• Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240 focuses on the intense and bizarre fight between Takaba and Kenjaku, with twists and turns along the way.
  • Takaba's dangerous cursed power is discussed by Gojo's students, but fans are left in the dark about its true nature.
  • Kenjaku discovers the weakness of Takaba's cursed technique - losing confidence and not finding his jokes funny weakens his abilities, which Kenjaku takes advantage of.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240 is almost upon the fans and spoilers and leaks for the chapter are starting to flow in finally. It appears that this week's chapter is going to be a very intense one and at the same time, also somewhat bizarre. But, this doesn't come as a surprise to the fans come, given the characters who were set up to fight in the previous chapter of the story.

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JJK chapter 240 leaks suggest that an incredible fight is on the horizon and fans will most definitely see some amazing action in this chapter, along with some major revelations as well. As expected, the vast majority of the chapter focuses on the fight between Takaba and Kenjaku and it continues in unimaginable ways, adding twists and turns with every flip of the page.

This article contains spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240.

Gojo's Students Talk


Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240 opens with a dialogue between Gojo's very own students. It appears that the aftermath of Gojo's fight against Sukuna is being discussed, however, this discussion takes place before the fight actually began. The students are seen setting up a contingency plan, as they believe Gojo might actually lose to Sukuna. This is somewhat contradictory, as, just a few chapters ago, while the fight between Sukuna and Gojo was still going on, the students showed full belief in Gojo and concluded that he was absolutely going to win.

However, here, fans are somewhat confused at seeing that they were already thinking of how to deal with Sukuna after Gojo dies. This is somewhat bizarre, to say the least, however, just as with any other things in JJK lately, the author seems to take back his own words. Nonetheless, the idea that they come up with is to gang up on Sukuna and, at the same time, deal with Kenjaku and his possible ambush. They suggest that Maki should be the one to take care of Kenjaku if he ever decides to ambush them, however, after, Takaba is also discussed.

It is made clear that Takaba has a very dangerous cursed power the true nature of which is something that even fans do not know. This power is discussed by the group, however, fans do not get to see the true nature of this ability being explained. The story immediately cuts to the fight between Takaba and Kenjaku and it is highly likely that fans will get to see it for themselves as the fight rages on.

Takaba vs Kenjaku Begins


Towards the end of the last chapter of the story, Takaba made his appearance in front of Kenjaku. The two immediately began fighting as soon as Kenjaku launched a powerful offensive, however, much to his surprise, Takaba was completely unharmed. He did not quite grasp what it was that led to him emerging undamaged from this powerful attack. It was certainly not reverse cursed technique and this phenomenon was such that Kenjaku was intrigued by Takaba. He had no idea that such a player in the Culling Game existed and, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240 takes over right from where the previous one left off.

Kenjaku is seen attacking Takaba with his centipede curses. Fans have seen these curses being utilized by Suguru on several occasions in the past. These curses are certainly powerful, however, against Takaba, they don't do much damage at all. This is simply because Takaba is actually manifesting his imagination with his cursed technique. Throughout the fight, Takaba is seen making fun of Kenjaku and because of that, he absolutely cannot be harmed in any way. He gives him weird outfits and continues to laugh.

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This reaches a point where Kenjaku openly exclaims that his thousand years of experience is worthless against an enemy such as Takaba. He simply cannot read him or figure out how to counter his attacks. This is, however, before he figures out the weakness of his Cursed Technique. Kenjaku exclaims that every cursed technique has a weakness and the same goes for the power that Takaba wields as well.

Takaba Losing Confidence


Kenjaku studies Takaba's Cursed Technique very carefully throughout the fight. He fails quite a lot of times in doing any significant damage to Takaba, however, eventually, he breaks through his guard. This is because Kenjaku figures out the fact that if Takaba loses confidence and thinks his jokes are not funny, then he will start losing the battle. His cursed technique will not work in that case and that is where his weakness lies. Takaba is seen using many funny faces to laugh and to get Kenjaku to crack up as well. However, he, unexpectedly, is met with a rebuttal.

Kenjaku uses even funnier faces in return, trying to prove the point that he's actually funnier than Takaba. At first, Takaba absolutely does not believe it, however, the more he makes these faces, the harder it gets for him to hold his laughter. Takaba eventually cracks up and this is where the opening for Kenjaku lies. He lands a powerful attack on Takaba and confirms his hypothesis that this is the way to break through his cursed technique. This happens on several occasions throughout the fight and, as it continues, Takaba realizes that he's now losing the edge.

Takaba doesn't seem to be particularly worried about the fact that he might lose his life in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240. However, he's certainly very worried about the fact that someone is funnier than him and that his jokes are not all that good. Takaba tries to compose himself and remind himself that his jokes are funny as well. However, it seems to be futile at this point since his cursed technique doesn't seem to be working.

This gets even worse when Takaba sees Hazenoki's dead body. The smile that he had on his face gets wiped off and he is filled with dread. What exactly is going through his mind at the time isn't known. However, Kenjaku simply follows up and asks him why he isn't laughing anymore. It appears that Kenjaku has taken the upper hand in this fight and he's fully willing to eliminate Takaba right here.

Of course, accomplishing this is going to be incredibly hard for him. As seen at the beginning of the chapter, Takaba's cursed technique might be more than what the fans know. It is believed to be truly dangerous but fans do not know the full extent of this power. Perhaps, Takaba is going to awaken his cursed technique properly and counter Kenjaku. Fans will only have to sit back and wait to see what happens in the chapters following Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240.

Thankfully, this fight did not end in just one chapter. Takaba is a character that certainly deserves a lot of screen time and it appears that Gege is looking to continue with him in the upcoming chapters of the story as well.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 240, is set to be October 29, 2023.