• Yuji's growth in strength throughout JJK is evident from his physical prowess to his control over cursed energy.
  • While not initially the strongest, Yuji's potential to become one of the strongest sorcerers in the series excites fans.
  • By showcasing new techniques, battling strong enemies, and potentially accessing Sukuna's abilities, Yuji may reach Gojo's level.

Yuji Itadori is the protagonist of JJK and a character that fans love dearly. This character has gone from strength to strength over the years, and it goes without saying that he is an absolutely incredible individual who has witnessed loss and turned that into his motivation to grow stronger.

Yuji might be the protagonist, however, he certainly is not the strongest in the story. In fact, he isn't anywhere close to being the strongest and there are plenty of characters who have displayed more strength and have more achievements than him. However, near the end of the series, things might change for him. Yuji might end up becoming one of the very strongest, if not the strongest, individuals, and that very thought has fans very excited.

Yuji's Current Level Of Strength


At the beginning of the series, Yuji wasn't all that special compared to a regular sorcerer. All Yuji had at his disposal was his incredible level of physical strength. When compared to an average human, there is absolutely no denying the fact that Yuji was on an entirely different level. His immense physical strength was put on display early on in the series, even during his school days. From there onwards, his strength increased even further, and he became one of the most powerful individuals in his age group, as he was being trained by the likes of Gojo, among others.

Yuji learned to gain some control over his cursed energy, and he reached new levels of power. With time, this power continued to grow. For instance, Yuji, during the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc, managed to take a few things from Todo and hit a completely new level. In Shibuya, his skills were put on display once again, and he managed to surpass the expectations of the fans by playing a massive role in defeating Mahito.

Ever since then, Yuji has only gone from strength to strength. Right now, Yuji can be considered to be one of the very best sorcerers in Jujutsu High. His level of strength is such that he can stand his ground against the likes of Sukuna, which is certainly not a small feat by any means. Yuji is a magnificent fighter already, and, as far as average fighters go, he has already far surpassed that bracket. Yuji is above average, if in nothing else, then certainly in tenacity.

Yuji's Growth In The Culling Game


In the Culling Game, Yuji has grown tremendously. Right from the very beginning of this arc, Yuji demonstrated incredible skill in battle. Given that he is a monster when it comes to physicality, his strength has increased even more, as has his control over cursed energy. This was evident from the fact that Yuji was able to take on much stronger enemies. For instance, when Sukuna took control of Megumi's body, Yuji stood in his path and even delivered a powerful blow to him. At an early point in the series, this wouldn't have been possible even in the wildest dreams of the fans. Yet, at this point, Yuji actually managed to pull this off, which was a clear sign of the fact that he was continuously growing.

As the arc continued, so did his strength increase. Of course, the vast majority of his growth came during the timeskip that came towards the end of the Culling Game arc, and the beginning of the Shinjuku Showdown arc. During this timeskip, Yuji trained relentlessly and managed to level up his strength and scale. When it comes to cursed energy, Yuji seemingly learned to control it better. At the same time, fans knew that Yuji also managed to tap into the power of reverse cursed technique. This was a massive level-up for him as it allowed him to stand his ground against stronger sorcerers such as Sukuna, among others. In the battle against Sukuna, no matter how many times he was hit, he kept coming back, and this is something that the King of Curses praised him for.

That certainly is not all. Yuji, apparently, has also managed to gain control over a cursed technique. He has already been seen using skills such as Blood Manipulation on many occasions. While the full extent of his control over this power has not been demonstrated by the author, it is only a matter of time before he showcases what he's truly capable of. That said, he has already hit Sukuna with what appears to be Piercing Blood, and also, at the same time, made use of a skill very similar to Convergence that fans have seen in the story before. This is already incredible growth and fans can see that Yuji will eventually become one of the strongest sorcerers in the story.

How Strong Will End Of Series Yuji Be?


Jujutsu Kaisen is not all that far from ending. The author has previously confirmed that the series will end at some point later this year, if things go according to plan. If that truly is the case, then, one cannot imagine Yuji going too far from where he is right now, at least not until there is a timeskip. In case there is none, then fans can expect Yuji to reach a level beyond that of a Special Grade, however, certainly not on the same level as the likes of Gojo or Sukuna.

He would still have achieved quite a lot of growth in either case. For instance, Yuji will most definitely have gained access to Blood Manipulation, Reverse Cursed Technique, and potentially even a Blood Domain Expansion. All these skills would combine to make him one of the strongest sorcerers to have ever lived.

If that isn't enough, then, one can take into consideration the fact that Yuji might even gain access to Sukuna's cursed technique. By acquiring this cursed technique, Yuji can gain access to abilities such as Cleave, Dismantle, and potentially even the World Bisecting Slash. If Yuji manages to manifest a domain similar to Sukuna, that is, then he will truly be unstoppable. In that case, Yuji will most definitely be a sorcerer on the same level as the likes of Gojo and Sukuna, come the end of the series.

Gojo previously said that Yuji will eventually learn Sukuna's cursed technique, however, whether the author has diverged from that path or not remains to be seen. What is certain at this point is that Yuji will reach the same level of heights as the likes of the very best sorcerers to have lived come the end of the series. If, by chance, there is a minor timeskip before the last few chapters of the series, and fans get to see an adult version of Yuji, then it can be said without a doubt that he will have matured into one of these strongest sorcerers and potentially gain access to even greater skills, such as Domain Expansion, Domain Amplification, barrier techniques, and other incredible skills that would outright make him the strongest sorcerer of his era after Gojo.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 255, is set to be March 30, 2024.