• Present Mic's Voice Quirk is as useful outside of battle as it is in combat.
  • Present Mic's Quirk amplifies his hero status, showcasing adaptability and versatility.
  • The Voice Quirk proves invaluable in combat, education, and heroism, making Present Mic a formidable hero.

My Hero Academia has its fair share of unique elements that have led to its incredible success. A protagonist that is wise and not goofy (unlike most shōnen protagonists), a set of unique characters, and a traditional yet intriguing and entertaining power system all help make My Hero Academia fascinating and enjoyable. The power system of the franchise, Quirks, stand out as some of the most unique powers in anime.

There are plenty of Quirks in the franchise as its plot revolves around the large portion of humankind developing various superpowers. There are some Quirks that stand out from the rest of them all. One such Quirk is the Voice Quirk that is used by Hizashi Yamada, who goes by his popular Pro Hero name; Present Mic. With its wide scope of abilities, Present Mic's Voice Quirk has to be one of the most promising and interesting Quirks in the franchise.

The Voice Quirk & Its Strength


Present Mic's Voice Quirk is a unique and powerful ability that allows him to manipulate sound waves with extraordinary precision and intensity. This Quirk grants Present Mic the ability to amplify, distort, or nullify sound waves using his vocal cords, making him a formidable hero and a respected member of the faculty at U.A. High School.

Present Mic decided to pursue a career as a hero, utilizing his Quirk to protect others and uphold justice. One notable aspect of Present Mic's Voice Quirk is its versatility and adaptability in various situations. Throughout the series, he demonstrates his mastery over sound waves in multiple ways, showcasing the breadth and depth of his abilities. For instance, Present Mic can amplify his voice to deafening levels, capable of disorienting and incapacitating opponents with sheer volume alone. This ability proves invaluable in combat situations, allowing him to gain the upper hand against villains and adversaries.

Present Mic's Quirk allows him to amplify his voice to deafening levels, capable of disorienting opponents or drawing attention to important announcements. He can also manipulate sound waves to create barriers or shields, providing protection for himself and others against incoming attacks. Additionally, Present Mic can distort or nullify sound waves, allowing him to counter certain Quirks or disrupt enemy communications. Throughout the series, Present Mic demonstrates his mastery over sound waves in multiple situations. As a hero and a faculty member at U.A. High School, he uses his Quirk to educate students, make announcements, and aid in combat situations. His booming voice and precise control over sound waves make him a valuable asset in battles against villains and adversaries.

Voice Quirk Saving the Day


One notable instance of Present Mic's Voice Quirk being used is during the U.A. Sports Festival arc, where he serves as the announcer for the tournament. His booming voice reverberates throughout the stadium, adding excitement and intensity to the event while also showcasing his ability to control sound waves with precision and finesse. Another memorable usage of Present Mic's Quirk occurs during the battle against the League of Villains, where he collaborates with other heroes to subdue the enemy. By amplifying his voice to deafening levels, Present Mic disorients and incapacitates the villains, allowing his allies to gain the upper hand in combat.

This demonstrates the strategic value of his Quirk in team-based scenarios, where precise control over sound waves can turn the tide of battle. Mic's Quirk makes him a formidable opponent in combat situations and a valuable asset to the hero community. Beyond its combat applications, Present Mic's Voice Quirk also serves as a symbol of his passion for heroism and dedication to protecting others. His dynamic personality and charismatic presence make him a beloved figure among both heroes and students at U.A. High School, further solidifying his status as one of the top heroes in the series.

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