Key Points:

  • One Piece chapter 1104 will primarily spotlight the intense clash between Kuma and Saturn, as Kuma seeks revenge for the harm inflicted upon his daughter, Bonney. The forthcoming punch from Kuma, driven by his profound love for Bonney, promises to be a gratifying moment for fans. Nevertheless, Saturn's superior strength poses a potential threat to Kuma, raising anticipation for the outcome.
  • The chapter will explore Kuma's unwavering willpower, showcasing how it enables him to take action despite having his personality erased. His profound love for Bonney proves to be an overpowering force, resisting any attempts at control. This narrative element will be emphasized, linking Kuma's presence on Egghead Island directly to his love for his daughter.
  • Chapter 1104 will also shift focus to Luffy's recovery and transformation into Nika. After being rescued by an unidentified entity, possibly Kizaru or Caribou, Luffy regains strength and prepares to join the battle against Saturn. The impending showdown between Luffy and Saturn, a highly anticipated event, serves as the climax of the Egghead Island arc. The success of Luffy's endeavors holds immense significance, determining the fate of everyone on the island and symbolizing his resistance against the oppression of the Celestial Dragons.

Fans can eagerly anticipate One Piece chapter 1104, as the narrative officially returns to Egghead Island. The conclusion of the Kuma and Bonney flashback marks the resumption of the war on Egghead, promising escalating intensity. The arrival of Kuma to rescue Bonney and Saturn's demonic form sets the stage for a compelling narrative, with a father's fury taking center stage. Chapter 1104 is poised to unravel these developments and more as soon as the Jump break concludes.

Kuma Vs Saturn


The very first thing that One Piece chapter 1104 is likely going to focus on is the battle between Kuma and Saturn. In the preceding chapter, Saturn, driven by rage over Bonney's perceived insolence, swiftly attempted to execute her, even though she was just a child and might be his own daughter. Fortunately, Kuma's timely arrival on Egghead Island changed the course of events. He dashed through the crowd, neutralizing any marines in his path, and shielded Bonney from the firing squad just as Saturn was about to strike. Absorbing the blow meant for her, Kuma rescued Bonney and redirected his fury towards Saturn, preparing a formidable punch imbued with Haki.

The impact of this punch is poised to unfold in the upcoming One Piece chapter. Kuma's internal turmoil, fueled by what he endured due to Saturn, has reached a boiling point. His love for Bonney transcends all, and anyone attempting to harm her will face his unrelenting wrath. While the next chapter promises a satisfying beatdown as Kuma confronts Saturn, fans should be mindful that Saturn, being significantly stronger, has the capacity to crush Kuma if he so desires.

Although witnessing Kuma triumph over Saturn would be gratifying for fans, it's essential to recognize that Kuma lacks the necessary tools to take down Saturn in the broader context. In fact, the confrontation may lead to Saturn inflicting further injuries on Kuma, potentially pushing him into a near-death state.

Kuma's Willpower


One Piece chapter 1104 will likely also focus on Kuma and how he is able to move at the moment. Numerous individuals speculate that Kuma may possess Vegapunk's invented circuit for personality switching within him. While this theory has some merit, it is unlikely that Oda would opt for such a plot device. The idea of switching off Kuma's personality raises significant plot holes, such as why Kuma didn't do it earlier or why he remained a lifeless cyborg even after being rescued by the Revolutionary Army. It is reasonable to assume that Kuma lacks this circuit, and his presence on Egghead Island is solely driven by his profound love for his daughter.

Despite having his willpower erased, Kuma's immense love for Bonney remains a prevailing force that overrides all else. This phenomenon has been witnessed before in the story when Victoria Cindry, under Moria's control through his Devil Fruit power, broke free and displayed genuine emotions despite being considered dead. While Kuma may be perceived as lifeless, his enduring willpower can overcome Vegapunk's erasure. In essence, he is revived, and this resurrection can be attributed to the unwavering love he harbors for his daughter. This narrative element is likely to take center stage in One Piece 1104.

Luffy’s Nika Transformation


One Piece chapter 1104 will also likely focus on Luffy to some extent. In the previous chapter, fans saw that Luffy was unable to move due to having exhausted himself by using Gear 5 for an extended period of time. He needed food to fill up his stamina once again and then go into battle. Surprisingly, some secret entity saved Luffy by giving him food and this person might be focused on in One Piece 1104.

There are two plausible candidates for the mysterious individual aiding Luffy: Kizaru, the Marine Admiral known for his soft spot for Bonney and Sentomaru, or Caribou, who has been absent for a considerable period. Kizaru is a strong contender, driven by his desire to minimize damage, particularly ensuring the safety of Bonney and Sentomaru while potentially aiming to confront Vegapunk. On the other hand, Caribou's involvement could stem from a reluctance to face death on the island and the need to contribute to the arc.

Regardless of the benefactor's identity, fans can anticipate Luffy's gradual recovery, positioning him to rejoin the battle against Saturn. Once restored, Luffy is likely to embrace the transformation into Nika and promptly engage Saturn in what promises to be the highlight of the Egghead Island arc.

In the unfolding events, Kuma is expected to struggle against Saturn due to his limited strength, setting the stage for Luffy's intervention. As Kuma faces peril, Luffy is poised to step in, delivering a crucial blow to Saturn and rescuing not only Kuma but also Bonney. This pivotal moment will mark the initiation of the final confrontation in the Egghead Island arc, offering fans the eagerly awaited spectacle.

As the Warrior of Liberation, Luffy faces a test with dire consequences; failure could lead to the demise of everyone on Egghead Island. The only way out is to challenge one of the Five Elders, a move that, despite potentially becoming global news, is imperative for Luffy to establish himself as Nika and assert his stance against the oppression of the Celestial Dragons. This marks a pivotal moment for Luffy and sets the stage for a significant shift in the overarching narrative.

Of course, whatever path the story ends up taking will have to wait for quite a bit as One Piece will be on an extended break due to the New Year holidays. Fans will have to wait 3 weeks for the next chapter to see how Luffy and Kuma handle the situation on Egghead.

One Piece is available to read via Manga Monster. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece chapter 1104, is set to be January 21, 2024.