Two days before the crucial confrontation between Kenjaku, Yuki, and Choso, Yuji's gang saw that almost a thousand individuals had unexpectedly and simultaneously entered their Culling Game colony. A flashback revealed that Kenjaku had gone to the White House in order to persuade the American administration to sanction a military attack of Japan. Kenjaku told the Americans about the existence of Cursed Energy and Jujutsu sorcerers. He persuaded them that the pursuit and kidnapping of these sorcerers for research would be advantageous for both America and Japan.

The events of the aforementioned military assault of the Culling Game are ultimately revealed in Chapter 209. It's important to keep in mind that when Kenjaku spoke to Choso following these incidents, he seemed to be saying that everything went as planned for him. In other words, everyone else, including the troops who were not sorcerers, had a bad time. It turns out that Kenjaku set a trap for the soldiers of many countries to fall into to further his own goals.


The Unveiling of Kenjaku's Ultimate Plan

Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku Reveals the Horrifying Reason He Pushed Foreign Militaries to Invade Japan_0

Except for Tokyo and Sendai, each colony's Cursed Energy is still insufficient, Kenjaku informs Uraume. The aim of the military forces of various nations is to help with that issue. Though many sorcerers are averse to killing, he doesn't anticipate there will be a lot of severe combat between them and the military. Even though Takaba, one of Yuji and Megumi's comrades, possesses a potent Cursed Technique that may compete with Gojo's, he is one of these sorcerers. On the other side, if casualties increase, the military are likely to retreat, and since non-sorcerers don't score well in the Culling Game, players aren't inclined to go after them.

Kenjaku didn't actually set up a contest between the sorcerers and the soldiers, since it's a natural law that non-sorcerers can't win. It's unclear if he actually wants the soldiers to succeed in abducting any of the sorcerers, but it's not likely that they will regardless. After all, his true goal all along has been the mass slaughter of soldiers using countless Cursed Spirits he has released into the colonies specifically for this purpose. When the soldiers die, they'll release a large amount of Cursed Energy which will make up for the insufficiency in the colonies and end the custom preceding the merger with Tengen.

Despite Kenjaku's certainty that the non-sorcerers can't win against sorcerers, the U.S. military proves that they are capable. They manage to kill at least one sorcerer because it seemed impossible to capture him alive. The sorcerer in question is Haba, one of Yuji's first opponents when he entered the Culling Game. Soldiers also easily capture Remi, who caused a lot of trouble for Megumi by tricking him, then bringing him to Reggie.

The Americans end up finding the location of Yuji's group and immediately attack. Megumi deduces that they are military and wonders if their goal is to protect the people in the colonies. As they continue to attack without warning, he figures that probably isn't the case. As the chapter ends, Megumi prepares to counterattack, with hopes of questioning the soldiers directly.

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