As the first season of Chainsaw Man progressed, Denji discovered that life with the Public Safety Unit in Japan was far more tedious than he had anticipated. He expected to breeze through military service, kill Devils and demons, get paid, and then go after his boss, Makima. However, the job proved to be quite difficult, resulting in the deaths of heroes such as Himeno when the Samurai Sword (aka Katana Man) led an ambush against Denji's crew.

Fortunately, Denji overcame and gained more strength, along with the humanity within, to fight the opposition and halt the initial wave. He has Kobeni to help him, as well as Hayakawa, a tutor who, despite struggling with his own depression following the passing of Himeno, now has faith in Denji. Denji now has the family he needs to emotionally fortify himself when you add in the boisterous Power. Interestingly, many threads have been set in place to tease an equally bloody second season thanks to hints that have been dropped about the person who hired the Sword, aka the Gun Devil.


Pochita's Door Must Be Addressed in Chainsaw Man Season 2

How Chainsaw Man Season 1 Sets Up Season 2_0

Denji ended Season 1 of Chainsaw Man at peace after severely beating up the Sword, but he keeps seeing a mysterious door in his dreams. It's connected to his and Pochita's bond, but while Denji is interested in opening it, the pooch begs him not to. This hints the stubborn Denji will try to do so in Season 2, which could grant him more of Pochita's power -- or worse, reveal the dog's true nature.

It could reveal Pochita's destroyer nature by suppressing its corrupting instincts, poisoning Denji and causing him to go bad. In any case, Season 2 will undoubtedly explore temptation and whether Denji is meant to be more than just a heroic vessel. If that happens, he may lose himself and become a threat that neither his peers nor Makima can stop. This could lead to major revelations about why Denji's heart is being sought after by enemies, as well as his Devil's true intentions.


The Chainsaw Man's Gun Devil Hunt Is Going to Be Messy

How Chainsaw Man Season 1 Sets Up Season 2_1

Makima was lucky to garner more of the Gun's flesh from the hotel that the Sword and Sawatari stayed at. She's able to use her team to track the villain, and hopefully bring the terrorist down for good. This can bring more of Makima in for a direct hunt, allowing her to cut loose with her abilities. More so, the hunt will reveal if Makima is truly a hero, whether she's using the corps for her own sinister purposes, and if Japan can be trusted.

Her decisions in Chainsaw Man Season 2 may reveal political conspiracies and sinister truths underlying all of these wars being fought, with the Gun at their center. It has been suggested that Russia, Asia, and the Americas are vying for power. If that's the case, Denji, Hayakawa, and company might question whether they made the right choice. Fascinatingly, the Suicide Squad-like group of colleagues, which includes Angel, Shark, and others, might turn on Team Denji if they believe the heroes are unwilling to cooperate and do whatever it takes to keep Japan on top.


Chainsaw Man Must Increase Denji & Power Levels

How Chainsaw Man Season 1 Sets Up Season 2_2

Denji was fortunate to have tricked Sword in battle, releasing a saw from his leg and chopping the tyrant up. This means he has untapped potential that their new teacher, Kishibe, can tap into. Power must also improve her ability to transform her blood into daggers and other weapons, as she is limited in how much she can use. This allows Kishibe to use their recent victory to lift them up and free up their minds, allowing them to be physically stronger in battle.

All they need is confidence, and the fact that Hayakawa is acting more like a big brother than a handler bodes well. Power, like Denji, will have to tread carefully; much remains unknown about the Blood Fiend with whom she made a pact. If Kishibe presses her too hard, she may become possessed, allowing the contract to transform her into a weapon of mass destruction. Of course, Kishibe is willing to take the risk because he simply wants badass soldiers, which could lead to him becoming shadier.


Chainsaw Man Will Bring Out Both New and Old Villains

How Chainsaw Man Season 1 Sets Up Season 2_3

Season 1 of Chainsaw Man concluded with Reze (aka the Bomb Girl) threatening Denji. Without giving too much away, she played on Denji's crush on her in the manga, so Denji may find his focus shifting away from Makima, throwing him off his game. This can give Reze and other vile Devils/Fiends, such as the yet-to-be-seen Typhoon Devil, a significant advantage. Furthermore, with Sawatari being eaten by the Snake in order to keep Gun's secrets safe, Snake may attach itself to some of these other enemies, providing Denji with some dynamic new foes down the road.

Even Sword, who is currently in custody, has a chance of being saved. Gun would seek retribution from Denji for killing his family, abusing his priceless body parts, and locking him up. Considering that Sword frequently kicks Denji's butt in the field, it is simple to imagine him leveling up, collaborating with other villains, and making every effort to become Gun's ultimate apprentice. Gun has a lot of minions and hybrids to seed out to assist Sword regardless, suggesting that Denji's explosive journey is only just getting started.


Chainsaw Man Season 2 Might Devastate Hayakawa

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Hayakawa is obsessed with hunting Gun for killing his family, and then sending Sawatari to end Himeno. Still, while he seems happy with Denji and Power, a big part of Hayakawa is lingering in the darkness. Season 2 of Chainsaw Man now has to assess the deal he made with the Future Devil, and how will affect him since the monster knows when Hayakawa will die.

In essence, Hayakawa's time is running out, which could lead to him making rash decisions in order to exact vengeance. It could even sever his bond with his'siblings,' push him to sign other contracts with creatures other than the Fox, and expose desperate inner fragments the agent had always tried to keep hidden. Finally, it will be a mental and physical test for the swordsman, which may necessitate Denji and Power maturing and transitioning into Hayakawa's caretaker.