Chapter 1068 summary

In One Piece Chapter 1067,1068, the remaining Straw Hat Pirates are guided and toured by Dr. Vegapunk's satellites after Luffy, Chopper, Jimbei, and Jewelry Bonney become separated from the rest of the gang. Robin and the others have lately learned about what happened following the tragic Ohara Buster Call incident from Shaka The Good. He explains to her how the documents that the researchers have fought so hard to save have survived. The Void Century enigma may be included in the very same writings, according to Shaka, who also claims to have all of this knowledge stored in his head. Luffy and the others have also visited with the original Dr. Vegapunk, who is speaking of brains.

Luffy and the other characters are introduced by the elderly doctor. Additionally, he reveals to the pirates the workings of Egghead Island and his Satellites. Dr. Vegapunk explains that he has had his brain removed when Jimbei asks why his present look and what is known about him differ. He appears to have eaten the Brain-Brain Fruit, which causes his brain to enlarge as it takes in more data. As a result, he has taken it out and put it in a unique facility called the Punk Records. The request from Dr. Vegapunk to be removed from Egghead, however, caught everyone off guard the most.


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One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap & Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 1069 Part 1 : The fight of old enemies

Kaku wants to help Lucci fight because they are now facing a Yonko, but Lucci ignores Kaku's words. Lucci is now able to awaken his Neko Neko model, Leppard. The way we can imagine Lucci's Awakened form is that it is like Chopper's Monster Point form combined with Who's Who's Saber Tiger fruit. Luffy also turned on Gear 5 to continue with Lucci. Luffy Gear 5 vs. Lucci Leopard Awakens


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 This match will continue to make us feel like we are watching Tom and Jerry. Luffy completely overwhelms Lucci and terrifies him. Lucci fell and was defeated by Luffy. Information about the Hito Hito Model: Nika is not included in any devil fruit dictionaries. CP0 is stationed with the trio of Seraphim Hawk,  Snake, and Shark under the command of Sentomaru. There was a dispute over who should command the Seraphim. CP0 intends to destroy a specific location on Egghead Island to cut off Sentomaru's control.


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One Piece Chapter 1069 Part 2:  The superiority of yonko

Akainu prevents Kizaru from going to Egghead Island. Lucci was able to recover immediately after being defeated by Luffy thanks to Awakening. But, despite Luffy's superior strength, Lucci wishes to leave Egghead Island as soon as possible.

Next week, there will be another story.

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