• Megumi Fushiguro has immense talent and the potential to become one of the strongest sorcerers in history.
  • Megumi's main source of strength is his 10 Shadows Technique, which allows him to summon dangerous shikigami.
  • Megumi's trump card is the Divine General, Mahoraga, which is incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat due to its adaptability.

Megumi Fushiguro is one of the main characters in JJK and certainly one that is loved by fans all over the world. Megumi has always been extremely important in moving the plot forward, and he has done so in incredible ways. As a Jujutsu Sorcerer, Megumi has continued from strength to strength and solidified himself as one of the strongest sorcerers of the next generation.

Megumi is blessed with immense talent and has all the tools necessary to succeed and become one of the strongest sorcerers in history. Of course, fulfilling his potential isn't easy for him, however, if he manages to do that, he is going to become one of the strongest at his peak.

Megumi's Potential


It is clear for fans to see that Megumi is an incredibly gifted sorcerer. Right from the very beginning of the story, one could tell that he had a special aptitude for sorcery. Even though he'd lacked in terms of physical strength when compared to the likes of Yuji or Maki, he was always smarter, more dexterous, and, of course, adapted to situations better than them. Megumi was even considered a genius from the very beginning, and much of that was down to the talent that he was blessed with.

The likes of Gojo, who is the strongest modern sorcerer in JJK, believed that Megumi could one day reach his level of strength and this is quite a statement to make. However, what often holds Megumi back is his approach towards sorcery. Megumi is often forgetful of the fact that Jujutsu sorcery is an individual game and not a team effort. While it is fun to do your part and let others do the job for them, only those who risk it all to win it all are the ones who stand at the top. This is an aspect of Megumi's personality that he needs to work on, and at the same time, if he succeeds in doing that, then he can bring forth his limitless potential and reach high levels as a sorcerer.

Megumi's Cursed Technique – The Ten Shadows Technique


When it comes to Megumi's main source of strength, every fan knows that he has access to the 10 Shadows Technique. This is an inherited cursed technique of the Zenin Family, and it is believed to be their strongest. This amazing technique is believed to be one of the most dangerous ones in the story. The 10 Shadows Technique allows megumi to use shadows as an intermediary to summon different shikigami. He can summon up to 10 different Shikigami and they are incredibly dangerous. To gain access to a shikigami, Megumi has to first exorcize them and defeat them in combat.

Once he does that, he can then summon them in combat. If a Shikigami falls, they are usually replaced by a stronger version of them, as seen by the fans when the Divine Dog fell and Totality, a stronger version that could even damage a Special Grade curse, emerged in its place.

There are many other powerful Shikigami that Megumi can summon. These include the likes of Nue, which can attack from the air and even electrocute and paralyze opponents, as well as the constricting Toad. There's also the Great Serpent, which can also constrict and hold down the target while Megumi attacks. However, Great Serpent was destroyed by Sukuna and a replacement hasn't been seen in the story yet. Another powerful Shikigami that Megumi has access to is the Max Elephant. As fans have seen in the story, Max Elephant can summon a tremendous amount of water to inundate the foes and even use its weight and power to crush the enemies. It is one of the strongest shikigami that Megumi has access to.

There is also rabbit escape, which fans have seen on many occasions in the story. Megumi has used this one to create diversions in battle by attacking the foes with a barrage of rabbits going their way. One of the most incredible shikigami that Megumi has access to is the Round Deer. This beast has the ability to use Reverse Cursed Technique. It also employs positive energy and that makes it quite a powerful tool in combat.

Meanwhile, Piercing Ox possesses physical strength that can take down even a sorcerer from the Heian Era, and the more it charges linearly, the stronger it gets.

Megumi's Trump Card – Mahoraga


The strongest Shikigami that Megumi has access to is the Divine General, Mahoraga. In the history of the Zenin Family, no one has been able to fully tame this shikigami. Mahoraga is incredibly powerful and it has the power to adapt to any and all phenomena. It is also blessed with the sword of extermination, which is filled with positive energy and can be deadly to curses even if it grazes them. Mahoraga is incredibly powerful in combat. It can adapt to any cursed technique, as mentioned earlier, and even against someone like Sukuna, it was able to hold its own.

Sukuna's technique was getting adapted to it one after another, even though the powerful Malevolent Shrine was at play. The only way to defeat Mahoraga is to take it down in a single shot before it adapts to anything. Sukuna resorted to using a powerful incinerating arrow to destroy it. Meanwhile, Gojo utilized the power of Hollow Purple to completely crush it in battle. The adaptation process makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to combat Mahoraga and, thus, defeat a user of the 10 Shadows Technique.

Megumi's Domain Expansion


Megumi also has access to a powerful domain expansion, called Chimera Shadow Garden. Although this domain expansion is quite strong, it is one that is currently half-baked. It sees Megumi fill the surroundings with a black shadowy fluid and then utilizes multiple shikigami that can be advancedly manipulated by him using his cursed technique. This is an incredibly powerful domain expansion the true extent of which has not been seen in the story yet. However, when Megumi does return, fans will likely get to see a proper demonstration of what he can do in battle. Megumi is blessed with incredible tools that can take him to the very top.

When it comes to Megumi, Gojo himself mentioned that he can one day reach his level of strength. In fact, Gojo even clarified to Megumi that in the past, a user of the 10 Shadows Technique and a user of the Limitless and the Six Eyes battled each other to the death. This quite clearly means that if Megumi manages to fulfill his potential, he can become as strong as Gojo. At the same time, Megumi can even potentially surpass Gojo, if he keeps his incredible training up. For all that to happen, however, Megumi first needs to be saved from the grasp of Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 248, is set to be January 21, 2024.