My Hero Academia: Best Moments From The Joint Training Arc

By: Eric Himmelheber Sep 03, 2022
Season 5 of My Hero Academia has been enjoyable for fans everywhere. Anytime we see classmates from UA face off against each other...
My Hero Academia: Best Moments From The Joint Training Arc
My Hero Academia Season 5 Class A

Season 5 of My Hero Academia has been enjoyable for fans everywhere. Anytime we see classmates from UA face off against each other, we know we’re in for some epic moments and fun twists.

This is the first time since the Sports Festival Arc we’ve seen Class A and Class B compete against each other. Seeing everyone’s growth and teamwork definitely left us with some epic moments. The Joint Training Arc officially ended with the series’ 100th episode on Saturday, leaving fans excited for what’s to come.

But for now, let’s focus on what happened during the arc. There were so many amazing moments that it was hard to narrow them down. If your favorite moment from the Joint Training Arc is not on this list, then definitely leave a comment at the bottom of the article with your favorite moment! Let’s get to it!

7. Shinso Is Transferred Into The Hero Class

Shinso Is Transferred Into The Hero Class

After showcasing his talents during the tournament, Vlad announced to everyone that Shinso has, indeed, made it into the hero course. Which class he has yet to join has not been revealed. But the announcement was made in episode 100 – and nobody was more excited for him than Deku.

“Your judgement and movements were equal to that of hero course students and made me eager to improve,” said Deku.

While the moment wasn’t heart-racing like many others, Shinso definitely deserved to be transferred into the hero course, and it was amazing to see every student from both classes are happy for him.

6. Tokoyami’s Dark Fallen Angel and Black Abyss: Sabbath

Tokoyami moment. My Hero Academia Episode 94.

Tokoyami finally received some spotlight and it was glorious. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase something new, and he delivered with Dark Fallen Angel. He also combined his Dark Fallen Angel with his Black Abyss move to create Black Abyss: Sabbath.

The flashback to his training with Hawks. The soundtrack blasting in the background. Then him flying in and saving Aoyama was just all balled into one epic moment.

It also helped that Deku explained Tokoyami’s entire new move as if he saw All Might in person for the first time again. His excitement was infectious and it just made the moment even better.

5. Kendo Leads Class B To Their Only Win

Kendo moment. My Hero Academia Episode 94

The second match of the tournament is when things really began to take off. It was truly a match-up of brains (Class-A) vs brawns (Class-B). And while Class B did have solid plans in place, like separating Momo from the group, it was ultimately Kendo’s physical strength that led them to victory.

Kendo was irreplaceable in this match. If anyone else from Class B was in her position, they probably would’ve lost the match and gone down 0-2. Instead, this one tied up the tournament and handed Class A their first loss.

4. Todoroki and Bakugo Go Off, Earn Their Provisional Hero Licenses

Todoroki and Bakugo My Hero Academia Episode 100

Two of some of the most prominent students in Class A were the only ones that have yet to receive their license. So, which better way to end the arc than have them both finally earn their license? Not only that, but 30 minutes into getting their licenses, they immediately spring into hero work.

Seeing Todoroki handle the villains with his ice in the blink of an eye, along with Bakugo saving All Might and a citizen while also securing everyone’s belongings, was just all-around epic! It was truly a perfect way to cap off 100 episodes.

3. Todoroki Gives Us A Sneak Peek Of Flashfire

While we were about to witness a new level of power, we’ve never seen from Todoroki in episode 96 – it was cut short thanks to Juzo’s quirk. However, a lot went into making this scene so epic that I just had to put it on the list.

First off, the flashbacks of him training with Endeavor gave the scene perfect emotional value. Second, Studio Bones absolutely nailed the brilliant animations of Todoroki’s fire building up into his fist. The viewers truly felt the heat of the moment (pun intended). Third, it was a wonderful development for his character.

This scene has so many layers to it that fans could argue it should be number one on the list.

2. A “Flawless” Moment

This one is self-explanatory, right? Bakugo saved his teammates countless times just as they did him. It was a “teamwork makes the dream work” episode executed to perfection. Bakugo spoke “flawless victory” into existence. Not once during their match did any of them doubt each other. And they ended up winning 4-0 making it the quickest match of the entire tournament.

The match was so exciting to watch that even All Might couldn’t comprehend what he was watching. Bakugo ended up showing everyone that he has taken the biggest leap to becoming a full-fledge hero while Jiro, Rikido, and Sero all showed wonderful progression. I’d go as far as to say their match was the most exciting to watch.

1. Deku Inherits Blackwhip

The decision to make this the number one moment over the flawless victory was tough. However, Deku inheriting “Blackwhip” in episode 98 takes the cake. Here’s why.

To start, the voice acting during this entire moment was downright phenomenal and was the best of the entire arc so far. The shock in Shinso’s (Wataru Hatano) voice when he got a good look at what was in front of him. The worry and panic in Uraraka’s (Ayane Sakura) voice while holding onto Deku. The agony, confusion, and alertness in Deku’s (Daiki Yamashita) voice as he was experiencing brutal pain.


Also, this moment sets up for what’s to come. We saw a One For All successor and learned that Deku will be inheriting six more quirks down the line. Not only that, but the teachers will probably be on high alert from here on out. But it isn’t just them, it’s also Bakugo.

When Deku’s Blackwhip was unleashed, Bakugo was also taken aback by its power. In the episode 100 preview, we even see Bakugo sitting by himself in the dorm as if he’s still trying to process what he just saw. Blackwhip is definitely going to have an effect on the Deku/Bakugo rivalry going forward.

What Are Your Favorite Moments?

There definitely could’ve been a lot of other moments that made this list.

Iida powering up and saving his teammates. Deku meeting the vestiges. Uraraka putting the team on her back. Tsu taking out Hiryu and Jurota at the same time. Pony forcing a tie rather than taking the risk of losing. Just so many amazing moments!

Let me know your favorite moments in the comments down below.

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