, is set to be January 28, 2024.