Key Points from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239:

  • JJK Chapter 239 marks a significant shift in the narrative, redirecting the spotlight from Sukuna to the character of Kenjaku. This change offers fans an intriguing and unexpected twist in the story's direction.

  • Kenjaku's fights and interactions are prominently featured in this chapter, unveiling his ruthless nature and his lack of concern for the lives of others. His brief encounter with an unnamed character underscores his menacing disposition.

  • The chapter introduces Hazenoki, a character who swiftly falls victim to Kenjaku's formidable Cursed Spirit Manipulation. This showcases Kenjaku's overwhelming power.

  • The stage is set for an intense clash between Takaba and Kenjaku as Takaba enters the scene, laying the foundation for what promises to be a fierce battle in upcoming chapters.

Warning: The following discussion contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239, titled "Foolish Survivor," available in English through Manga Monster.

Jujutsu Kaisen has made a triumphant return after a brief hiatus, thrilling fans with the continuation of the Culling Game arc. This arc has provided some of the most intense and exhilarating battles in the entire series, delighting fans with its action-packed narrative. Chapter 239 brings several surprises, the most significant of which is the narrative pivot from Sukuna to Kenjaku.

In recent months, the manga has predominantly focused on Sukuna, but now it's Kenjaku's turn in the spotlight. After a considerable absence, he reclaims the center stage and becomes engaged in an intriguing battle. This shift in perspective offers a fresh and captivating direction for the story, leaving fans eager to see what lies ahead in this gripping arc.

Focus Away From Sukuna


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239, while eagerly anticipated to center on Yuji's impending battle against Sukuna, took an unexpected turn by focusing on Kenjaku instead. This sudden shift in the story's focus caught fans by surprise, especially as the showdown with Sukuna was growing increasingly captivating. Fans were eagerly looking forward to witnessing the long-anticipated battle between Sukuna, Yuji, and Higuruma. However, the narrative took a detour from that fight to explore another front in the ongoing war. While unexpected, this change in perspective proved to be exceptionally intriguing, offering a storyline of equal interest to the ongoing Sukuna battle.

It appears that Gege Akutami may be saving the most intense battles for later in the arc, with Kenjaku currently taking the spotlight. While it remains uncertain when the story will return to Sukuna's battle, fans have an array of exciting developments to savor, including the confrontation between intriguing characters like Kenjaku and Takaba.

Sukuna's role in Jujutsu Kaisen may be on hold for an extended period. His fight will presumably be revisited after the showdown between Kenjaku and Takaba concludes. As evident from recent chapters, battles in the manga can span multiple chapters, so fans should anticipate that the narrative will remain focused away from Sukuna and Yuji for the foreseeable future.

Kenjaku In Action


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239 delved deeply into Kenjaku's character and his battles. The chapter opened with an encounter between Kenjaku and an unnamed character who confronted him. She questioned the purpose of her resurrection, feeling that she was nothing more than a tool for Kenjaku's plans. In a swift and brutal turn of events, she was promptly killed off by Kenjaku, who made it abundantly clear that he cared little for the lives of the players in the Culling Game. His sole focus revolves around his personal goals, regardless of the cost. The character's brief and abrupt inclusion in the story left fans somewhat surprised and possibly wanting more.

The narrative then shifted to Gojo, albeit not in the manner that fans anticipated. Gojo was spotlighted through a livestream being observed by Kenjaku. Kenjaku appeared to derive great satisfaction from Gojo's apparent defeat, commenting on his appearance as he met his end. This suggests that Kenjaku may have plans or designs involving Gojo's fate, leading some fans to speculate that he might attempt to take over Gojo's body. However, this may prove challenging as Gojo is currently distant from Kenjaku. Moreover, the host body of Geto provides Kenjaku with numerous advantages, particularly through Cursed Spirit Manipulation. It seems unlikely that he would willingly relinquish these advantages in the near future.


Hazenoki Wiped Out


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239 also placed a notable spotlight on Hazenoki, a character who had appeared in the earlier parts of the Culling Game arc but had taken a backseat in recent months. In this chapter, Hazenoki reemerged and it became evident that he would be engaging in a battle against Kenjaku. Initially, Kenjaku attempted to persuade Hazenoki to join his cause, but Hazenoki remained resolute in his refusal, ultimately leading to a confrontation.

The battle provided fans with a fresh glimpse of Kenjaku's formidable power, particularly his ability, Cursed Spirit Manipulation. This power proved to be overwhelming, and despite Hazenoki's attempt to use his unique cursed technique involving his teeth as a distraction for escape, he was ultimately unsuccessful. Hazenoki suffered severe injuries and was soundly defeated.

This sets the stage for another character, Takaba, to enter the fray. Takaba is known to possess remarkable skills, even if he's not fully aware of his own potential. He has been relatively overshadowed in the manga for a considerable period, but the chapter signals his return to the forefront, and fans can look forward to his moment in the spotlight.

Takaba Vs Kenjaku


Immediately after Takaba made his entrance, it was made clear in Jujutsu Kaisen 239 that he would end up fighting against Kenjaku. In fact, it was the latter who launched a powerful attack towards him at first. Kenjaku did not believe that Takaba was worthy of fighting. In fact, he made it quite clear that his interest was only in Higuruma from the players that awakened new powers during and before the Culling Game Arc. However, much to his surprise, Takaba was largely unaffected by this attack. This was a very weird scenario that made even Kenjaku feel uneasy.

Takaba emerging undamaged wasn't simply because he was able to dodge. Instead, even Kenjaku did not understand the phenomena by which this attack was diverted. Takaba is now ready to go all in and clash with Kenjaku to the best of his abilities. Towards the end of the chapter, both of these fighters seem to acknowledge one another and, from here onwards, fans will likely be treated to a very intense clash between these two. Jujutsu Kaisen's next few chapters should focus on this fight entirely and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top here. Being one of the main villains, it is highly likely that Kenjaku is going to be the loser, however, Takaba is a very unpredictable character and fans don't really know what direction he will take as the story continues. Only the author can answer these questions moving forward. Fans can only hope for a better chapter next week.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Manga Monster. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Manga Monster website. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 239, is set to be October 22, 2023.