• Most cursed abilities in Jujutsu Kaisen revolve around physical attacks and nature-based powers like ice or electricity.
  • Kokichi Muta's futuristic cursed ability, Puppet Manipulation, allows him to control a humanoid puppet with boundless energy.
  • The Ultimate Mechamaru, a giant mecha controlled by Kokichi, unleashes devastating attacks consuming years worth of cursed energy.

Most cursed abilities in Jujutsu Kaisen revolve around physical attacks like kicks and punches or are based on bladed weapons, like a sword or a cleaver. Another common trait is nature-based attacks, such as ice or electricity. There are several other strange techniques such as Idle Transfiguration or Projection Sorcery.

However, the strangest one of them all actually belongs to a relatively unknown young sorcerer named Kokichi Muta. His cursed ability doesn’t belong in any of the aforementioned categories, because his techniques are by far the most futuristic cursed ability in the entire series. After all, when other sorcerers fight with swords and punches, Kokuchi uses beam cannons and giant mecha.

Kokichi Muta: The Fragile Man


Kokichi Muta was born under the tragic effect of the Heavenly Restriction. Thanks to this technique, Kokichi has a boundless supply of cursed energy. Unfortunately, in exchange for such a massive amount of cursed energy, Kokichi was born with an extremely fragile body. He has no legs, his skin will burn under the sunlight, and scars and open wounds cover his whole body.

Boundless Cursed Energy

Thanks to the Heavenly Restriction, Kokichi has an unfathomable pool of cursed energy. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is the sorcerer who has the biggest amount of cursed energy in history. It is even said that if he unleashes his entire cursed energy, it could easily cover every corner of Tokyo. With this much energy, kokichi’s potential is pretty much endless. But unfortunately, the price for such power is too high. The young man knows nothing but pain and suffering since he was born, which is why he ends up betraying everybody who cares about him.

“I didn’t ask for this power. If I could exchange this body for a healthy one, I’d do it in a heartbeat, even if it meant leaving the Jujutsu World behind.”

– Kokichi Muta, Episode 16

Puppet Manipulation

Kokichi's tragic life and betrayal aside, let’s talk about what he does with such a massive amount of cursed energy. Since Kokichi has no ability to move on his own, he decided to develop a cursed ability centered around a proxy that could navigate the world in his place. That’s where the Puppet Manipulation technique comes in. This ability allows Kokichi to control a humanoid puppet from afar and share its senses. This puppet is called Cursed Corpse, similar to Panda. Thanks to his near-endless supply of cursed energy, Kokichi can basically control this puppet and move it to any place in Japan.

Ultimate Mechamaru: The Deadly Cyborg


Kokichi’s most commonly used cursed puppet is called the Ultimate Mechamaru. This is a humanoid puppet that has a similar build and height to an average young adult. Mechamaru is also the one that Kokichi uses every day to attend the Kyoto Jujutsu High, interact with his classmates, and even go on cursed spirit extermination missions. Apart from a few high-ranking sorcerers, most people don’t know about Kokichi’s true identity. They simply know him as Mechamaru the robot.

Human-Like Movements

Since Mechamaru is designed to look like a human, this also means he can move like a human. From simple motions like walking and running to complex movements like martial arts, Mechamaru can do it all. As a matter of fact, he can actually move better than most humans because he is not limited by the range of movements of bones and muscles like a typical human. This makes his movements quite unpredictable, which is why a hand-to-hand combat against Mechamaru can be quite challenging.

Signature Attacks

Apart from basic martial arts, Mechamaru is also equipped with several unique weapons that look like something out of a combat robot from sci-fi movies. Some of the most notable ones are as follows:

  • Sword Option. Mechamaru covers his entire forearms along with his fingers with blades.
  • Ultra Spin. Mechamaru transforms his forearm into a high-powered drill that can pierce through anything.
  • Boost On. Mechamaru uses the jet engines from his elbows to help him fly at high speed.
  • Ultra Cannon. Mechamaru fires a powerful blast from his palms, sort of like Iron Man’s repulsors.
  • Ultimate Cannon. Mechamaru uses the cannon from his palms and his mouth to fire a super-powerful heat blast.

Absolute Mechamaru: The Giant Mecha


When Kokichi needs something that has more firepower than the regular Mechamaru, he will use its big brother, the Ultimate Mechamaru - Mode: Absolute. This is a giant mecha the size of at least a three-story building and highly reminiscent of the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam from the Gundam Franchise.

Gundam-Like Mecha

Just like a Gundam, the Absolute Mechamaru also has a humanoid form and can do some basic human-like movements like running and punching. Unlike the remotely controlled puppet like the original Mechamaru, this giant mecha is controlled by a pilot who sits in a cockpit inside the mecha itself, which is another nod to Gundam. To power this massive puppet, Kokichi uses the spare cursed energy that he has been saving for 17 years of his life. That’s why the Absolute Mechamaru can produce some serious firepower and wreak havoc on its surroundings with ease.

Signature Attacks

Apart from the usual power punch and full-force ramming into a cliff, Absolute Mechamaru is also equipped with various attack moves. Here are some of the most stand-out ones:

  • Ultra Cannon. This is similar to the regular Mechamaru’s Ultra Cannon, just way more powerful. This move consumes one year's worth of cursed energy.
  • Miracle Cannon. Absolute Mechamaru unleashes a powerful blast from the palm of its hands with enough power to level a mountain. This move consumes two years’ worth of cursed energy.
  • Pigeon Viola. Absolute Mechamaru releases homing missiles that will continue to chase the target and will explode upon contact. This move consumes five years’ worth of cursed energy.
  • Technique Charge - New Shadow Style: Simple Domain. Kokichi infuses a simple domain technique into tubes that can be put into the Absolute Mechamaru’s cockpit to trigger a driller finger that can be shot into the target to negate the effect of their Domain Expansion.

Kokichi’s cursed ability that combines supernatural and technology is certainly one of the most unique and interesting cursed abilities in the entire Jujutsu Kaisen series. It’s such a shame that his story has to end so soon and in a rather anticlimactic way.

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