Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 245: Will Sukuna receive the death penalty?

Dec 07, 2023
Chapter 244 concludes with Sukuna smirking in response to Higuruma's accusations. What schemes is he plotting to escape this trial?
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 245: Will Sukuna receive the death penalty?

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 begins with Higuruma and Yuji arriving at the battlefield of the third confrontation between sorcerers and the cursed entity Sukuna at Shijuka. However, before the official battle begins, we are taken back in time to understand the plans of the sorcerer community for this crucial confrontation.

Specifically, there is a flashback to a meeting of high-level sorcerers to discuss alternative strategies if Gojo Satoru fails to defeat Sukuna. The plan includes Yuta infiltrating Kenjaku's territory with special assistance from Takaba, and then quietly returning to support the team.

Next, the plan is for Higuruma to join the official battle with Sukuna after Kashimo finishes his fight with the curse user. However, Higuruma admits that he lacks confidence in the feasibility and effectiveness of the techniques he will use against Sukuna.

At this moment, Yuji proposes a new and unconventional idea: accusing Sukuna of being an accomplice in the mass slaughter of innocent people at Shibuya subway station last year. This would make the trial and punishment of Sukuna much easier.

With this creative idea, Higuruma immediately deploys the Territory of Cursed Deliberation, turning the area into a special trial court. Here, Sukuna will be declared an accomplice in the horrific massacre at Shibuya.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 245 Spoilers

Ending Chapter 244 Jujutsu Kaisen with this unexpected twist, readers are curious about the developments of this special case in Chapter 245.

Clearly, Chapter 245 will start with Sukuna's trial as an accomplice in the serial crimes at Shibuya. Placing Sukuna in the position of a defendant, a notorious criminal in this trial, not only serves the purpose of punishment but also asserts that his supposed leadership position is an illusion.

In his role as a crucial lawyer in the case, Higuruma will undoubtedly demand evidence from Sukuna to prove his crimes. However, Sukuna may resist cooperation, deny all accusations, and even turn the blame on Yuji, who previously confessed to the Shibuya massacre.

Sukuna concealing the truth, blatantly lying to evade responsibility, will likely infuriate Higuruma. A fierce debate between Judge Higuruma and Sukuna is certain, opening up the possibility of a direct confrontation between the two.

Whether Higuruma has enough evidence and grounds to sentence Sukuna to death remains a significant unknown. But if the judge can establish the accomplice relationship between Sukuna and the mass slaughter, it will be a decisive blow to his authority.

Concluding the case with a death penalty is the most crucial goal. Only then, with his mysterious sword, can Higuruma execute Sukuna, contributing to the final resolution of the battle against this cursed entity.

However, many opinions in the fan community feel that Gege Akutami, the author, may have an unexpected plan to determine Sukuna's fate. This could be the sudden return of Gojo Satoru or the introduction of an undisclosed character who will directly confront Sukuna if the trial does not go as expected.

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