• Troubled times bring out inspiring quotes, reminding us of the characters' inner turmoil and tugging at the heartstrings of the audience.
  • Justice is determined by the strongest in One Piece, mocking the belief that the Marines are righteous and will ensure justice prevails.
  • Even in the face of death, characters find solace in being remembered, sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of their loved ones.

One Piece has earned acclaim not only for its humor but also for delving into a darker and more serious side of storytelling. Dedicated fans who stay current with the narrative have borne witness to a myriad of distressing events that unfold within the intricate world of the series.

In moments of profound adversity, characters undergo introspection, delving into the recesses of their souls to discover reservoirs of inspiration. These soul-searching experiences give rise to poignant quotes, articulating the characters' inner turmoil in the face of adversity. Some of these quotes, with their depth and emotional resonance, have the power to reach the audience's hearts, leaving them momentarily silent and deeply moved by the weight of the narrative. This ability to navigate between humor and profound introspection contributes to the storytelling complexity and emotional impact that defines One Piece.

7 You Can Kick Me All You Want...But You're The One Feeling Pain! This Voyage Isn't Over Yet! I'll Be Waiting Right Here! And If You Don't Come Back, I'll Just Sit Here And Starve! I Mean You're The Cook For My Ship! I Won't Eat Anyone's Food But Yours Anymore! I'll Just Stand Here And Starve Out In The Rain And The Snow Waiting For You To Come Back!! Come Back Sanji! Without Your Help... I Can't Become The King Of The Pirates!!!"

Monkey D. Luffy


The Whole Cake Island arc held profound significance for the Straw Hat Pirates, especially for Sanji. Faced with the daunting prospect of becoming a sacrificial pawn for his father, Judge, Sanji chose to bear this burden alone, deliberately adopting a cold demeanor towards his crew.

However, Luffy refused to stand idly by. Determined to intervene, he pursued Sanji in an effort to thwart his self-imposed isolation. When confronted by his unwavering captain, Sanji found himself compelled to maintain the facade, resorting to attacking Luffy in the hope of driving him away. Despite the physical blows, Luffy discerned the emotional turmoil within Sanji. In response, he employed the power of words to convey the profound value he placed on their friendship, recognizing the true source of Sanji's internal struggle.

6 When Do You Think People Die? When They Are Shot Through The Heart By The Bullet Of A Pistol? No. When They Are Ravaged By An Incurable Disease? No. When They Drink A Soup Made From A Poisonous Mushroom!? No! It’s When… They Are Forgotten.



One Piece is aimed toward a younger audience, but that doesn't mean the story doesn't cover some of the deeper themes. The series is not devoid of deaths, and most of them are used to improve the story.

Hiriluk's death is among the most significant ones in One Piece. But before passing away, Hiriluk shared one last pearl of wisdom. His words reminded everyone that the worst thing that could happen to someone is if they are forgotten.

5 Pirates Are Evil? The Marines Are Righteous? These Terms Have Always Changed Throughout The Course Of History! Kids Who Have Never Seen Peace And Kids Who Have Never Seen War Have Different Values! Those Who Stand At The Top Determine What's Wrong And What's Right! This Very Place Is Neutral Ground! Justice Will Prevail, You Say? But Of Course It Will! Whoever Wins This War Becomes Justice!

Donquixote Doflamingo


In the vast and formidable world of One Piece, a perpetual power struggle unfolds among formidable figures. At present, the World Government stands as the preeminent and arguably the mightiest organization globally, wielding the authority to enact and modify laws at its discretion.

In a notable quote, Doflamingo derides the concept of justice. While many, especially those lacking extraordinary abilities, perceive the Marines as bastions of righteousness, ensuring the triumph of justice, Doflamingo cynically dismisses this ideal. He recognizes that, in reality, justice is dictated by the strength of the prevailing forces, challenging the conventional notions of moral uprightness in a world where might often determines what is deemed just.

4 Thank You Bonney! Thank You For Being Born

Bartholomew Kuma


The One Piece world unfolds as a harsh and unforgiving realm, even for formidable individuals like Bartholomew Kuma. Beginning his journey as a Buccaneer, Kuma faced enslavement alongside his family and the heart-wrenching loss of his close friend Ginny to the Sapphire Scale disease.

Left with the responsibility of caring for Bonney, Kuma found himself confronting a grim reality when Bonney also fell victim to the same illness. Driven by a father's love, Kuma embarked on a quest for a cure, eventually discovering it on Egghead Island. However, the price for Bonney's remedy was steep, demanding the sacrifice of Kuma's humanity. Remarkably, rather than harboring resentment, Kuma found solace in the fact that he could secure his daughter's well-being. Despite the profound pain of relinquishing his free will, Kuma prioritized the life of his daughter above all else, underscoring the depth of a father's sacrifice.

3 I Have No Chance To Survive Now But Will You Remember Me Even After I Die? I'll Die With A Smile So… Because… If You Think Of Me Someday, I'd Rather You Remember My Smile

Donquixote Rosinante


The majority of Celestial Dragons exhibit a despicable nature, marked by arrogance and a belief in their inherent superiority over others. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and one such exception is Donquixote Rosinante. Born as the son of Homing and the younger brother of Doflamingo, Rosinante stood apart as a compassionate soul who shunned violence.

Choosing a divergent path from his brother, Rosinante joined the Marines and later assumed an undercover role as a pirate. It was during this period that he encountered Law, afflicted by the Amber Lead disease. Driven by a deep commitment to curing Law, Corazon, as he was known, chose to elope with him. The turning point came when Corazon had to steal the Ope Ope no Mi. After administering it to Law, he understood the inevitable confrontation with Doflamingo and his crew. Faced with this grim reality, Corazon summoned every ounce of courage to wear a smile, ensuring that it would be etched in Law's memory for the remainder of his life.

2 I Want To Live! Take Me Out To The Sea With You!

Nico Robin


Nico Robin endured a tumultuous childhood marked by constant upheaval. Fleeing from one household to another, she lived in perpetual fear as many sought to deliver her to the World Government in exchange for the bounty on her head. This relentless pursuit left her with a deep-seated distrust of others, a sentiment that persisted until her encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates.

During the incident in Water 7, when CP9 took her away, Robin harbored concern for the safety of the Straw Hat crew. Despite her apprehensions, the crew adamantly refused to abandon her. Determined to confront the situation directly, they journeyed to Enies Lobby. In a poignant moment, Luffy confronted Robin, seeking to understand her desires. In a heartfelt response, Robin expressed a simple yet profound wish—to live. The emotional weight of her words resonated with fans, capturing the pain evident in Robin's voice.

1 I’m Sorry Luffy … I’m Sorry… I’m Sorry That You Didn’t Get To Save Me …….. Thank You For Loving Me!!

Portgas D. Ace


Being a pirate poses significant challenges. The constant threat from the Marines, bounty hunters, and even ordinary civilians makes their lives exceptionally difficult. The societal perception of pirates as inherently evil contributes to the widespread lack of love for them. In his early years, Ace harbored self-hatred due to his lineage. However, his perspective began to change when he encountered Luffy and Sabo, who played crucial roles in improving his self-esteem.

Regrettably, Ace's life was cut short. As he faced his demise in Marineford, he took the opportunity to express remorse to his younger brother and convey gratitude for the love he had received. The moment was agonizing for Luffy, who felt a profound sense of loss, rendering him completely traumatized and unable to grasp the unfolding events around him.